Nokia Lumia 920 and the World's fastest screen

The centerpiece of the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone is the 4.5" PureMotion HD+ screen. But did you know the Lumia 920 has the fastest screen on a smartphone?

The result is crisper graphics and less blurring while scrolling around the screen or playing games.

According to Jussi Ropo, Nokia's Senior Technology Manager, rendering should happen at a stable 60fps to eliminate the jaggedness in moving content. The other important aspect to displays is how fast the LCD can change from one color to another. According to Jussi,

“First, when you measure 60fps it means 16.7ms – you have a new image coming every 16.7ms on the display. It is intuitive to think that when your LCD response or transition time is longer than this one frame period then you will actually get quite a lot of blur. This is because your liquid crystal is still trying to get the previous value at the same time as it has to start turning again for the next frame."

To make the Lumia 920's screen shine, it needed to have a faster response than 16.7ms. On average the response time on the Lumia 920 is 9ms. The speed was achieved by boosting the voltage to each LCD pixel. According to Nokia, the competition's transition speeds are around 23ms.

While it is impressive how fast the Lumia 920's screen performs, the end result is equally impressive. The Lumia 920 has one of the most striking screens we've seen to date as far as image quality, movement and touch responsiveness. It should be interesting to see what Nokia has in store for us next.

Source: Conversations Nokia

George Ponder

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  • Can't wait to test it out myself. Only delivery of my yellow 920 is delayed till the 22nd. Because of high demand. But that's a good thing right? After all, it's the best smartphone in the world :-)
  • where do you find your date?
  • Got my daughters yellow 920 today!
  • Adopt me.
  • adopt me [2]
  • The advantage is very visible.  i was not noticing how good it is until I played with an 8X last night at a MS store.
  • I did the same thing. I was playing with the two phones side by side. The 920 blew the 8x out of the water.
  • Coming from a One X the only advantage I'll say the One X/8X screen has over the 920's is that the LCD is right up against the glass so it seems like you're directly touching the content on the screen.
  • Also the viewing angles were a little better.
  • Hey! Yes i can confirm that, i got my "BLACK TRAIL BLAZER". At least on an anecdotal basis. BTW is somebody using YahooMail on WP8, because the syncing is simply abysmal. Should I rather set up my YahooMail as an exchange server??
    Please I need some advices on that.
  • I agree to this word by word. My friends with iPhones and Galaxies, can't keep their hands off the screen. It is SO attractive. I am insanely in love with this hardware and it is so wrong, but I don't care!
  • dito...
  • Dito 2
  • It really is the best screen I have ever seen but sadly I already managed to scratch it. I don't know how it happend but I have two parallel scratches going from the bottom nearly to the top of the screen. :( 
    I'm not very impressed with Gorilla Glass 2
  • Everything has just crossed Gorilla Screen's.
  • Gorilla Glass 2 is supposed to have the same strength as Gorilla Glass 1 but just 20% thinner.
  • Zagg screen protector will cover scratches, get it installed at zagg kiosk in your local mall, I have them on all my gadgets
  • Yuck! I hate screen protectors. I keep my phone in a slip/pouch case. 2 years on and no scratches.
  • It may not have major one but I guarantee it'll have micro-scratches. If you hold your phone at an angle to the light you'll see them as your slightly twist. Doesn't help resell value. InvisibleShield ftw
  • I can't see any scratches of any kind... My phone lives in a pouch with soft felt type lining. Anyway, I don't plan on selling my phone ever as I don't see the point. I'd rather turn it into a dedicated MP3 players, a travel phone or whatever :P
  • Eh, I'll take the micro scratches. My Surround lasted two years only getting two or three micro scratches. Besides, I'm not planning on selling my 920 anytime soon, so by the time I'm getting rid of it the phone will probably only sell for $50 at best price.
    I used to have InvisibleShield screen protectors, and they are pretty sweet. The devices that it protected never scratched while the protector was on. Sadly, I didn't care for the texture of the screen protector itself. I'd much prefer a matte screen protector or just the regular oleiophobic coated glass on most screens these days.
  • Same here iPhone people are like... This screen is gorgeous
  • After playing with a white 920 at an AT&T store, I definitely think this phone has the most beautiful screen I've ever seen on a phone. My best friend was drooling as she was comparing it to her Lumia 710!
  • but slowest delivery
  • Bazinga!
  • Got my red few days ago
  • I picked the red in store, but am still waiting for my yellow.
  • Just got my yellow today!!!
  • I hope what's in store next are ship dates for all of those awesome accessories they have on their site. Would love one of those charging pillows!
