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Nokia shows off the optical image stabilization in the Lumia 920 with this awesome video

Take the optical image stabilization found in the Nokia Lumia 920 and combine it with a sport makes the North Korea situation look stable and you’ll have the following video. Nokia UK teamed up with Ryan Doyle (free running World Champion) and parkour genius Will Sutton to produce an awesome video showing off the stabilization in the Lumia 920. Don’t worry if you’re not sure of the difference between freerunning and parkour (c’mon, is there really one?). Just enjoy the video after the break.

Chest-mounted 920s? Check. Quadcopter using a 920 to film aerial shots? Check. Red Bull partnership? Sure, check. Whether or not you’re a fan of the sports above, it’s hard not to appreciate the optical image stabilization tech inside these smartphones we carry. Video quality is impressive as well.

Ok, now you can go ahead and correct me on the difference between freerunning and parkour.

Source: YouTube, Via: WMPU

  • I didn't really see any footage from the 920's strapped to their chest except for some quick, shaky shots of their feet a second or two long. Did I miss something? Overall a cool video I guess.
  • I was hoping the strapped phones would show something like live Mirror's Edge (the original first person game, not the phone one) or something. The chest phones didn't really work out I guess.
  • I'm guessing to see that footage we have to find the FB page they uploaded to.
  • The entire thing was shot with 920s strapped to a little helicopter
  • I don't know, it seems like a lot of the shots weren't. Like the close up's of the back of their feet? Oh and the shot that had the copter in it. Still a cool video.
  • from the video description: 'Twelve Nokia Lumia 920s, each filming from a different perspective, were used to create the action-packed video. For the aerial shots one of the smartphones was strapped on to a radio controlled Cinestar Octocopter (keep an eye out for it in the video). The rest of the video was filmed using a combination of handheld, chest and head cam mounted phones - each shooting in 1080p HD.'
  • The Problem is, that stapping a cam to the chest is just nonsense. The chest moves so much, no matter how good the image stabilization is, you can't get decent footage out of it. That's why you normally strap action cams to your head. The head stabilizes itself to a certain extend and the OIS could do the rest.
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  • No offense but this Image Stabilization is getting old, and annoying. And this is coming from the biggest Nokia fanboy. Is this the only thing we can show off? Why not actually show off other features?
  • Sounds like you're the one getting jk, oh hilarity! ='D
  • No it's not getting old.. As someone who works at a stable and rides horses, I brag about my phone recording videos without any shaking on a horse(and there's a alot) people are amazed when they see.
  • To say all WP has is the camera is shortsighted, but the OIS is a defining feature of the 920 that makes it stand out from the rest. The world loves gimmicks, and this is a good one.
  • Maybe old but the tech still beats newer phones like the s4
  • And HTC one, and bb10, and iPhone, and Sony and... You can continue naming any phone in the market
  • Is there a camera that doesn't beat any BlackBerry camera. Sometimes I think flip phones from a decade ago can beat current BlackBerry cameras.
  • Of course. BlackBerry is tuuuuuurrrrible.
  • Karbonn A6?
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  • Lol, it is old news to me too, that's why I asked about beverages.
  • HAHA nice.... i was wondering wtf was that a real sneaky ad like those "Wow i earn 1 million euro a second... so can you" as i read on it made sense but yea... It is old news but I still get a smile knowing that that vid was all 920 jumping around or not.... I remember making skate vids with my mates and always there was shake and it looked pants (fair enough we were shi*e but you know what i mean) I would of LOVED this back in the day... of 2000... haha
  • They do show off other features, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't continue to show off the camera prowess. It's one of the main reasons people choose a phone these days and it's the main hardware feature that no other phone can match.
    When it comes down to it, once all Apps are on each platform the main reason for choosing a phone is going to be something like the camera, so it's imperative that Nokia continue to make people aware that this is the most impressive camera phone on the market. Sure it should be the OS, but the majority of customers don't know or care about that.
  • Yeah didn't exactly see the point of them having 920's, virtually none of the footage was actually taken the 920's on their chests.
  • They recorded nearly 30 minutes of runing and showed them uploading to FB. They will likely show up on Facebook as this is probably not end of the promotion partnership with Red Bull
