Nokia Lumia 520 is the most popular Windows Phone, according to new data

The developer network AdDuplex, which specialises in advertising across the Windows ecosystem, has released figures for the month of July. We've followed the data released by the company for months, providing an insight into how the Windows Phone platform is shaping with a sample taken to see exactly what's going on. This month we've got news that the Lumia 520 has become the most popular Windows Phone. Let's jump in and see what's new.


As one can see from the chart above, the Lumia 520 has leapfrogged other handsets and has taken the first spot. In the previous report, Nokia's most affordable Windows Phone was proving a popular choice in both Russia and India, but it's clear to see that the device is catching on for all the right reasons.

Last month the Lumia 520 was in fifth place. This month, the Lumia 920 sits in second, while the Lumia 620 has jumped up to third position with the Lumia 710 in fourth. Here's a neat little graph to show the growth of the Lumia 520:


As noted above, this is reflected in numerous markets.

Netherlands warming to Huawei Ascend W1

Previous reports have failed to include the Netherlands, but it's interesting to see a market in Europe where the Huawei Ascend W1 is on the chart. Sat at 4.1 percent, the Windows Phone is behind the Lumia 900 but isn't out of the race.


India's romance with the Lumia 520

We've already covered the Lumia 520 in this report, but it's worth noting on its own just how well this Windows Phone is performing in India.


Last month's report had the Lumia 520 on 20.8 percent, but this month the device has rocketed to 31.3 percent. That's some growth if accurately represented.

Brazil in the midst of change

You guessed it, more Lumia 520. This handset really is taking off. This time we're looking at Brazil, which has been (and continues to be) heavily dominated by the Lumia 710. 


The are still a number of Windows Phone 7 handsets present, but this is likely to change in the future as Windows Phone 8 becomes the only version available.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • This should be good for Nokia stock, no? They report earnings next week. This may call for some call options.. July 19th expiration, 4.50 strike price.
  • well nokia shorts will find a reason to bash the earnings.....specifically the ASPs of the lumia range will prob take a hit.....well see though
  • 9 Nokia phones dominating lol
  • It's only windows phones chart, so it doesn't say much.
  • That's what he meant. Nokia is dominating WP, as they deserve.
  • Yes, but how is WP doing in those markets against say... Android?  While the 520 might be a runaway success among Nokias... what about it's success against the Galaxy lineup? 
  • 10 - 12 Million Windows Phones sold should be within reach looking at these numbers.
  • Makes sense. Poor countries like India and Brazil will obviously favour cheaper options. And the L520 is no doubt the cheapest best option. I'm tempted to bet that in those places the difference in price between the 520 and the 620 is more than 40€. Richer countries - like the Netherlands - favour the best and more expensive phones since, well, they can afford them. It's also interesting to get some sort of confirmation of the "flop" of the 720 which seems to give strength to the rumor of "Mars" being a substitute for it.
  • Did u say India as a poor country,in your country ur gona sell 1 l920 for that sale of one phone in India u will 10 l520s,here we r not poor we have d most number of millionaires,during d first edition ipl has crossed nfl by huge margin,we hav 30% more richer people compared to ur countries,we r d country investing more in military in Kashmir valley.....nd goes
  • India IS a poor country, its HDI still ranks low and its per capita income is under $4000, and while it is growing and gaining wealth, it is not a rich country by any means. That being said, it is good to see windows phone growing in India because as people gain wealth they will move to higher end phones helping Nokia and other OEMs remain vested in the ecosystem.
  • India is not a poor country at all.
    There is lot of illegal money (curroption) hanging around.The main problem is the huge gap between rich and poor.Rich people get richer and poor gets poorer.In statistics You wont find that illegal money being counted.
    Another thing is , Lot of Indian people have zero interest in Gadgets , A good example is an actor rajnikanth , he is the 2nd highest paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan , Do you know what phone he uses ? A feature phone , Yep that's right.Something similar to Nokia 1100 or something.
    If you go to an Indian family (any family) and see their wealth , You will find lot of gold investment because its part of culture to buy gold.You won't find demand for diamonds or platinum but only gold.
    Yes , there is poverty , malnutrition etc. problems and also you will find lot of millionaires and billionaires too.There are extremely poor people and also extrememly rich people.There is lack of balance between two.
    90% of my friends have either Galaxy Note 2 / S4 / S3 or iPhone 5 (All are still in College) and There are only 2 people who have 820 (one of my friend and me) , Not because we can't afford 920/iP5/Note 2 or something but why waste money ? Why not invest in gold or something ? :) btw , They all paid full price for unlocked on spot.We don't have contracts here.
    These high end devices won't even cost $200 after 3 years haha.You throw them at a height , they get smashed into pieces.Invest in stock or gold , I will get double money or even 10 times if I am lucky.
  • I agree but not with the last line, for I'm a geek i invest in technological devices too. Gold anytime but not now as I'm student and own Lumia 820. And btw mostly ppl buy all these high end phones iPhone 5,Samsung Note, S4, Lumia920,925,820 on full 40% cash down payment with 6 months EMI(Equal Monthly Installments), we dont pay that slowly as most of the world does on Contracts. BTW money looses its value in such a long term of 1 to 2 years. But loads of corruption and bureaucracy here. Lots of black money buys black gold which is a reason why our ₹ fluctuates a lot.
  • well if u love to be blind then then that is ur issue but corruption or what ever those are issues and rthe conclusion of all taht bullshit is India is really a poor country with half the population with nothing to eat, unemployment, people have no access to health.
    it's not about a few who are lucky its about the millions who are poor YES INDIA IS A STINKING POOR COUNTRY.
    and btw I am an India and i am not ashamed to accept the fact that we suck as a nation of thugs corrupts hypocrites,
  • India is still very poor there are millions of people who cant even afford a lumia 520
  • There are a millions in your country who buy Lumia 520 on Subsidy for 100$ whereas we buy it unsubsidized in India for $200 (that converts to 10,000) we pay $200 in just 6 months and you go on a contract of a year to pay.
