Nokia ring tone not being replaced, but reloaded

Last week we covered the announced winner of the Nokia ring tone competition, which saw a 24-second dub step mix in line to be shipped onto 100 million Nokia handsets. The reaction from consumers and the media was mixed just like Marmite (opens in new tab) - you either love it or hate it. Nokia has since published an article on their blog detailing that this will not replace the original ring tone, but simply be bundled with stock tunes.

Of course, should you not be diggin' the winning entry, there are five runners up that are definitely worth checking out. Head on over to the Nokia blog post below for links to the other tracks to download yourself.

Source: Nokia

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Lol, seriously, all runner-ups were better than the one that won XD
  • you're kidding right? that dubstep remix was awesome! still wouldn't ever use it as a ringtone, though. lol.
  • I agree that it wasn't terrible, but it was a terrible ringtone.
  • Nokia needs to grow a backbone, the dubstep remix is awesome. Every change Nokia makes like dumping their OS in favor of WP7 will be protested loudly by their core fans who want them to stay the same.These people do not care about growing Nokia's fanbase to a new audience. If Nokia wants to have any success in America they are going to have to create a new brand image that is youthful and modern. Playing it safe is not the way to go, the old Nokia was rejected here and was on the path to obsolescence. I love the new tune and it was one of the few tunes in the contest that got a perfect 5 star rating.
  • mmm... u know if they did replace it... i would probably go with htc instead...not saying ur taste is bad, just that the style of that "winning" ring tone just isn't for everyone, im glad they are putting multiple choices up for grabs, cater to more audiences
  • exactly WP already has some of the best ringtones there is alot of time and energy went into them and I fully agree with the guy that created them, having gaps in a ringtone is essential.
  • hmmm what you should say is some of the tech media should report things accurately, they never actually said it would replace the original ringtone.Either way it's a PR win for Nokia as everyone was talking about it lol
  • Good lord, the amount of vitriol in the comments over a twenty second sampling of music are discouraging. Get some perspective, people. It's a ringtone. Geez-louise. There are some ugly sounding ringtones on every phone I've owned. You know what? I don't choose them. Simple. In fact, I'm surprised by ringtones in general. Every phone I've ever owned I pick out the most phone sounding ringtone there is and go with it. I'm surprised to see people opt for one OS over another based on ringtone customization or availability. Is it really that important? I don't know, maybe I just don't get it. Actually, I don't get it. On a related, but side note...has the anonymous nature of the internet really just brought out the worst in people or have people always just hidden it. Comments on everything from youtube to random blogs to newspaper sites just seem to be a breeding ground of insulting, poorly spelled and structured insults aimed at whoever. No compassion, no empathy/sympathy, no mercy. Me, me, me, me, me....Apparently it's getting to me today.
  • By the way, I'm addressing those who posted on Nokia's site at the beginning of my rant, not those on this site. I haven't really read any comments about the ringtone on this site.
  • I actually think all they needed to do was change the instrument. That would be a change in itself. I notice the earlier ones were more midi sounding then they got more and more like instrumental music. They could also change it up a bit. The winner wasn't bad but what they are doing is better giving the option but not erasing the old one. They can improve on their own tune a bit with changing the arrangement themselves or other things like instruments tempos. Then they can give us options of those variations but to cut out the original tune...that would be a mistake.
  • Dubstep is becoming extremely popular, just not on mainstream radio yet, unless you live in a city large enough to have a dance/electro station. The scene is very young in the US, and so is the average listener - late teens early twenties generally. The US flavor tends to be bass heavy and sometimes incorporates some hip hop elements. Dancing to dubstep has become a pretty big trend among teens.Youtube is overflowing with how to dance to dubstep vids: like Skrillex are getting well produced videos, if not receiving much play... and the quality of the music keeps getting better.'re going to hear it more and more. Mainstream artists like Britney Spears and even Korn have just started picking up on it.Korn has been collaborating with Skrillex lately, here's the latest: acts like Doctor P, Noisia, Flux Pavilion, and DeadMau5 get plenty of club play and are what kids are playing to show off the systems in their cars nowadays.Nokia is ahead of the curve on this one.
  • Nokia is smart to target teens an twenty-somethings. Dubstep is one way to do it.
  • (and yes, I'm painting dubstep with a pretty broad brush - the real dubheads are picky about what is actually dubstep vs some other genre)