Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone hands-on gallery

You know the drill by now, folks. New Windows Phone is announced. We take some photos of the thing posing nude, only to then return home, pull up a chair and play some Halo - if only it was that easy. The Lumia 520 was also announced today by Nokia, alongside the Lumia 720. While we're on the floor, barging other crews out the way, we managed to get familiar with the new low-end smartphone.

Check out some more shots of the Lumia 520 below:

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Looks really nice, and at that pricepoint could be tempted as a stopgap between my 900 and the 1000 :-) Needs to be out soon and as a non exclusive though Nokia.
  • Great phone, although I am confused, so does 620 OR 720 include that 41 megapixel camera and aluminum shell?
    EDIT: Nevermind, 520 is actually a Windows 8 Pro tablet
  • hahahaha. Wait 'til nokia world in september
  • that screen looks very cheap. i mean there seems to be light beeding towards the edges. maybe it's just because of the photos
  • Still better than Samesong
  • It is because those are preproduction unit. I won't expect top notch display on this model but it wont either be that bad as seen in photos because light doesn't bleed on even cheaper Asha phones!
  • Now this is confusing... 520 is definitely better than 620 except for lacks of led flashlight :S
  • Also no front facing cam and no clearblack display.
  • also there isnt nfc support
  • Also no front facing cam and no clearblack display.
  • Umm, if you read in the latest news, the 521 by tmobile, it clearly says a 4" clearblack super sensitive screen. I could never understand how better screen and slightly bigger battery is still cheaper than front camera, flashlight ,and NFC. Lol.
  • I will probably get a 520 to use while I wait for whatever new coming out on Verizon at the end of the year or early next. I was excited about the 920 coming but not anymore. Having already owned one on AT&T I feel like it's a "Been there done that" senario. I need something new and crazy!
  • In some contries where people don't care about pixels and specs this phone will be a good choice.
  • If anything the 620 should of have the 4" screen and the 520 should of had the 3.8" screen, to me that just makes sense if the high up in numbers 520, 620 etc the specs get better and the screens get bigger.
  • A little too cheap but I understand why.
  • I'm actually liking the size of this one. Looks like it should fit easily into my pockets and I can one-hand it.