Nokia no longer the top dog in Finland; Samsung smiles

The International Data Corporation (IDC) revealed in recent figures that Nokia has lost its spot as Finland’s top mobile phone seller. Samsung has pulled into first place with its 36.1% market share, while Nokia currently sits in second place with 33.6%. Last year, Nokia controlled a strong 48% compared to Samsung’s 28%.

A research director at the IDC sat down with The Wall Street Journal to discuss the astonishing market drop for Nokia; the company stated that Nokia’s sales are almost a 50/50 split of smartphones and “dumbphones”. This data is in contrast to Samsung who pushes smartphones at a unit rate of 80%.

It should be noted that Nokia is introducing low priced phones such as the Asha 501 that draw a thin line between smartphones and their lesser counterparts; this might cause some confusion as to recent smartphone statistics for Nokia.

Despite Nokia losing their own domestic market, the company did have record breaking sales for its Lumia smartphones in Q1; the company’s Windows Phones are picking up sales in European markets, but struggling in the US market.

Do you think this is a devastating loss for Nokia or just a hiccup?

Sources: The Verge, DigiToday Finland

Michael Archambault