Nokia: “Our go-forward smartphone platform for CDMA will be Windows [Phones]”

While no deals have been struck (as far as we know), Nokia is looking forward to leveraging Windows Phone for their CDMA market re-entry, passing up any attempt on getting Symbian on the network standard.

Nokia faces a bit of an uphill battle with regards to CDMA coverage, having not had a Sprint or Verizon handset in a very long time (seriously, we don't remember the last one; shout out in comments if you do). Part of the problem went back years ago when the largest CDMA chip provider, Qualcomm was engaged in massive patent lawsuits with Nokia, causing the latter to back out of the U.S. market. Since then, Qualcomm and Nokia have buried the hatchet and even partnered together, meaning the technical issues should be resolved.

In an interview at CTIA '11, Nokia USA Vice President and General Manager Mark Slater told Forbes that the company was waiting on Windows Phone for CDMA, skipping Symbian: “Our go-forward smartphone platform for CDMA will be Windows..."

We're just excited to see Nokia mentioning CDMA in the same breath again and we look forward to our 2012 Sprint Nokia Windows Phone.

Source: Forbes; additional info: Slashgear

Daniel Rubino

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  • Well Windows Phone hit CDMA as of 2 days ago so they have working code now (probably had some long before Sprints 7Pro went up for sale). If that rumor that hit today that said Nokia has 2 highend and 2 midrange WP7 devices in the works right now is true then one of each could be a GSM and CDMA model.
  • Yes! Nokia Windows Phone on Sprint = WIN!Unlike HTC, I am sure all Nokia CDMA devices would also be packing GSM for us professional users who are overseas alot.
  • To me this says "get a one year contract on that trophy"
  • Well that's good news. As long as Nokia brings that quality hardware it's known for to the U.S then it will do alright. I don't think their absence to the U.S market matters. Let's face it, if they had android OS we know they wouldn't have any problems selling hardware. WP7 is what's making it an uphill battle, not the hardware.
  • Riiiiight. Try again please. Nokia hasn't been in the US market for quite a while before Android even got to where it was. The problem isn't WP7 at all, anyone who's seen it and used it likes the OS. The problem is that Nokia lost the ball trying to keep Symbian going for so long.
  • Yea I guess your right. Since WP7 itself isn't in a uphill battle right now, android OS isn't taking over marketshare, and Nokia isn't the biggest hardware manufacturer in the world. LOLI don't even like android but the fact is it's whats hot right now. There's even symbian users who would prefer android over WP7. Also, We can blame Nokia's loss in marketshare to people switching to android devices. My point was had they chose to go with android they wouldn't have an uphill battle cause android would sell the hardware. Android is already established, it pushes hardware. WP7 itself is in a uphill battle to gain marketshare. It's just not that popular right now. In fact, you can see people comments on youtube and everywhere else when they review a WP7 device there's always some smart **** in the comments saying something like, " if only it had android " or " I would buy it if it had android ". They are also the highest rated comments. it's sad but it's true. Nokia's troubles selling hardware in the states is not gonna come from hardware. It's gonna come from the OS. Now if WP7 all of a sudden blows up they obviously aren't gonna have any problems selling hardware.
  • If they went with Android, they would still have to spend a bunch on advertising. Compared to names like Motorola, Samsung, LG, HTC, and even Sony, Nokia is probably as off-brand in US people's minds as Sanyo. Besides that, there is such a thing as saturation. All those manufacturers have a lot of devices out. By sheer number of competition, Nokia would have to make some God-device to compete with all that's out there. It would be a huge risk for Nokia.Besides that, WP7's appeal is not being fully told by what's out there thanks to OEMs taking the chickensh-t wait-and-see approach. Only HTC is going to have a device on all 4 major carriers that we know so far this year. A lot of people like WP7, but we just don't have options for devices and carriers yet, like Android (e.g., some people don't want to go to AT&T, some people on Sprint don't want a physical keyboard and/or do want a world phone, some people on Verizon don't want to pay extra for a world phone, etc.).
  • You have some valid points. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. I still think Nokia will be alright as long as they make hardware to compete with the specs android phones have. They also have a good rep for their camera's. Maybe that would help them stand out from the rest and sell devices.
  • Nokia still makes CDMA devices for china so this is no surprise as they want to become relevant in US
  • As a Sprint customer, I am very excited to hear this news!
  • I had a Nokia 5100 brick phone on US Cellular back in 2000-2001...which was CDMA. That's the last (and first) Nokia phone I've ever owned.Hopefully they come out with some sweet WP7 so I can pay homage to the first cell phone I ever had...
  • This is good news! My first contract phone was a Nokia slider with Verizon back in 2006 (I just HAD to have that 'Nokia Tune' ring tone); it has these nice supersonic speakers, led flash/camera. I still have that phone - it is my backup alarm and I never oversleep :)