    And I can already see your intelligence that you compare a countries poverty with phones rather than the resources we've in ratio to Popullation.
  • Im also indian, thank You for saving m'y country!
  • Ok so you're one of the lucky ones born to a privileged upper class family. There are a huge amount of poor people in India -> India is a poor country. 
  • There are Rich & Poor everywhere like the Goods & Racists like you. All the citizens in your country aren't as bad as you're or most of you're?
  • +1
  • Poor English too, lol no no kidding! XD
  • +1
  • Yes. India IS a poor country. The richness of a country isn't measured in the amount of millionaires. It's based on the distribution of wealth amongst the people. An India has millions of people living bellow the poverty threshold. More than half of India's population lives with 2$ a day according to the World Bank.
    Like it or not, India is still a Third World country. The fact that India is a so called "emerging economy" doesn't mean it's a rich country yet. It has the potential to be, just like Brasil. But it still isn't. I can't answer to the rest of your comment 'cause I didn't understand a bloody line of it.
  • Exactly, just because I move to Somolia and am a billionaire doesn't change the country at all. India is a third world poor country.
  • Third world? You poor soul.
  • dont insult people. if that happens to you, would you want other people to do that to you?
  • It is not an insult but simply a fact, India is still developing a better economy but it is still a long way off. Feelings shouldn't be hurt because of facts, if someone was to look at any country problems can be found, so no I wouldn't care if someone was to point out my country's flaws.
  • Well if you were just quoting the fact then I dont mind you calling my country poor but I must tell you that, Calling a country/business/individual as poor is pretty much offensive. Thus the literate people use the word Developing country. You're free to speak the truth but not to hurt any Individual/Country. NAMASTE! :)
  • India may be a poor country officially,but unofficially its one of the richest ,It hold the world record in black money,the money which are lying in lockers and not utilized just to save tax
    most indian hold bulk of gold,they didn't start purcasing it from recent times when the value got increased,but are purcasing it from last 60 years.
    India is the largest buyer of Gold in form of ornaments.
    Not many rich people like you afford to buy a unlocked 920/925/928/1020.may be hardly 10 or 100 people,but if Indian want to purchase it he/she will.In India more unlocked versions of mobile are sold than most part of the  world
    They just don't buy a phone because it come in yellow/red colors,but want to purchase a complete package phone because of this feature rich samsung s3/s4 note series sell here more than any other smartphone
    Have earlier seen comment of rich people saying i like the yellow color of 920 ,so would buy it.They just go for colors ,Indians go behind features
    Last slowdown didn't effect much in India ,because they first save then spend,average Indian saving even if he is poor would be more than the average saving of rich countries.
    People in other rich countries like to show off their money,Indians just hide it,and show off only when there saving reach a level of satisfaction
    Even though world bank say 2$ income,but at the end of the month/year Indians got more money in banks/investment/saving than the rich people of other country because they just those people finish of their earning at the end of the month,and would get hard times during recession
  • India is still a Third World country ?? Are you drunk ??
  • Mad poor Indians everywere lol
  • what are you??
    American Idiot??
  • Sorry, guy. India is an amazing country that's rising extremely rapidly, but an enormous part of the country still exists in third world conditions. Heck, even enormous parts of the major cities.
    It's still a glorious, culture-rich country with amazing people, amazing architecture, amazing food, etc. But much of its population is in third world conditions, undeniably. Doesn't mean it's a permanent thing - India is in the midst of drastic change.
    It's a country I love and a people I love.
  • Thats really kind of you..
    Glad that someone here knows about India
  • Haters gonna hate.
  • Its not
    A. we have uncountable black money buying gold so that is not recorded in per capita income, thus shows ppl are below poverty line.
    B. And Females in India buy Gold which is a part of the culture and all the 88% Indian population hold black gold accounting over ₹15,000 to ₹3,00,00,000. So... ;D Pls need i say more Statistics are always wrong as you dont see the true :P
    Say whatever ppl from Africa(Diamonds) to UAE(Dubai, Iran, Iraq - fuel) India(Gold & Gems, petroleum) we're not gonna run out of these resources anytime soon so :D pls
  • My family has been to India, you are poor. Countless of people live in extreme poverty. Sure there are also rich people and things are improving. But that doesnt take away what the eyes can see. So either the country as a whole is poor and cant take care of its poor people.. Yet. Or indians are a bunch of assholes who dont care for their fellows.
  • Name your country dear,then ull gt to know how many  assholes are there in your country like you.ya agree to u that countless of people do live in poverty but countless earn more than your whole family combined income,I hope u kow ur mother and father name as people like u don't know who are their real parents
  • Then why the hell on earth they wanted to visit India??
  • aa
  • i think you are an Indian so that's why you don't want to admit your country is poor. It is okay. The whole world knows the truth that your country is poor. It is okay if you want to lie. :)
  • There are better words than poor to represent India. Yes,the economic disparity is huge but it doesn't change the fact its growing faster than most countries..
    Having said that, the reason for 520's growth is indeed its price..
  • I believe the main point is in India you have to buy phones off contract and now how many of you have bought phones at $700.
    People already crying why 1020 is of $ getting the point.
  • Its the same in Europe & S. America
  • Not in the mood of discussing if a country is poor or not ("my family was in India, they told me you're poor" was priceless though..., I've been in Washington DC, and, I've never seen so many homeless).
    But anyway, 520 is popular in India and... Portugal, because there are no contracts, there are no "free" high end phones.