  • It's nice but really washes out in the light. Also, the blacks are pretty bad.
  • Do you have a 920?
  • Nope, but my friend does and we compared it to the 822 at Verizon. The 822 popped more, had way better blacks, and surprisingly didn't wash out as much in sunlight.  The scrolling is amazing however and the screen is stunning in normal settings.  Just doesn't have that pop.  I'm more impressed with what Nokia did with the 810/820/822 screens.  For the specs they have those screens are awesome.
  • you need to try high contrast mode, which I have it set on.  I tried my hardest to get a glare so I couldnt see the screen.  Literally impossible.
  • High contrast mode ALSO makes your tiles black and white, which ruins the experience of wanting them blue.
  • I agree too. I don't think it looks better than the 900.
  • I couldn't disagree more I work outside and have no struggle with glare. While I was impressed with the 820 screen it doesn't compare to my 920. Overall this screen is just amazing, better then my 900 and better then the 820.
  • Textbook IPS vs AMOLED.
  • I agree.
  • I love how the blacks on the 900 blend right into the screen surround. Looks amazing. You can clearly see that transition on the 920. The 920 has a sweet display for sure, but they should have kept it AMOLED.
  • I can confirm this screen is amazing - mine came today =D
  • I took my Red Lumia 920 inside Best Buy today and all the phone reps had phone envy. The screen is silk smooth and amazingly responsive!!!
  • I've had mine for a few days and I agree.  Too bad our boys at The Verge can't join in as this phone is too heave for them. I can't say that I agree with them but we all have the right to our own opinions.  However, If I were them I'd reserver such comments (185 grams being too heavy) around folks chuck Norris, Clint Eastwood or John wayne as they'll probably get "B" slapped.
  • Hipsters don't lift anything heavier than an espresso.
  • +1
  • Those of us who use real coffee cups know they're way heavier than the Lumia 920 and aren't bothered by it in the least.
  • In fairness to the Verge,  Ziegler is using the 920 fulltime and Warren has ordered an AT&T one (though it's not clear if he can unlock it for the UK).
  • They just got to get rid of Topolsky. Seriously, that guy is a total douche bag.
  • That will never happen since he started the Verge. He can be really annoying. I like Nilay.
  • So wait, he bailed on the Apple-biased Engadget to start his bias on another site? That's dumb...or brilliant.
  • Please don't mention the idiots at the Verge.  They are a bunch of ass clowns.  Let's just all agree not to give them any more publicity.
  • Im just praying that all the widows and window phone lovers will ditch the verge for WPCentral so that Josh Toposki and his anti MS a$$holes can keep their stupid comments to themselves. I love Tom though, I guess he is the only one over there who believes in Microsoft products. WPCentral FTW.
  • This evening My coworker and I decided to stop by the ATT store after we grab a bite at Moe's by E. Greenbush, NY. As soon as we walked in, to the left (1st phone ) is the iCrap alone. Right after is 4 wp8..2 NL920 (1 blk, 1 white), 1 blk 820, 2 8X (1 yellow, 1 blue). I grabbed the white 920 to play with and he grabbed the blk. Shortly I decided to do a weight test by sizing it with my hand to see how heavy it is since Apple seem to have told every1 to say the 920 is too heavy. As i was doing that, the ATT rep approached and asked if he can help...we told him...just checking out the phone. Then he said "heavy isn't it?" My coworker was quite peeved and he told the ATT apple-paid douche "well i guess i just have to go to the gym to use this phone". Looks like the douche got the sarcasm and he immediately pulled out his elongated i5 and said "once u use i5 for a while, the 920 becomes heavy to u". My coworker was not having any of he told him "since when is a 4 ounce phone too heavy??" I lol'd and the ATT douche slowly excused himself..My guess is that he is defjnitely a iFanist, and definitely his next move was to push the i5 to us and prolly also tell us "oh there's not a lot of apps" but all of that didnt happen as he realized we weren't a regular consumer and we weren't interested in his "Apple specific instruction about the 920 too heavy speech" so he vanished b4 we could really slap the Crapple out of him. It was quite annoying to witness and this is precisely why someone like me never buy in the store. BTW he also has a white 920 as his "ATT-forced work phone" but the i5 is his personal phone. Disappointing to say the least. The guy seem like one of those douche who reads giz, theverge alot. I really wish i was buying tonite.cuz i would have given that sales commission to any rep who wouldn't push his personal iCrap over. I'm with tmob and Im still considering switching to ATT but im waiting to see if it can be unlocked for use on Tmob 3g.
  • Apparently, the 920 is not heavy for Jessica Alba.
  • Not the same black with my lumia 900...just saying
  • Duh?
