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Nokia reveals €6.5 billion in revenue and 5.6 million Lumias sold in latest financial report

Nokia has today published its Q1 2013 financial report, which details some interesting numbers showing just how far the company has come since first hopping on to the Windows Phone train. While Nokia has reported an operating loss in the first quarter of 2013 (€150 million), €6.5 billion ($7.65 billion) in revenue was also highlighted. It's not looking all bad for the Finnish handset maker.

If you're not up on your finance knowledge with Nokia, the company states that 5.6 million Lumia devices were sold, a sizeable increase when compared against the 4.4 million sold the previous quarter. This Q1 report sports the highest number of Lumia Windows Phones sold since Nokia chose to join Microsoft's mobile platform. We should point out that the expense reducing measures that are currently in place at Nokia appear to be working as today's report is a strong contrast to what was covered this time last year.

The report does show that North America actually fell in numbers with just 400,000 of the 61.9 million Nokia mobile devices sold, a noticeable drop from the 700,000 sold last quarter. Nokia still has an issue with penetration in the US, and is somehow caught in a vicious cycle with Microsoft. The upcoming Lumia 928 on Verizon is believed to help the company further establish itself across the top mobile operators, but with Samsung and Apple pushing through easily without exclusive deals, etc. we can't see the situation improving anytime soon.

So how can we sum up the report for Q1 2013? It's looking promising. Nokia still has some way to go, as does the Windows Phone platform and we'll put our money on the company focusing on the US to really establish itself. To wrap up, here's what Nokia CEO Stephen Elop added to the report:

"At the highest level, we are pleased that Nokia Group achieved underlying operating profitability for the third quarter in a row. While operating in a highly competitive environment, Nokia is executing our strategy with urgency and managing our costs very well. We have areas where we are making progress, and areas where we are further increasing the focus. For example, people are responding positively to the Lumia portfolio, and our volumes are increasing quarter over quarter."

Be sure to read the full report for more information.

Source: Nokia

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Come on, Nokia! Be better and better.
  • Nokia has to release a single device on multiple carriers at one time. Samsung did that with the gs3 and its there best selling phone yet
  • And why do you think Samsung didn't do it on GS and GS2? Because they coulnd't. 
  • They did but they were labeled different names and variants confusing the consumer. The III was then able to be push as one name one variant and establish better branding for the mfr.
  • The reason they had different variants is because the carriers demanded having their own phones. When the III came out, Samsung had the clout to tell the carrier that they would control how their phone are branded and sold. It was teh same with the iphone. Verizon was originally offered the exclusive but they turned it down because Apple wanted too much control. Now that the iphone is so popular, they dictate the terms. Nokia still has work to do to get to that level.
  • However, Nokia has a point. Being am exclusive carrier means something. Nokia can easily say that the carrier must pay for marketing and can set terms for that and say they gave them the best thing available and are keeping it for other carriers which will result in keeping or gaining more customers. But Nokia may profit more by releasing on all the carriers, but only when the US shows promise for WP growth.
  • come on nokia! you can do it!! cut their freaking balls off.
  • Lol!
  • you don't cut, you smash.
  • “And since a man can’t make one,/ He has no right to tell a woman when and where to create one.”
  • LOL
  • Nokia soon to be Topkia!
  • so between Q4 2012 - Q1 2013, 10 millions lumia was sold
  • Ya
  • YES!
  • So with the 928 reportedly coming before the month is out and the 520 and 720 now coming into availability in some markets I wonder how close they can get to 10 million this quarter.
    I know they are aiming for 8 million (another 25% increase) so maybe 10 million is optimistic, but I think it's possible.
  • The US isn't going to be a huge market for Nokia for some time to come.
  • I don't know if it will ever be when carriers want Nokia to make exclusive phones for just their network...
  • I believe we are one of the biggest if not the biggest for WP and since Nokia is a large part in that, I doubt it.
  • Ya
  • Stephen Elop's Nokia is on the right track but the truth is that it takes time and we should be patient.
  • I'm rooting for Nokia. However, we must be realistic. Elop said the turnaround would take 2 years. Time is up. If the next quarter's results aren't better we will see a new CEO and possibly a new strategy.