  • Those homeless people in DC aren't really bad off. Those shopping carts are filled with gold, but the homeless decide not to use it to better their lives because if the government found out their carts were filled with gold they would have to pay taxes on it...its black money.
  • Hahahaha that was a good one. It's like all these privileged Indians here actually do believe that. Cognitive dissonance at its finest. 
  • In Portugal any phone is popular, specially Nokia. We have 10 million inhabitants and a ratio of 2 phones per inhabitant (yes, there are more phones than people here. Although Nokia lost a ton of customers in the latest years and people aren't very happy with the option for Windows instead of Android). 
    We have carrier contracts but they're not worth the bother and restrictions because you end up paying more for the phone when the 2 years are over than if you buy it off-contract. But no, there are no "free" phones. Neither high nor low end. Also, people don't trust the carriers to enter 2 year contracts. Only people who buy iPhones do that because an iPhone 5 costs between 800€ and 1000€ The 520 however isn't having that much of a hype. And there's a very simple reason for that: the price difference between a 520 and a 620 is little (and if you buy it locked to a carrier, the price difference is basically nonexistent). So the majority opts for the better one, the 620. 520 are being sold mainly to kids (to shut them up) and people looking for a replacement phone while theirs is being fixed or similar situations. While the L920 went to the top of the charts when it was launched, the 520 is no where to be seen. Which is also explained by the fact that Apple's iPhone and Samsung Galaxy's dominate the top 10 of sales in smartphones.
  • What's a better word to describe a poor nation than poor?
  • Why don't we say the developing countries RATHER THAN using the word 'poor'? Poor means they HAVE a little and even nothing to buy something!
  • Emerging market is better.
  • *like*
  • Daniel ,is this a forum of windows phone or to discuss rich and poor country.please change your site name.
  • ya Daniel, Are we here to discuss wp8 or rich and poor. Agree with you Daniel, it should be called as developing world/emerging world, poor word is negative description.
  • How about "money challenged"?
  • I agree.. I just quoted the same to someone calling my country poor which is offensive.
    Just like calling a Differently abled person as Handicap or Phsycally Challenged.
  • Growth as nothing to do with the current situation of wealth. Just because I save a penny today for 1000 years and then it becomes rare and worth a lot of money doesn't mean today I'm rich. Today I have a penny, growth is irrelevant.
  • I think you're a person who is just an avid hater. Btw ppl have black money because they dont wanna pay extra money for taxes they dont take bill receipts. So they buy in black by not paying taxes. And since whole cycle is such the black money doesn't get counted in per capita income or in your fake statistics lying to you ppl. And you think you're rich :D you know an average family owns gold over ₹10,00,000 lakhs but shows ₹30,000 gold in white :Dthats what your statistics are and that what we actually are so :-P
  • I'm having trouble understanding India's monetary counting system. This is the second time I have seen a grouping of two zeros between commas (i.e., where I would think three zeros representing 1, 10, and 100 thousands should be). Does the missing zero represent the "black money"? Do you just take our a zero for reporting purposes but possess gold representing the missing zero that you keep in a closet or under the bed (that's where we keep unreported income in the states)? Confused.
  • I looked up lakh and apparently it means 100,000 so are you saying that the average family has 10L of gold (i.e., 1,000,000 rupees...17,000 USD)? That's a fair amount of savings for someone with little money, but my credit card limit (for my many cards) is about 5 times that much, and I'm not rich...just a "good" American :) Also, I'm pretty sarcastic so take everything I say with a grain of salt...except I would like to understand your term lakh and how it is used.
  • dnt compare an average value of gold hoding by Indians with your individual credit card limit ,because Indians do hold multiple credit card to the value similar to yours,in addition to the gold they hold,
    Do agree that America is richer than India,and respect good American like u
  • I was only calling myself a good American due to the large amount of credit I have available (and this doesn't include mortgage, car loans, etc. which could push this number into the 100s of thousands of USD for an "average" American); it was tongue in cheek as Americans are known to have way more credit or borrow way more than they could bear if they actually drew against it :) As mentioned somewhere here, it is a big problem for many of us. I'm pretty sure that an outside observer could assign negatives to every culture/nationality, but it's sort of a wasted exercise as this discussion demonstrates...although I did learn a lot about the Indian number system.
  • ya its diffrnt here,we do like 1,000 ,10,000 ,1,00, we dnt use millions nd billions
    lakh and crores are used instead,10 lakh = 1 million
    Indians put first comma(,) after 3 digit thereafter every 2 digit,americans keep cntinuing with comma after every 3 digit A crore is a unit in the Indian measuring system. A crore is represented by ONE followed by 7 zeroes, which is:  1,00,00,000( 1 crore). This translates to 10 Million.(10,000,000)  Therefore 1 Crore = 10 Million  1 billion(1,000,000,000) = 1 million * 1000 = 1,000,000,000 = 100,00,00,000(Indian decimal connotation) = 100 Crores.  It is said that 1000 million = 1 billion. while converting 1000 million to Indian measuring system, we get 100 crores.
  • Thank you so much for this explanation. It is really fascinating (and a little confusing).
  • what cnfusion?
  • India is a poor country. Period. But to put things in perspective, its bad political system and corruption has resulted in this wealth disparity. As someone mentioned, while half of the country earns less than 2 dollars a day, the number of rich people outnumbers many rich countries just because of its sheer population. One more thing.. Phones in India are sold off contract unlike most developed countries.
  • You mad bro?
  • Saying India had most millionaires is like saying India and China have more people. When 1 in 4 children on this planet being Indian, I would hope there are "more" "rich" people, but do try to apply some perspective. It isn't an insult, just an economical and demographical fact.
  • And yet the overwhelming majority of people still live in rural areas, just like china
  • Calm down Charan. I visited India recently. You couldn't pay me to be rich there.