  • No, different screen type, and covered by, I believe, one of the reviews on here. Not as black as the AMOLED on my 900, but it doesn't bother me a bit!
  • I got my Black lumia 920 3 days before, Lot of people said in reviews that it is too heavy , But trust me it feel so light in the hands bcoz of its beatufil curved design and the screen is just great, I am loving it :), All of my friends envy on my lumia 920 camera, I feel so happy  hahahhaha , Thank you Nokia
  • I have been impressed with the clarity and performance of this phone. The screen is just the beginning.
  • The Verge thought that the best screen in the world at the time (Lumia 920) was only as good aws the iPhone 5's. 8/10
  • I'm not convinced the screen is that much better. I was checking out the 920 and an 820 side by side at a at&t store the other day,,,I couldn't tell the difference. I think this is more of a placebo affect,,,your mind is telling you that its faster so your brain sees it that way even if its not really perceptable.
  • I didn't even know this information before I read this article. That said I believe your wrong. Not that the 820 or 8x have bad screens there both very nice but I would choose my 920 any day of the week.
  • I wouldn't say the 820 screen is bad in my opinion, but how smooth I see the 920 is in games and movies... Its just better.
  • I think they all have nice screens,,I'm just saying that if you didn't know that the 920 had a "faster" screen then you might not even be able to tell. I'm not even sure the human eye can percieve that slight of a difference.
  • well you won't be able to tell, because no matter how fast they make an LCD screen, it's not even remotely close to the refresh rate of an OLED which is like 0.00001ms.
    Samsung has build in software to actually INCREASE the delay, because it's too damn fast.
    for those who don't trust me, go read up on OLED  technology.
  • Very good article. I have the Cyan 920. Unbelievably fast response time. Very satisfied with the clarity. Nokia just threw the competition out of the park.
  • Awesome screen and good info in this post; thank you. It's funny how the 920 is being slammed as being too heavy when I never read that comment about the 900 and the 920 is only marginally heavier (plus has a bigger screen). The 900 is a brick compared to my old Focus S, but I love the robust feel of the 900 and 920 all day long!
  • My black 920 is king. King, I tell ya!
  • +free wireless charging perfect! 920 is like a real man's phone! Just saying...
  • I still don't think the worlds-fastest-screen claim is true... even for smartphone screens.  I think it could be the world's fastest LCD screen, but not fastest overall.  AMOLED screen technologies have a much faster refresh rate... closer to 1ms, see the charts and references here:
    Even if there is some pairing with slower circuitry on phones than OLED TVs, all of Nokia's descriptions of the issues are on how quickly an LCD crystal can update.  Those limitations don't exist on AMOLED displays, and I think Nokia is really stretching their definition without including the disclaimer that this is in comparison to other LCD screens, not all other screen types.
  • So you are saying that my Venue Pro (amoled) has faster screen refreshing speed than the lumia 920?? I see crazy blurs all the time when I swipe down, up, left or right.
  • It's not related to the refresh rate of the screen, but the FPS of the OS.
    LCD will never reach the same refresh-rates as an OLED Display.
  • You have a Lumia 920 and a set of Aiaiai Tma-1s?! If you also have a Surface RT, you are living my dream.
  • This + OLED, I'd be putting it way up there. Just finally got a hold of my dad's 920, and I couldn't stop using it. Honestly, the 920 was the only thing to get me to put down my 900. But the blacks stood out, it was more grey than black, more washed out than vibrant. I would rather take the OLED of the 900, but darn that screen was really nice on the 920. I think I'd be happiest with the 820 right now.
  • i did some calculations using that alleged 23ms refresh time of the competition. It corresponds to 43fps, meaning you lose 17 frames when watching 60fps content!
  • I miss my Samsung Focus' OLED screen. It blows the 920 away in terms of vibrancy, but the response time certainly is up to par.
  • Once again, No. the response time of an OLED panel is over a thousand times faster than LCD.
  • Too bad Microsoft didn't use this tech in the Surface, it needs it.
  • Normally, phones have sharp edges that puts the pressure at few contact points on our hand. With N920's curved back, the weight is much more uniformly distributed on your hand. More surface area of contact also means more fricton, making it less prone to accidental drops. All the thrash talk about weight by bloggers is going to help Nokia in real life. People expect it to to be heavy, and they will be pleasantly surprised when they lift it up. Also, for a lot of people, weight is percieved as a sign of sturdiness.
  • Screen is great...Belive me i compared it with my 1100.
  • Can't find any difference between the 920 and the 800. Indeed I kind of feel the 800 more agile on scrolling and such...
  • Nokia is the best, especially Lumia series.