    Whatever's cool with me as long as they keep making sweet WP's.
  • I know they had a loss this quarter (which is way smaller than what they were suffering before), but weren't they actually profitable last quarter?  So after two years, they have stopped the rate of losses and they are finally on an upward track.  In my book, thats a turnaround.
  • That might explain the $0.14 increase yesterday. Who knows, with the way the stock market goes, it might go down today. Hopefully they start releasing new models quick. The GS4 is right around the corner, which I'm probably getting to replace my Note as a main. I'll be giving MS some royalty money, so don't hate.. :P
  • I honestly had an interest in the HTC One and looked hard at the GS4. You know what, Android is the same old shit! Samsung is the 4 total Galaxies and nothing changed. Uninspiring. The One looked hot but when i saw Android under the hood, it just turned me off. Its that same old old lifeless grid UI with google bloatware and vast amounts of confusing and unnecessary apps and options.
  • Thank you! My thoughts exactly. Android, and iOS as well, are looking more and more dated and dry compared to the ever-vibrant and alive Windows Phone.
  • Once Windows Phone can get back most of the features of Windows Mobile, which Android stole, I'm all in. I loved Windows Mobile, you could do whatever you wanted on it, but the hardware was so weak for it. It was ahead of its time. Android came at the right time, when hardware finally caught up. I also looked hard at the HTC One, but it doesn't have expandable memory. The only reason to have an android for me is to download stuff. I'm a tech geek and need to be able to tweak.
  • How exactly can you possibly describe Android as "dry" when you can basically customize it to be however you choose?
    Love it or hate it, Facebook Home will let you completely transform your UI, and people have done amazing things with UCCW (check out mycolorscreen for some amazing things pulled off on Android) and custom launchers.
    With WP you get live tiles.  No notification center. Locked in MS services. Limited app ecosystem that, while growing, is still missing some key, high profile apps.  Customization isn't nearly as robust as Android, and regardless of what people may say here, modern Android phones are just as stable and responsive as iOS and WP.  Malware/bloatware concerns are 99.99% FUD and don't affect the vast majority of Android users.  The only people I ever see complain about this are WP users.
    I use all three platforms fairly regularly.  I have money invested in Nokia.  I am not saying this because of fanboy bias or because I hate WP, but repeating the same tired arguments reek of desperation and give the impression that you haven't used the platform enough to describe it accurately.
    You don't have to hate Google or Android to like WP/Nokia.  Admiration for the two companies/platforms need not be mutually exclusive.
    Honestly, I would probably like my Lumia more if it had a proper notification center, a few apps I need for work, interoperability with more Google Services, and a WebKit browser.  
    As it stands, however, I can't find a compelling reason to give up Android/iOS and make WP8 my daily driver.  If there were more interoperability and less proprietary/closed features, I would be much more inclined.  This absolute war against Google only hurts the MS brand, and Nokia is getting dragged down with it.  It doesn't need to be this way.
  • I guess its a matter of taste. Wife had Android, coworkers had Android, friends have Android. I don't appreciate the overwroughtness. My taste lies with uniqueness and simplicity. I don't see that in Android. Plus I don't appreciate not being able to delete bloatware.
  • I've used a GS3 for months and no it's not an argument, it's fact that android is boring, confusing, slow, buggy, and just all around a bad OS.
    I'd take my locked down WP8 or iOS operating system any day.
    I took my happy ass to a Nokia Lumia 920 and don't regret it.
  • This is a hardcore fanboy website so your wasting your breathe. Whatever they are saying is not changing the consumers mind anyway. What they sold in one quarter in the us , samsung sold in one hour. Android is amazing and people love it so there is no need to argue when your already on top. I enjoy playing with wp but I refuse to be help back by its systems limitations.
  • Did you reach your fanboy quota of the day?
  • Sigh, I completely agree.  People who haven't extensively used various platforms should not cast judgement.  It's a shame you haven't used the BB10 Z10 so you can have a full mobile phone experience review for us!
    I have shares in NOK and in BBRY (weighted more heavily now in BBRY but that's besides the point).  I used the WP7 untill recently, and I'd say compared to iPhone I had before, I found it refreshing and better if not for App selection.  However, I haven't used an Android before and watching youtube vids of various Android aspects, I'm somewhat worried about my NOK prospects if MS doesn't have some big updates soon.