  • Poor or not. Your women are smoking hot aren't they? That's a win.
  • Yes, in general, Brazil is a poor country. It's growing, but there's a LOT to do (I'm brazilian). But the problem here is the taxes. For example, here US$ 1 = R$ 2,00+. I bought a Nokia Lumia 620 for R$ 800,00 equivalent to US$ 400. In the USA the Lumia 620 costs US$ 200 or less. You see the difference? So the major problem here is not that we're too poor, the problem is that the government pull these unbelievable taxes AND the top products that's not too famous (Windows Phone) don't come so easily. Surface never landed here and I don't know if it will until next year ends. Sad to be brazilian. :/
  • My understanding of the Brazilian tariff situation, is that the government there taxes imports (especially automobiles and electronics) as a means to encourage multi-national corporations to build manufacturing plants to build those products in Brazil.  Which in turn, would create more jobs for Brazilian people, which in turn would build up the middle-class, which in turn would spread wealth and help eliminate economic disparity. Which in the long run, is good for Brazil.  If I understand correctly, electronics, automobiles and products manufactured in Brazil, are not subject to these extremely high tariffs.  Furthermore, if I understand correctly, this plan seems to be working - Brazil's economy over the past decade seems to be exploding.  Please feel free to correct me, if I am incorrect about any of that - I only live in Brazil on occassion (a lot less than I would like to spend time there), so I may have misunderstood some things. On a side note, the goverment in Brazil currently seems to be doing the exact opposite of what the government in my country (the US) is doing.  After mistakes made in the 1990s, they are keeping as much inftrastructure as possible at home; not outsourcing it to China.  In turn, they are creating jobs, solidifying the middle-class, and strengthening the overall economy.  Many economist estimate, that at the rate Brazil's economy is growing (and the rate the US economy is waning), Brazil will be the strongest economic power in the Western Hemisphere by mid-century.  Meanwhile in the US, the goverment for the past 30/40 years, has made it possible to export as many jobs as possible, and huge chunks of our infrastructure,  overseas.  Now they want to blame the jobs problem on immigrants,  They actually have people fooled into thinking that if they build a wall between the US and Mexico, they will solve the jobs problem.  When in reality, even if they could build that wall, keep every illegal out, find and deport every illegal immigrant in the US, the jobs created still would be a pale fraction of the high paying jobs that are legally outsourced to other countries like China.   Meanwhile, the American dollar continues to devalue (I remember when $1USD could get you R$4), jobs that pay a living wage continue to be next to impossible to come by, foreclosures continue at a record pace, important infrastructure like the power grid, ATF beacon system, and weather satellite network, etc., continue to barrel down the road towards obselecense with no plan or money in place to modernize them, and despite record gains on Wall Street, the middle-class is still taking a pounding.  With the way things are here, it surprises me every time I see someone driving a SUV, or talking on a Galaxy S4/iPhone 5.  At the rate things are going, I would have figured by now that everyone would have put on more sensible shoes, and be driving a hybrid or using public transit, using low cost smartphones like the Lumia 521, and dumping their unGodly expensive contract lines for pre-paids.  Well I guess that last bit is coming true.  Apparently, Straight Talk (a pre-paid based MVNO) is the nation's fastest growing wireless "carrier".  But sometimes it's like there are two America's after the recession - the one that did not get downsized/foreclosed, and the rest of everyone else.  When I go to São Paulo, I am used to there being two Brazils.  It's kind of weird seeing a similar dichotomy (or at least the makings of one) taking shape here in the US. 
  • OK, I'm sorry, there are too many incorrect points here to argue on this board, but this one stood out. "high paying jobs that are legally outsourced to other countries like China".  The jobs being outsourced are not high paying, hence why they are outsourced.  It is the low wage jobs that pay well below the minimum wage.  This is why products are cheap, because it costs less to make them.  
  • I know several people with high paying software engineering type jobs that lost that job because it got outsourced to India. This has been going on for 10 years.
  • So sad about the Surface not coming here. It's all I need right now. Brazil is unfair!!
  • A intenção nem era começar um debate sobre ricos e pobres mas isto deu no que Sim eu estou a par dos impostos altos que Brasília cobra por aí. E fui ao Brasil antes da primeira eleição do Lula e voltei lá no fim do último mandato dele. A diferença nos preços foi visível.
    Mas o fosso entre ricos e pobres no Brasil continua altíssimo o que não contribui para este tipo de vendas (a menos que os ricos no Brasil decidam começar a comprar telemóveis à parva lol)
  • The better word is semi-periphery
  • Well I am indian and you cant call india completely POOR (it's mixed bag),  i am from a state (Kerala) who's HDI is comparable to European Standards. IMHO indian's are opting for lumia 520 not because younger generation cant afford higher end siblings,its because there is no contract/carrier lock concept here : you need to buy the phone with full price without any subsidy.Its wrong assesment and i can clearly tell there are much younger generation who can afford higher end if its subsidised and  which can simply outgrow demands than U.S.A and will be behind China.
  • Ummm..buddy, 45% ppl buy Lumia 520 in Indian villages whereas rest in urban areas mostly Lumia 920,820,720 were sold. Mostly ppl buy BBZ10, iPhone 5, Samsung S4 like expensive devices without any subsidy.
