NuAns NEO is now on Kickstarter to let you fully customize your Windows phone

While Microsoft's own line-up of Lumia smartphones haven't quite garnered levels of interest the company would like to see in the mobile section of its Windows vision, there are its partners who are looking to make the next big thing for Windows 10 Mobile. Cue the NuAns Neo. This interesting device from a partnered company will allow you to customize the look of the phone with interchangeable covers. Already available in Japan, we're pleased to relay news that it's now available on Kickstarter for worldwide release.

With 64 interchangeable covers available for two-toned customization, you really can make the NuAns Neo a handset that reflects your own personality and style. The device itself will take full advantage of Microsoft's latest workings with Windows 10 too. You'll be able to enjoy Windows Continuum support, NFC, and more. As for other specifications, we're looking at a 5-inch 1280x720 display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of expandable storage, and a 3350mAh battery.

The Kickstarter campaign has a number of tiers available. For $30 you'll be able to pick up a TWOTONE combination or a FLIP case. For $250, you're heading into the early bird deal territory where you not only grab a case of your choosing, but also the handset itself. $650 gets you two phones and 2 sets of cases, ideal for a couple or family looking to back the project. Shipping commences worldwide in November.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Great !
  • Looks cheap. Look at the seams, they suck.
  • Seams is indeed not perfect but cheap?
  • Yes, they "look" cheap! I did not say they are inexpensive. BIG difference. Although in fairness, they are inexpensive to me. But then again, I have a better/more lucrative job than 95% of everyone on this site and those who own, operate, and administrate it. Posted from PornHub.
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  • backed @ $280 ($270 tier+$10 shipping) :) if a purple case came out for my mom or a blue case for my dad it would be perfect, but im sure they will love these colored/textured cases too!
  • There should be a way to customize specs too. For e.g. I want one plus 3 like specs but with 6" screen and win10. I am on 640XL, although I long for better specs, cannot compromise on screen size. I will rather take 6.2" than going 5.5". 5" non-HD is not fwd looking. I hope the kick starter comes out with a $400 option too for higher specs, that will be great.
  • Neo is already available in Japan for this spec. It's mid end. It's fashionable. Many people are asking for this. I hope now people support it's release.
  • Ask for the impossible and you shall never receive...
  • I actually like it that that didn't go for the high end. With that confusing that battery should last quite a bit. And considering how well 10 runs on 640 (and even on 512Mb 635!) I'm confident Neo will cater to the needs of 95%+ of the users
  • Great I hope people are interested, personally I like the phone but I bought a 950 XL thinking that the nuance was just for Japan.
  • So for $250 I can 1 phone and 2 case or $650 for 2 phones and 4 case?
    I'm failing to see how the maths is working on this.
  • Yea that caught my eye as well
  • $250 was a limited offer open to the first 5 people, it is now up to $270 for the next 1000 people and then it'll go up to $325 for the next 1000. $325 for 2 is 650. Regular price is $399, which seams kind of high for me. So right now, it's better to get the $270 deal while it lasts. Who wants to bet that the first 5 went to Dan Rubino, lol.
  • Dan already has one.
  • Sadly this will probably not get funded then Nuans' decision to not bring this to the US will be validated. I will also guarentee you that the media will pick up on this story and blow out of proportion.
  • Honestly, I don't think it should as it's unattractive and as one commented, under spec'd. I won't be making a contribution, but good luck to those who do.
  • Can I get one sent to the UK his this?
  • They said shipping commences worldwide, so I think it's a yes.
  • Yes!
  • I own a Lumia 950, but will most probably back this. They seem ultra passionate by Windows and we need a good - positive - story like this for the platform. :)
  • (sigh) Once again, no Verizon support...
  • My thoughts exactly
  • Ask not what companies support Verizon - ask what companies does Verizon support.   *Free Hint: Apple, Samsung, Motorola
  • They are an international company. GSM is global. CDMA is proprietary to Verizon. If you were them, would you spend the time or money to make your device compatible?
  • Butt. Ugly.
  • Depends on the colour scheme you go for. Looks rather nice in white/grey.
  • Idgi. Why would someone donate $650 for two phones when you can do $250 twice and get the same thing lol.......
  • $250 was a limited offer open to the first 5 people, it is now up to $270 for the next 1000 people and then it'll go up to $325 for the next 1000. $325 for 2 is 650. Regular price is $399, which seams kind of high for me. So right now, it's better to get the $270 deal while it lasts.
  • To not steal a slot away from another potential backer...
  • Yes! Great to see an OEM introduce a powerful midrange device for WM10. If I hadn't already gotten a 950XL I probably would have picked this up. But I love my Lumia!
  • That phone looks obnoxiously thick.
  • Phones should be, for better battery life
  • It's due to battery and the fashion case.
  • Here's what I wonder about how thick it is: For almost any other phone, I'd want to add a case, which would make the phone effectively thicker. This seems to meet that need, so probably should be compared to phone + case combos. Right?