    Between the three phones that I've intimately used, I found enough compelling reason to dump the iPhone, but not the BB10 for WP8, and am uncertain still about Andriod.
    Thanks above poster for balanced comment!
  • My comment is also a reply to others before you, not just you :) I have used iOS, Android and Windows Phone extensively to form my opinion. It's not based on prejudice or wanting to hate the opponent, but based on experience. I'm very techy so I appreciate being able to customise Android's UI, but I wish it was nicer out of the box and I also see this functionality, combined with the lack of Marketplace approval processes, as quite a big security risk. I see Android and iOS following largely the same path -- major differences, yes, but still the old model of walls of apps and they still compete mostly against the other. Windows has branched out a lot and removed itself from the same-same war, enabling them to innovate and provide something quite different. Should WP innovate faster? Yes. Should it bring many features from the competitors? Sure. But also remember that Microsoft are doing a good thing by not scrambling to all these competitor features lest they start losing vision of their unique differences. I haven't tried the Z10 yet as it's not released here, so I can't (and haven't) commented on it. I only comment on what I know, and my personal preferences based on experience.
  • I agree, but Mattias Duarte has had time now at Google to clean things up UI wise - look how their new apps are cleaner (almost Metro like in places). It seems likely that Key Lime Pie (v5 and the next version due in the summer) will make Android cleaner and more unified. I cannot imagine going back to Android (certainly wouldn't consider an S4 right now) but MS need to start pushing out updates faster to keep ahead. (I know hardly anybody says MS are ahead these days, but in reality design wise and usability wise they are and I guess many people on Wpcentral would agree even if the rest of the internet wouldn't). Pbroy, you need to give Nokia some money as well, buy some Purity Headphones!
    Really think you should wait and get the 928 instead of an S4 though.
  • Yeah, it will. There was an initial 12% drop in Helsinki which ended being closer to 5%. Basic phone sees dropped sharply.
  • I've had my Lumia 920 since launch and the speed of it hasnt decreased at all.  even after installing multiple apps and unstalling them.  What i found on Android with my Razr the phone was as great for 3 month then its speed decreased over time.  Even after wiping everything and starting fresh it never had the speed that it had when i first brough, I did like the launchers that Android had so i could change the themes around when i got board but the device just kept going downhill over the months
  • WOOO HOOOO I'm staying with NOKIA as long as they exists!
  • with you brother
  • what does 5.6 million lumias sold  mean? sold to customers? or shipped to retailers?
  • Well since it says sold and not shipped.. I am assuming sold unless they change the wording.
  • It means that Nokia got paid for 5.6 Million Lumias delivered to retail. If retail sits on them is frankly not any issue for Nokias Q1 results.
    Cant we all just drop this nonsens "sold or shipped" questions. Look, Nokia shipped over 4 million Lumias Q4 2012. Apparently the customes (the retailers) where so pleased with these phones that they ordered 25% more phones Q1 2013! Therefore can we from now on assume that what Nokia ships actually gets sold...? To much to ask???
  • In their report it states, Nokia Shipped 6.1 million units, of that Nokia sold 5.6 million units, this is strictly the Lumia portfolio of course.
  • Looking good, but need to get your catwalk, eos and phablet devices in the hands of consumers asap. Together with the 520 and 720, this would make for a killer portfolio.
    Waiting for Blue would mean nokia's a step behind the competition once more, i fear.
  • Just cut the exclusivity crap Nokia!! Then you'll be fine! Why's that so hard to see??
  • Not necessarily how it works. Exclusivity buys marketing from said partner, which grows mindshare and awareness. In turn that brings interest from other carriers and then said carriers will place an order for a device. The US market is a borderline ridiculous affair but it's one companies have to play a game with
  • Jay, 
    Maybe in the US it's different than here in the UK but I have to say EE did absolutly nothing for Windows Phone. They didn't even market the Nokia phones no posters in the shops. You had to go looking for the phone. So exclusive deals are not that great. Not to mention that many people avoided signing onto EE like the plague and had an adverse effect on penetration into the market. My friend who is in the US wants a Nokia Lumia and doesn't want to leave his current carrier. It doesn't appear that his carrier is getting any Lumias any time soon. Exlusive may work in some circumstances but I don't think it works when you're the underdog. They need to change their game plan.