    Ex. You'll Buy Lumia1020 subsidized on your carrier for USD200 that too on a 2-3year contract BUT we'll buy Lumia 1020 UNSUBSIDIZED + UNLOCKED PHONE for USD699 and full payment in max 6 months EMIs. Like you ppl & still paying for phones for over 2years here we pay all the amount for UNSUBSIDIZED + FULLY UNLOCKED for 6 month EMI as soon as they are out. Wherein Lumia720 was sold more than the whole Samsung Galaxy range on local eCommerce site
  • News flash-here in the US it doesn't matter if you buy at subsidized price or buy at full price-your monthly bill is still the same. You don't get any discounts or anything like that just because you paid full price for a device. Paying full price for a phone is extremely stupid if you ask me-especially since the device will basically worthless after a year anyway. Most people here just get new phones every 18 months anyway via early upgrades. Europeans and I guess you Indians just don't get it!
  • Newsflash: I'm NOT American. I'm European. We buy phones the same way you buy them in India and the rest of the World apart from North America.
  • You don't know d greatness of India until u visit here,did u said poor English,yes u don't knw how to stress a word when it to be,lots of foreigners coming to India because they r sucked with foreign culture,a born children don't know who his/her parents ur country
  • Before giving it a rest; I just hate the way you write. That is all.
  • I am an indian, and I'll tell you what - India is a poor country. Not in terms of overall monetary clout, but in terms of the standard of the living. A good chunk of the people here cant really afford a $1 tea on the weekend, let alone a $180 phone. There is a reason wh all those Lavas, Micromaxes, Lemon (yes, there s a lemon too :D), Karbonn and alltheir ilk sell very well.
    You can be a toad in a well and think thats the end of the world, but thats not going to change anything. Things are improving, but for now, we are nowhere near being called a not-poor country
  • 1st - Your English is terrible to understand.
    2nd - I'm well aware of the cultural richness of India. My country was the ruler of Dadra, Nagar Haveli, Goa, Daman and Diu for almost half a millennium and was the one who discovered the maritime path to India and introduced Indian spices to Europe.
    3rd - Cultural richness doesn't mean population richness. India has great tourism potential but the receipts of that aren't evenly distributed by its population. There are people working in India in almost slave-like conditions. You have very rich people, yes. We know. But you also have very very very poor people. Burying your head in the sand will not change that. It's a fact. The better you embrace it and start fighting against it, the sooner the situation changes. ;)
  • I'm really disappointed . . . and slightly embarrassed for the WP community.
    Leave it alone guys. This website is about Windows Phone at the end of the day.
    I just read the responses to this comment and no one has attempted to say "give it a rest". So I will say it. It's simple: "Give it a rest". Just let the subject go.
  • No because when someone's thinking is wrong, they need to be told it or they go on thinking the wrong things and commit heinous acts like shoot unarmed black teenagers or hijack planes into buildings or shoot up a school full of kids. Ok this situation isn't that extreme. But I frown on the notion of backing away from educating someone when they're dead wrong. Its common knowledge that India is considered a poor country. The toad in a well analogy someone used fits perfect here for the person ignorant of the truth
  • That's what private messaging is for on WPCentral.
    You should blog on CNN.
  • You're right but it takes a lot for me tk care about something enough to write/preach a lot about it. And when I do care to, I want to make sure the greatest number of people see what I have to say
  • This is not a socio-economic forum, it is about wp, but people will fight
  • I'd like to split my response into two parts. The first being that, like others have mentioned, what we pay for a Lumia 520 in India would more or less be equivalent to how much is paid for a 920 in US. Indians aren't necessarily low on cash, it's about the mentality of being more conservative when it comes to spending on something that might be phased out in an year or two. Indians learn very fast and what happened with the WP7 series of phones is still fresh in the mind. Alright, so we've bought more 520s here! Doesn't mean it's all that we buy. When people do decide to invest ($500+) on a higher end phone, they tend to flock towards Samsung Galaxy series. The sheer number of S3, S4, Note 2 here is unbelievable (and the most popular alternative to mid range WP is the Galaxy Grand that seems to be everywhere!). This is because the Indian consumer runs on a trust factor in service, price and quality that Samsung has established. Please understand, I'm a WP fanboy but this is the reality we need to realise. A report of WP market statistics does not call for the reprobation of entire regions on a Globally followed medium. This brings me to the second part: India and its current state. It's nice to know people here have been reading up on facts and figures (google?) and are knowledgeable when it comes to global conditions. That being said, note that the size of India is one third of the US and is home to more than three times the number of people that US comprises. What does this mean? (doesn't matter if you didn't ask); It means that yes thanks to the immensely high population we have more rich people in the world (as was mentioned several times on this thread) but it also entails that such a high population will contain a higher number of poor people also. This could very well be solved by having more land (I don't want to explain why, go google it) but India isn't the land grabbing type. Statistics aren't Godsend, they are comparative analysis and a general census of things. Their outcome is determined by the what factors are considered. India has been free only for about 66 years now and we're making amazing progress. We're aren't necessarily a poor country, we're a country that has a lot to sort out and fit snugly into the curve that the world is fitting with its numbers and statistics. Also, as a quick note, someone mentioned how bad our english is, let me remind you (once again) that we have a huge population and a few people don't represent everyone. India has the second largest number of english speakers in the world (half of the US). Also, the average Indian knows a minimum of three languages. I hope the statistics and general consensus isn't against us again *rolls eyes*. Of this population that speaks english, the quality of English is one of the best in the world (plus the other two languages they know aren't affected in their quality). Lastly, Times of India (an Indian English language newspaper) is the most read and highest circulated English daily paper in the world.
    Have a nice day!
  • +1
  • "This could very well be solved by having more land" 1930's Germany also thought that. Didn't worked so well. I would advise India against it =P That said, I'm not going to repeat myself (please, search my other answers). Let me just point out one thing, regarding the use of English language: whenever I criticized someone's English, I was talking about that person alone. In fact, I think it would be silly to assume Indians, who where under British rule until the 1960's, would all speak bad English. Some people here in the comments do speak bad English. But I've seen Americans (specially Americans) doing things to the English language equally atrocious. So I don't think anyone in their right mind made such comments as a generalization.