  • 'Twelve Nokia Lumia 920s, each filming from a different perspective, were used to create the action-packed video. For the aerial shots one of the smartphones was strapped on to a radio controlled Cinestar Octocopter (keep an eye out for it in the video). The rest of the video was filmed using a combination of handheld, chest and head cam mounted phones - each shooting in 1080p HD.'
  • Yeah and whatever was taken was too shaky.
  • Cool video bro
  • Aerial footage was from a Lumia 920 as well. Looked fantastic for a phone.
  • That's what i thought too just missed your post and posted below :)
  • Wasn't it all filmed by a lumia 920 too i think that is the point
  • According to Wikipedia "Freerunning developed from parkour and includes combinations of gymnastics or acrobatics moves". i.e. parkour + gymnastics = freerunning... So I guess it involves wearing more leotards and leg-warmers
  • They forget to mention it will also be the only means of free information in future... #MirrorsEdge
  • I think you're supposed to go to the Facebook page to see the video...
  • All shot on the Nokia Lumia 920...
  • Awesome
  • 12 Nokia Lumia 920s, each filming from a different perspective, were used to create the video.
  • Freakin Awesome! :-)
  • Didn't see much from the chest mounted videos. Would have like to see that more than the chopper view. I have a couple of 920 videos I have of me and my friend doing some mountain biking. Lot of roots. I think my video is better than this video.
  • Really entertaining
  • Where is the chest video???
  • Parkour: go from point A to point B in a fast and efficient manner.
    Freeruning: do the same as parkour but sacrifice efficiency for style by adding some flips and sh*t that serve no other purpose than to look "cool" (see the beginning and ending of the video for perfect examples of that).
  • Those guys are like? ninjas! Good edits, however lackluster in the pov angles.. Perhaps not as stable doing a backside 720 Rodeo lol.. Would make me lose my cookies
  • The image stabilization is just a really great way to market. I would say most don't know about it. I do. I don't jump around on buildings but I have a tremor and the video of my 2 year olds birthday came out really good, like somebody knew what they were doing.
  • I'm interested in the chest video too, but the whole video was shot with 920's.
  • All i know is if that video was taken with 920's, that video looks better than most (b) movies video quality!!!!!
  • I'm just impressed by how good the actual video quality is. You could seriously shoot a decent lil' short film on the 920.
    Question for someone in charge: Why do I have to do a word verification on every comment?
  • Once again, until Nokia or T-Mobile confirms one for my network....
  • In other news, I want to try this.
  • So were they actually able to load the 27min video from their phones direct to FB as per the end of the vid?
  • They must have killed their data plan with just that one video!
  • Or have unlimited data from EE, 3G or Three, UK or Giffgaff unlimited goodybag.
  • Or were in a WiFi hotspot? Starbucks on a roof?? ;-)
  • The video was simply awesome. I'll have to try that this weekend.
    If I want to die.
  • Cool ad
  • To be. Fair it was not much video from the running guys cameras, as it of course is very shaky. Not even OIS on the Nokias can remove that kind of shaking... :-)
    But nice video anyway!
  • Link to video..
  • Americans whine over everything. Do you people ever get satisfied? The whole video was shot with the Nokia Lumia 920 stressing the OIS feature...GET IT!!
    Lots of people love the Windows Phone outside the U.S and Nokia is gradually regaining its feet globally. Thank you for not complaining again!
  • Call me pedantic, but - should it be "The Lumia 920" or just "Lumia 920" in the title considering this awesome feature isn't in just one unique Lumia 920, not even in that video? ;)
  • Cool video but what about the footage from the chest cams? All that flexability makes me yearn to be young again...
  • #screenShotsWp8 use this hash tag on twitter along with your screen shot. Microsoft won't show off the features of this great device then I think we should.
  • Where is the footage recorded with the Lumias they have on the chest. Cool video but it makes no sense having the phone on the chest and record with another camera
  • Video was cool impressive that its all phone footage and a huge bonus for using awolnation as the music
  • Best advt
  • If you look at the video you will definitely see a few chest shot videos, especially from 01:00 till 01:21. Although shot with the 920's there is definitely some video editing going on to make the colors better, stabilize the video and so on. But still impressive that this has been done with a phone. What I do find very strange is that around 0:50 you see footage that seems to be shot from the neck, but the person has the 920 around his upper abdomen and not around his neck! It is not the first time Nokia marketing has tried to fool us by using a professional camera, so I understand the mistrust by a lot of viewers.