  • You're right there. On the day of release of the 920, it was no where to be seen in EE and when it finally came out, no exclusive advertising for it and was relegated to the back of stored. Phones4U however have done a much better job from what I've seen. I've passed by their shops and seen posters in the Windows with some kind of Lumia device and they have a dedicated section for Windows Phone.
  • Yes Phones 4 U did a better job but that whole SIM free thing pissed off a lot of people when they released their phones were still tied to EE, Orange and T-Mobile. You still can't buy unlocked at Phones 4 U even though the EE exclusive is over though you can get it on other carriers now. Phones 4 U is now promoting the new BB like crazy. I rarely see anything for Windows Phone.
  • Why would you go exclusive if you're not the underdog? If demand is high then you can launch everywhere. If it's low then you need to wheedle deals to help get some awareness. This is the same strategy Apple forged if you remember, and the same one Samsung used until recently. Sometimes a network lets you down and doesn't follow through, but then they don't get the remuneration stated in the exclusivity contract and you go to someone else next time.
  • Maybe from a business perspective it may seem good but from a consumer perspective it's crap. Consumers want choice not being forced into something. If a person can get an iPhone on their carrier but has to switch to another one to get an Windows Phone which one do you think they're going to get? Also you cannot comapre the market the iPhone was in when it released to the market today. it's not the same and consumers demands have changed. Samsung has a crap load of money to do what they want, Nokia isn't in the same position. They have to think differently and have more appeal to more people. You need uptake of the platform for it to be successful. Have you not noticed the lack of apps still? Say what you want but that is one of the main reasons for not having the apps.
  • If Nokia could barely supply the amount of handsets to meet their demand under these exclusive deals with certain carriers, god knows what a mess they might have been in if they offered to all carriers in their crippled supply chain as of today, hence carrier exclusivities.
  • I was referring to the statement Jay made, nothing to do with supply issues. I don't think they were exclusive due to supply issues anyway. It was a business decision which was based around money.
  • I'll admit that the Phones4U way of offering Sim free locked to EE had me quite upset as well (remember I'm a Brit too). But it was made available later on other networks, and you could buy it completely sim free from online retailers, so it wasn't quite the dire situation in the US
  • That's true but the price was a bit steep at those retailers for an unlocked phone. I ended up buying from Phones 4U and using my Virgin SIM. Virgin uses Orange and T-Mobile. Had no issues. That being said I need to unlock my phone sometime soon as I'll probably change providers in the near future. That and I travel a bit and may need to use an alternative SIM, depending how long I'm in that country.
    I already know about the unlocking place. Since I don't have a EE, Orange or T-Mobile SIM I can't contact them to unlock the phone.
  • Verizon probably told them to come back with a skinnier phone; thinking it wouldn't have a chance against the iPhone or G3. They wouldn't have promoted it and it would have laguished at the back of the store with dismal sales (except to us true believers!). This way Nokia have been forced to produce a thinner version quickly and have a carrier that will back and promote it in their stores. Sure it's annoying when you want a phone and are on another provider, but on the whole it leads to better sales.
  • Pre-market trading seems to be reacting much more negatively to this than I would have expected. I wouldn't say it is the best news that could have come from NOK, but it seems to be indicating a rather positive long-term trend.
    I don't really expect Nokia to grow hugely overnight, but I think they have quite a strong chance to be in a good position by the end of 2013. Focusing on Verizon is definitely a move they need to make in the states--one they should have made from the beginning with the 900. I can definitely see the 928 being a great help to the company (and to WP8) in the US market.
  • Share price drop is due to lower sales in Asha and Nokia Siemens doing poorly, Lumia sales are probably the most positive news here.
  • World is illumianated
  • "Illuminated" are "people that have -enlightened- their inner selves"
  • This is the only site where Nokia's announcement will be looked at in a positive light. Stock is down 11%.
  • You read the first paragraph?