  • When someone writes 'didn't worked' while preaching superiority in the English language; you can usually tell they're full of shit You mentioned the atrocities Americans commit on the English language but managed to spell with American English and in some places managed to spell the wrong words for what you are obviously trying to say. So yeah, just wanted to use this chance to tell you that you're full of shit.
  • Well put brother... No need to take such pain in explaining skunks and arrogant persons to use proper language in putting across their ideas. It is so unfortunate that so called "elite west" have such low opinion on the people they have exploited for their personal gains over the last few centuries... As you said the low acceptance of WP devices has nothing to do being poor or rich. India is selling thousands of galaxies like s3 and note. Trust me I turn my head around and I'm sure to find at least one galaxy. WP still needs to fix many things to make in roads let alone low price.. To sell more they need to introduce dual sim models with bigger screens. Nokia has lot if respect as value product in India.unfortunately, they are 2 generations behind in giving basic smart phone functionality to,compete with galaxies. Last week I reluctantly had to buy a Samsung galaxy grand as I needed a dual sim... Nokia or MS must bet on emerging markets like India and Brazil to,compete with android. And this market is both price and feature sensitive... US market is absolutely carrier controlled. Unlike emerging markets. Hope Nokia gets to the basics to push Lumia with ashas features...
  • No Samsung Ativ S in there
  • samsung is not by nokia
  • but the chart says WINDOWS PHONE DEVICES
  • This is not only for Nokia devices.
  • dont blame him...a look at the chart reveals why that can be assumed and still the chart would be fairly accurate.
  • Samsung ATIV is described as other devices in the chart. The only Samsung device shown in the chart is only Samsung Focus Flash.
  • I'm using mine to write this comment so I can understand why! I just saved my pocket money to buy one!
  • It took me forever just to get to the second original comment, thank you being here :P
  • If only the 620 looked better than the 520, then I might be tempted to buy it...
  • But sadly, L620 doesn't have some features that L520 does, like Super Sensitive touch.
  • I don't own one, but I think the 620 looks way cooler than the 520.  And it has FFC and NFC, and a much higher quality screen.  I'll take screen quality over sensitive touch any day.
  • Brazil poor??? Brazil isnt poor...
  • Well, it depends on what you're looking at. The disparity between the rich and poor in Brazil is one of the greatest in the world, meaning you have some very wealthy and affluent folks and a lot of others not so well off. But yeah, a lot of this comes down to proper language. Calling any country "poor" is obviously a negative, which is why we often call them "emerging markets" (even the 1st/2nd/3rd world distinction is used rarely these days). I wouldn't call Brazil poor either, but they do have a large segment of the population who are living in not-so-great conditions.
  • That's the reply of the day.
  •   +1    
  • +1 thank u daniel
  • Not so great? Have you even played Max Payne 3? It's a whole lot worse than "Not so great".
  • Please, don't tell me that you're playing games and watching movies to understand a countries' economic situation.
  • people these days i tell ya...
  • Brazil its a poor country. It has lots of poor people and lots of crime, you don't see that in a rich country. Get over it.
  • Actually, we have a lot of crime here in America.. I live in DallasFortWorth and we have tons of murders reported EVERYDAY❕
  • You need to call the national guard!
  • Yeah, I bet it's perfect at where you live
  • Se tu é brasileiro como eu, tu sabe que o Brasil é um país pobre sim. Assim como qualquer país, aqui tem pessoas ricas e de diferentes classes sociais. Mas essa parcela não representa o país inteiro que em geral, é pobre. Não falo pobre como a Africa do Sul, por exemplo, mas somos um país pobre sim. E se tu é brasileiro como eu, tu sabe que aqui a gente tem a questão dos impostos que nos impede ou nos faz pensar várias vezes antes de comprar certas coisas.
  • I speak spanish and I totally understood that. lol
  • What he says, mkdll? I didn't understood at all, lol
  • In general, he said that Brazil is really poor, indeed. Though I must say I partially agree with him. I'm brazilian too and I've gotta say things are improving, no matter how slowly. Also, he's right about taxes the government punches down our throat. Everything is just so expensive here compared to other countries, especially when you consider the miserable minimum wage, which is laughable, unfortunately...
  • In India we don't have the phones available for contract. One needs to shell out 35k rupees for Lumia 920 while 520 comes for 10k and that explains it's popularity. Good for MS and Nokia though.
  • That's exactly the point of the article.. I'm glad somebody understands.
  • I bought a L520 for my mother here in Brazil and it's obviously the best choice for R$550 (U$210) free of contract. There's nothing as good for this money on Android camp and there's only Nokia selling Windows Phone 8 here, so I can only agree with these stats. I bet the L800 will see a jump on sales for the coming months too as it's being sold for less than U$200 free of contract too, and it's way more popular than the 520 among women mostly because of the Magenta one.
  • I might have just missed it...but are these rolling up off shoot sales in that all 92X is 920? Just curious about the 521 mostly...
  • Right, that's my question too.
  • Have the 92X models been out long enough to show up? I'd say doubtful, and that they are probably lumped in with "other."
  • They previously had the 822 seperate I believe, so I'd think that would be the case here too.
  • just bought a 520 here in Canada as a pay as you go phone. I only bought it as a dedicated mp3 player for xbox music but im liking it so much I just might switch out my sim from the iphone 4. great phone at a great price.
  • I wish I could give you my 920.. You deserve it.
  • I would love to take it off your hands :)
  • I've had my 820 for about 8 months and am still impressed by it - definitely the best phone I've ever had. For two years I used Android on HTC, but the Windows interface is something that works perfectly for me. And Nokia have been extremely impressive.
