Nokia teases HERE Maps imminent announcement with automakers

It’s easy to forget that Nokia does more than just make smartphones. They actually have business units that do other things, like their excellent HERE location platform that powers the maps on your Windows Phone device. It also looks like your next car may have HERE services on board.

Over at the Nokia Conversations blog they’ve released a small post, just a teaser of news coming tomorrow. What’s in store? It could be anything really. Maybe more automakers signing up to use HERE maps as their data source for navigation. Maybe it's something else. 

HERE Tease

GigaOM recently sat down Nokia’s VP of Location and Commerce, Michael Halbherr. In the piece they detail scenarios where data from Nokia’s services could help a vehicle determine the most efficient route based on gas consumption, traffic, distance, and other variables.

Back in September of last year, Nokia did sign deals with automakers like BMW, Mercedes, Garmin, Hyundai, Pioneer, and Volkswagen Group to power location services.

It looks like we’ll find out tomorrow.

Source: Nokia Conversations

Sam Sabri