  • Plenty of good commentary out there actually which surprised me. It's not all doom and gloom in the reports. Lumia sales were good and reported as so in most places, it's the rest of the business (oddly) that isn't doing so well.
  • Even the Verge presented the news in a positive light.
  • Does it mean nokia make 1.5m dollars Ioss in mobile phone business, but overall they earned6.5 billions because helped by other business?
  • No, loss 1,5 millions and the 6.5 billions is the gross revenue. CMIIW
  • They only had 400,000 units sold in North America.  Clearly that part of their turnaround strategy needs work.
  • That or they need to put their other/stronger markets as a priority over North America (as should MS with Windows Phone)
  • Given the results, it appears that is what is occurring. 
  • they also estimated that they will sell more than 7.1 milloin Lumias in Q2
  • Thats really better.
  • Awsome go Nokia
  • Biggest issues concerning Windows Phone is very simple. Availablity of the phones and apps. We're now in the second quarter relase of Windows Phone 8 and they're still missing major apps and availablity on certain carriers. This is not acceptable to a lot of people looking for a smartphone. You're either in the game and with the top players or you're going to be dust. I own a Nokia 920 and I'm happy so far but I will say this, unless they fix certain things in their next update it will be my last Nokia and Windows Phone and I've been a Nokia fan for many years.
    It's great to see they're doing better but they have a long way to go.
  • Care to expand? Saying they need updates and fixes, but not stating them is not really doing anything here except maybe suggesting you don't actually have the phone. I'm not trying to accuse you of not having the phone. It would just seem that you should have specifics. Perhaps you can give those.
    And with every device you have sacrifices to make. You have zero options with the iPhone other than what Apple wants you to want. The screens seem to also be the most likely to break when dropped, although that's mostly based off observations than anything scientific. Android often has issues with receiving updates. The main player (Samsung) is clearly looking to launch their own OS which has the potential to make Android/Tizen a complete mess. Personally, I'd be fairly concerned that Samsung releases the next Galaxy S and Note as their last Android devices this spring/summer. What happens next? Do they provide much support for Android while promoting their own? Not only is that expensive, but also hurting your own efforts promoting your own product.
    If you're suggesting that Sprint needs to carry Windows Phones, despite rumors they are coming, Sprint has a quota for iPhones they need to sell. Giving people even more options can potentially bankrupt them. Outside of the one push-to-talk phone commercial I have seen a handful of times, EVERY commercial I have seen for Sprint in the last several months is for the iPhone.
  • First, yes I own the Nokia Lumia 920, black, I bought it SIM free from Phones 4 U. It's my first Windows Phone. The issues I have regarding Windows Phone I was referring to the OS not necessarily Nokia, though I just got mine back after it bricked due to trying to reset the phone. That's like Russian Roulette. You may or may not get lucky.
    Anyway, my issues will seem trival to you and other Windows Phone fanboys but they are things that drive me nuts. So no point going into them. I'm not dumping the phone I'm just not 100% happy. As for iPhone, yes I know the issues concerning that platform, it's the main reason I don't own one. As for Samung I wouldn't buy one I was considering a Nexus 4 at the time of purchasing of the Lumia. The exclusive deal with EE turned me off Lumia but I couldn't get a Nexus so I got the 920 SIM free.
    If Samsung does decide to go its own route with an OS they'll have the same issues Windows does now, unless it's compatiable with Android.
    As for what carrier my friend is on I don't really know. I had asked but he hasn't mentioned it.
  • Verizon will run a blackberry storm/droid style ad campaign for 928 with instagram exclusively. That 400k U.S. Sales will change quickly
  • That's not too shabby, go Nokia!
  • Nice news about the growth in Lumia.  That says good things about WP8.  But terrible news for Nokia.  At this pace they might not survive long enough to be a long term partner with Microsoft :(  Total phone sales down 30% since just the last quarter?!!   Revenue down?!  Total Lumia sales up overall but still down in the US down?!    Again, good news for WP, bad news for Nokia as a company.  Hope they can turn it around because they do make quality products and MS should be praying they survive.
    Reuters News Report:
      HELSINKI, April 18 (Reuters) - A big fall in sales of Nokia's basic phones overshadowed a stronger performance from its Lumia smartphones in the first quarter, and it said it expected operating margins to deteriorate, sending its shares down 11 percent.