  • When my 710 MIA, i need a phone fast and affordable. 520 come to the rescue, defeating others from design and price. Is not because i'm from wp7, i really consider every best affordable smartphone.
  • What's a widows phone? The Netherlands must be in there own league. Or only widows are buying the windows phones?
  • EDIT: LOL I realize that in the chart pic of Netherland region, there was a 'Widows' word.
  • Lol I was messing around. If you see the Netherlands chart it says widows.
  • Hahahaa... I realize that when I'm checking each of those pictures again.
  • So when they say "520" does that include models like the 521, like a family? If not I'd be more interested to see how the 521 has taken off since launch. I know it finally got a WP into my hands(having wanted one from the start) and me on to T-Mobile.
  • 521 does not equal to 520.
  • The 521 is probably part of "other."
  • Yeah I figured it might be, was just curious.
  • No, the 521 is not sold in those market's.. I think.
  • haha, I have the 720 here on brazil, seems like i'm with the minority. it is because a lumia 920 costs around 800 dolars here, while the 520 costs 200~~
    the minimum salary here in brazil is 370dolars, so even a mid device like the 720 is expensive here...
    also, most retailers try to push you the lumia 800 and 710 when you are going to buy an smart for that price, when i was looking for my device, every vendor tried to sell me an wp7.8 device.
  • So, do you consider yourself middle or upper class where you live❔
  • I'm with middle class, I could buy an 920 if I wanted one, I just don't think it's worth the premium price
  •   Tell me about it... Just went from a Lumia 800 that I'd gotten from Claro to a Lumia 925 that I got last week. But everything is so damn expensive around here!    
  • Emerging markets and prepaid is where Nokia has to make a dent. The flagships cannot make a big dent against android and iPhone at least yet.
  • They could, even here in the states, if properly marketed, and the sales associates were given proper incentive to be excited about WP.
  • Exactly, sales people sell what makes them money and people buy what sales people force them to buy... I mean "convince". If Windows Phone and carriers were to run incentives that were given directly to reps then their sales would dramatically go up. Samsung runs promotions all the time.... I know WP is better but I still sell Samsung over them because of the fact you get paid.
  • If it wasn't obvious before, it is now: at 75% of the market, Nokia is THE Windows Phone manufacturer.
  • Yeah, they have been for awhile now,, and rightfully so...
  • Woop 520 owner I just need a white cover! Only cause 720 isn't in Canada though. Might upgrade to 1020.
  • Ah, 1020... That made me wonder if I had that one...
  • Ah, 1020... That made me wonder if I had that one...
  • Is the L520 better than the L620? In what areas?
  • Screen size (4") and abviously cheaper.
  • Its Super Sensitive touch, 4" screen display and it's the cheapest phone than the others (now it's competing with Huawei Ascend W1 with the same price)
  • Most popular Windows Phone and the Oggl app won't run on it. Good one, Nokia and Hipstamatic.
  • That's how it goes.. Androids 75% market share isn't mostly because of high end devices.. Its from millions of low end devices that can't run apps that a GS4 can.. Same situation.. And its fine.. The majority of cars on the road don't have 400hp V8 motors, and as a result they can't all go 0-60 in under 5sec.. That's just the way it is.. You get what you pay for, or in this case what you can afford.
  • That's right, so if we want some apps on our phone, the only option is to upgrade our phone, right?
  • Right!
  • I don't understand cheaper phones. The monthly bill over a year or two years dwarfs the price of the actual phone... Is it really worth it to lack hardware features to save 5% of the total operating costs?
  • You must talk a lot if that's your case. Or you are calling to xxx numbers. ;)
  • not really, in these markets all phones are off contract, and the majority of lines are prepaid ones, the operators even sell prepaid data plans (5dolars = 250mb at 250kbps, after the 250mb is consumed you get 64kbps and unlimited data) do you think people who make 400 dolars/month will pay 80 dolars month on a phone plan?
  • North America is a rare market, always has been. Much of the rest of globe isn't controlled my operators. People buy phones and then buy tbe contract.
    Why US is in a situation where they actually select the phone you can buy, something that's alien idea in continental Europe or Asia.
    Why North Americans also pay highest data costs in western world. You are just paying the phones price monthly, while Europeans and Asians know the real cost of the phone and buy the phone and then go to operator for best offer on data, calls etc.
  • wut
  • Wonder how Mexico is doing with the exclusive 505.
  • Im thinking of buying one to use as an mp3 player on my Xbox music account... Combined with the 64gb card... Should work great :D
  • Yes, it has the same hardware, it's just not represented in those specific graphs
  • 520 is the best cheap-smartphone around. But why Netherlands likes Chinese junk?
  • What are you talking about? They like it because of its build design, not because it's a junk!
  • That, and we like it because its cheap as well!  Goes as low as €135,- off-contract. You get a lot of phone for that price.
  • It's a shame here in Brazil to have mostly 7.x devices. Things - in general - tend to get late here. Though I'm still surprised at how many people have Windows phone devices here. I'm proud to be the owner of a gorgeous Lumia 925
  • This makes complete sense. The Lumia 520 is a low-cost phone and that drives the clear majoirty of smartphone sales around the world. As well offering that same phone at rock-bottom prices in both Canada and US also helps. For $150, this is cheaper than Apple's iPod touch, so it is going to be hugely popular.
  • I was really hoping to get an inkling of how well the 928 was selling in the U.S., but therere is not U.S. chart and the global chart doesn't list it either (I realize that "Verizon users in the U.S. who purchased a 928" is a tiny market, in global terms, though I guess that shows how much sway Verizon has to get Nokia to make a phone that truly is exclusive to them.
  • One question for all those "rich country" folks. Will you buy a $600 iPhone or S4 if there were no such thing as contracts, pay direct hard cash or credit or even EMI for maximum 9 months? Can any one point me stats where devices sold on contract vs device sold without contract numbers? If carriers in India introduce iPhones and S4 at $50 or $100 with 2 year contracts. I am sure more people would buy high end devices as well.