    The Finnish mobile phone maker also reported an unexpected fall in sales at its previously upbeat equipment venture Nokia Siemens Networks.
    Nokia, which has fallen behind Samsung and Apple in the smartphone race, said it sold 5.6 million units of Lumia handsets in the first quarter, up from 4.4 million in the previous quarter and in line with expectations.
    But overall net sales fell 20 percent to 5.9 billion euros from a year earlier, while phone volumes tumbled 30 percent on the previous quarter.
    It forecast margins in its devices and services business would be "approximately negative 2 percent" in the second quarter, down from a positive 0.1 percent in the first quarter.
    The company's first-quarter underlying loss, which excludes special items, decreased to 0.02 euros from 0.08 euros a year earlier. Markets had expected a 0.04 loss, according to a Reuters poll.  
  • I don't understand about exclusivity, in US mainly. All the people are in a contract and with locked networks/phones? That sucks...
  • I got 620, and in very happy, that i got a great phone for 200€
  • Hell yes! One of those Lumias sold is mine. Go Nokia!!
  • Next up is Microsoft earnings tonight after the closing bell.  This is more important than Nokia.  Microsoft has to stay strong and grow total sales even if their WP division is struggling.  Cash means you can fight on.   Cash means you can even buy Nokia if their numbers keep eroding like they are.  That might not be a bad idea.  Instant phone manufacturing division to create their "Surface Phone", etc.
  • Give it time and wp8 will rule, remember its not even 6 months old yet. I'm excited to see what the next 6 months will bring from Nokia.
  • I'm excited for WP also.  I think it's a winner and I agree it will succeed with time. 
    Not so sure about Nokia.  Sales down 30% from just the last quarter.  That's 3 - 0 percent!   At this pace they will be out of business before the end of the year.  At very least they are destined to be bought by someone.  WP sales will grow but it won't be enough to offset the bleeding with the rest of the company and their other phone sales.  They are truly in trouble and I'm sorry to see it because they make a great product.  My 920 is easily the best quality phone I have ever owned.
    The only bright spot is that Microsoft has considerable cash and might buy Nokia outright to create a manufacturing division they seem ready to start.  Bad news for Nokia stock holders, but it might work out for Microsoft and the WP platform
  • I'm sure a couple of factors have contributed to Nokia's struggles in the US.
    1) American retail sucks. They're incredibly unreliable and place no effort whatsoever in promoting anything that isn't the latest fad or incredibly popular. Even when there's a mandate from above there's no guarantee that individual stores will do their jobs properly.
    2) Carrier partnerships suck. It's the same problem, they want exclusivity but then do nothing to promote the devices.
    3) American consumers tend to be simpletons. Evidently you can never have more than one or two big players in the US market. If you don't make a huge splash in the marketplace you're dismissed entirely. It devolves into another two-party system.
  • Nokia and Microsoft need to do two things to make their phones sell well.
    1) Get them on every carrier and more than just one or two models
    2) Advertise the shit out of them, I rarely see commercials for WP anymore since the holidays but I see iPhone, Blackberry and Galaxy commercials all the time
    People don't know anything about our beloved platform. On Facebook last night I had an argument about app penetration with someone.
  • If Nokia continues to ignore cheap Android devices they're in trouble. While I like the fact that the Lumia 520, 620, 720 are nice devices, but the bulk of the people don't know what Android is and think it is from Samsung. True! Most people just say "I know how the Samsung works." Show them a WP8 device and they are lost. Nokia needs to come up with some low end Android devices. Then you price the Lumia line above the Android devices, so people get the idea that WP8 is something "above" Android. Then if MS is serious about Windows Phone... well to make a smartphone you need displays... so buy Sharp. Then MS can help restructure Sharp and make sure that all those that make smartphones with WP8, always get the best displays... and Apple not a single one. Samsung will make sure Apple also gets nothing and thus Apple is left with cheapo Chinese displays or has to pay and arm and a leg to buy from LG. Why make prisoners?
    Alternatives? Let Android take over and close MS and Nokia. Like the iron lady used to say... TINA There is no alternative.
  • Nokia stock just tanked man this sucks as a stock holder. They need a major rebound my wife said I should of sold when it was at 3.58
  • Nokia actually beat expectations, but still made a loss. Things are certainly looking better this time around compared to same period of last year. It can only get better....slowly but surely!
  • Yes they lost 2 cents a share instead of the generally anticipated 4 cents.   But at this point it may not matter.  Like a dying patient with 3 severed arteries.  You slowed down the bleeding, but the patient is still going to die, just a little slower.
    The key number is lost revenue and sales.  Its down 30%.  Hard to imagine surviving through the end of the year at that pace.  Don't worry, Nokia won't go away, the brand and the Lumia line have real value.  It's just that they may have to allow themselves to be bought out and absorbed by a stronger company. 
    Microsoft has no better equipment partner in their phone segment than Nokia.  Nokia is like Dell to Microsoft in the PC segment.  So, I suspect Microsoft will do something drastic before letting Nokia get taken over by Samsung, et. al. 
    I am still hoping for some sort of turnaround, but the hand writing is on the wall and the most likely scenario now is that Microsoft will need to get involved somehow.   They may do what they did with Dell and become a minority owner along with a larger "friendly" buyer.  If there is no friendly buyer, maybe Microsoft can pull away the phone division in a sale that breaks up Nokia into parts and make the phone part of the old Nokia their new phone manufacturing division. 
    Either way, it's not to best news.  Having Nokia survive is in Microsofts best interest
  • You're being over dramatic. Firstly, lost revenue and lost sales are not the same thing. Secondly, neither of them are down 30%. The only thing that is down 30% is feature phones sales volume. That is the product on which Nokia has the lowest profit margins. Furthermore, Nokia always sells less devices in Q1. In fact, every OEM sells less in Q1, including Apple and Samsung, around 20% on average.
    Although Nokia could survive for years while making quarterly losses of "only" 150 million, making profits is obviously preferable.
  • You're right.  Just read the report again and it was their phone sales alone that were down 30%. But overall net revenue was down 20%.  Not much better.
    Also, that drop was year of year, not from last quarter, so sorry, you're wrong on that point.  It's fairly comparing them to themselves at the same time of year last year.  Not good.
    As far as everyone's overall net revenue typically being down this quarter?  Google just reported earnings after the bell   "Revenue increased to $13.97 billion from $8.14 billion a year ago"
    So I don't think I'm being dramatic.  Just calling it like I see it.  Wish I was wrong but I'm not.  Nokia is in trouble.
    Good news is Microsoft reported earnings after the bell also.  Sales are up, revenue is up.  CFO is being forced out.   Good report!
  • @a5cent: Couldn't agree more
  • Yes I know that and that's why the carriers or at least VZW and ATT are interested more in wanting to push WP because of the control Apple , Google, Sammy holds over the carrier and as long as Nokia has less control there will never be one phone across all carrier. There's more politics behind it than Nokia not wanting to release across all carriers
  • Agreed.  These carriers hate Apple.  Apple squeezes them (and their customers) for blood.  But they have to dance with the devil right now.  They'd love to see Apple become less powerful for sure.
  • They're not doing well in the US because they release different models for each carrier. Also because people don't know about what Windows Phone has over iOS or Android. Nokia needs to start market heavily in the US, Microsoft's marketing isn't enough.
  • q2 will see mid/low range of lumias reach full potential in world wide market. I expect lumia total sales continue upward to 7 mils. However ms need to speed up their updates, they get distracted a bit with their huge ecosystem. Blackberry is about to push out 10.1, only after 2 months, and wp fans still sitting here to read all rumours of wp8.1. Pls be quicker.
  • Amen
  • I think its an improvement. From 4.4 million so good for them.
  • End of AT&T exclusivity for 920 is May?  Then they can expand the carriers and will be able to sell unlock too!  Cannot wait!
  • Problem isn't their WP sales. That's doing great based on these latest numbers. Hoe much better could they do! Problem is their other phones and line of businesses. They are sinking so fast I can't imagine how they survive. Their stock is going to be in penny-stock range soon. They could get taken over soon if they don't pull out of this nose dive. Last qtr looked like it was the turnaround point but then this qtr happened