  • +1
  • Well the problem for us "rich country folks" (I come from switzerland) is: a iPhone doesn't cost $600 but $890... ;)
    And yes, I think this is a big point where you can differentiate between "rich countries"/1st world and emerging markets/2nd world. Not because India doesn't have it's wealth too (they do for sure). But because here in switzerland you can sell an iPhone for $890 off or still $155 on contract (and with this contract you have to pay $178/month just contract fees! By far not as cheap as in the US) and still have around 60% market domination with the iPhone.
    So my point is: the difference between India and the real rich countries (I know some of you people out there won't like this statement at all) is not that they have some wealthy people who can afford buying a highend device. But having by far higher prices than you have and still >80% of the population can afford it.
    BTW: yes I the 60% market share are correct (atleats what I have read) but sad. Still way to go here for Nokia and co
  • Some of you people... wow... The ignorance and even denial... wow
  • The first two charts don't jibe. It makes me wonder if this is all just a bunch of random numbers thrown against the wall.
  • This first chart is device shares, the second chart is about apps sales. Completely unrelated.
  • This chart about Brazil is wrong. This is from Mexico. Look at the Lumia 505. This was never sold here in Brazil!!
  • In South Africa you'll have a hard time finding them in stock. Every shop sells out in minutes. I literally walked for hours trying to find one. Then I settled on black, the only colour I could find.
    This phone is huge!
  • The topic has totally changed to India and Brazil being poor.
    I guess we need to talk about the devices and OS and not about others.
    WIth some better apps (Whatsapp update is still disappointing), Lumia 520 will fare better overall, and more in India. Hope MS and nokia are listening!
  • I'm from The Netherlands. The reason why the Huawei W1 is so popular is because of a big sales stunt from a very popular store here. I had one myself and I loved using it. The camera is surprisingly good and the battery lasts forever. But I ran out of space within three weeks, so I switched to Lumia.
    p.s. No, I don't smoke pot.
  • Leugenaar. ;) 
  • Btw, in Tech. most brilliant people do smoke pot...
  • Wha!/?!? Based on the conversation here, I thought all people from the Netherlands smoked pot, all people from India were poor, and all people from the states were assholes :)
  • WIDOWS Phone devices - The Netherlands...
    It has come that far... :P
  • Lumia 520's $150 off-contract price is just a great value proposition: 4" screen, dual-core processor 1Ghz, 8gb storage and a microSD slot. For that price you get one of the best texting experiences, a smooth operating system and the free Nokia services.
  • If anyone is poor here then its the AMERICANS.Who dont even have enough money to make full payment to buy a phone.
    They are now crying like babies because AT&t  is charging 300$ for lumia 1020.Everyone ins USA lives on EMI they buy house, cars, phones on EMI which in real they cant afford.During 2008 reccession many of american companies became bankrupt whereas india stood still.American are nothing but show off junkies. Its the onlly place in the world where most of the rich people became beggers from Michael Jackson to Mike tyson to Scott Hall t and list goes on..
  • If America opens its borders, the whole world would love the chance to live here and become a beggar.
  • Slow down, bhai. You are embarrassing us (Indians) with the name calling.
  • Yeah, Michael Jackson was poor when he died (net worth variously estimated at $500M to $1B at death), and Mike Tyson and Scott Hall represent most of our rich people. You sir are brilliant.
    It's not our fault that the states bleed massive awesomeness. USA! USA! USA!
  • This guy is an idiot.
    USA! USA! USA!
  • What ate those 21% of other devices. We better know!
  • I assume Verizon's phones are part of it.
  • Ok, it is probably a bunch of devices from Huawei, Samsung etc. But 21% is a lot of devices. How is the Samsung Ativ S doing? They are nearly giving them away in Europe... Samsung might be buying into the market.
  • I'm using the nokia 520 i must say I'm loving it, just need some features like drop down notification, built in YouTube App n should be able to view n store on memory card, they should make available less slippery back case n built in fm radio
  • Just wondering if this includes the Lumia 521 as part of the 520 numbers.
  • Hoooooooooly shiznits wtf is going on here? Did a war start on WPC?!?!
  • Guyszz,
    Pls stop this thing.Some random guy says india is poor ..and u guys start fighting. Guys we know what our country is and we are proud of it .Dont compare india with some random countries that doesn't match to the population of a single city in india..and say they are rich :p ..Lemme try to sum up reasons why indians dont go for high-end lumias like 920.
    1.No Proper 4G LTE here.(what's the use of a 920 without LTE.)
    2.No one wants to invest in a new OS .Cause everyone wants to try the OS and check whether it's worth or not..that's the area where 520 rocks :D ...u can compare with the number of iphones and S3 and S4 's in india Trust me the number is sooo huge that it crosses the population of most of the countries ;) ..
    3.MOst Importantly it's a new OS it takes time :)
  • That poor / rich stuff is always based on per capita average income. Not on GDP. Many don't realize that there are millions of rich people in India!
  • After a few months of using Lumia 520, I have finally found out another option that they cut and neglected to tell anyone--making the phone act as an access point. It's a mild inconvenience, but quite jarring for those of us who have a wifi-only tablet for surfing or reading stuff. Suddenly, updating anything becomes impossible.
    Oh well, so much for believing in Windows. Yes, I blame Windows, not Nokia for this cutback. I have faith in Nokia--I do not have any loyalty to Microsoft.
  • People stop fighting. the point is we all want a good phone at cheaper price.If you are getting a good phone with good specs at lower price, obvoiusly everyone will take that phone.
  • Yes,Lumia 520 is the best ever windows phone.