  • Well the material used seems needs to be thicker not to sacrifice the durability, especoally that they didnt use fake materials as far as I know. Hopefully on their next product, they could manufacture something that allows the phone to be thinner yet still having similar customization as this one. I bet maybe this phone is still not much thicker than smartphone that early iPhones.
  • Kickstarter phones will get W10M back on track? Lol.
  • Yeah lets get all negative about a company trying a different method of releasing their product to a global market. Why? Cause internets and also being a ****** is easy.
    Although if it means more phone manufacturers being able to take greater risk with their products then I guess even trolls like yourself can see the positive right?
  • Before Nadella destroyed Windows phones with his Mastermind plan it was looking quite good. 10M / Q sales and double digit market share in many markets. Now we should celebrate crowd funding / scam phones that will likely move a few thousand phones at best. Great.
  • Double digit market share in a few small and very price conscious markets and they were only able to do this by selling devices for dirt cheap. That is not a sustainable or compelling market. The kicker is, those people who did buy the 520 and like, they didn't upgrade to new Windows phones when the time came. Obviously they were not enamoured with the platform as they quickly left for greener pastures. Until Microsoft truly reboots the platform, they will have no success in mobile. Windows 10 Mobile is just more of the same and will flop just the same. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why do you say Windows 10 mobile need a reboot??? In my opinion, Windows 10 mobile is what Microsoft envisioned at the time of Windows Phone 7 and only now seems to be on the right track. Am I missing something??
  • Because it is basically unchanged from Windows Phone 7 which people have outright rejected for 6 years now. What is the big difference that will make Windows Mobile compelling that Windows Phone 7 or 8 did not have?
  • Windows phone 7 was crippled, yet was ok. Windows phone 8 is half crippled at the time of launch, yet was ok. They were not completely flying off the shelves but held the fort. With minimal share, at best. Now windows 10 mobile does not have the backing like the other two had(Nokia had them fully covered). But one main difference is that Microsoft chose the market that already had it's roots. Business market. The main problem Windows phones(or mobiles) had was the app gap(with fewer people using Windows because of less apps and less apps because of fewer people using). Microsoft knows that with the commercial market, it cannot break this chicken egg problem. Instead, putting the phone in the hands of enterprises, which is easier for Microsoft than fighting in the market that rejected it for 5 years, is the way to gain many "potential" users. These users will have better app buying capability than most Android users and Microsoft can add more users. Now for the other end of the equation, Microsoft did made the development for "all" of it's ecosystem easier. Those apps which are not entirely mobile dependent can port or create fresh for Windows 10 ecosystem as a whole which might benefit mobile as well. I am not saying Windows 10 mobile will have 10% or 20% within an year or two. It has lots of dependent factors. Windows phone 7 or Windows phone 8 are drastically different from the other OS' of Microsoft. Whereas Windows 10 mobile has lot more resemblance with the other OS'. Usability, Stability and feature rich are the things Microsoft should mostly concentrate on. They are working on it. For consumers, they need apps and developers. For that Microsoft is working on getting them through tools, bridges,etc.
  • Does Windows phone really have roots in business? I travel quite a bit and never see anyone with Windows phone, let alone business people. They always have iPhones or maybe a Galaxy.
    Microsoft thinks they will be able to convince businesses to adopt Windows phones and Continuum, but that just doesn't make sense. Why carry around extra hardware or a dummy laptop shell to run Windows RT when an iPhone and Ultrabook does the same job better. This pie in the sky idea will be niche at best. Really, only fanboys will deal with that hassle. Microsoft will kill Windows Mobile in 2017. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Does Windows phone have roots in business? No. Definitely no. However, does HP and Microsoft has roots? Yes. Could they push the phone to consumer space? No. Could they push the phone to enterprise? May be. Will they be successful? Might be. Besides, pushing the phones to enterprise is anyway profitable. HP will know how many units they need to make and will make exactly required. No loss for HP. So the idea is not sky high. Just calculated, less risk one. If it clicks, Microsoft and HP benefits the most(out growing the app gap problem). If not, no financial loss anyway. So why not?
  • HP is in it for whatever deal they made with Microsoft to get a discount on Windows for their PCs. They will forget whatever phone they release within months, especially after it flops. If it was easy for them to make money on this device, then the Dells, Lenovos and Acers of the world would also be making Windows phones. Acer actually did release a new Windows phone a couple months ago and it is already dead. There is no reason HP's will be any different. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have just spent my money on a surface so I'll stick with my L640 for a while longer.
    However, when I'm ready to upgrade, this would be in my list. It ticks all boxes:
    * Full W10M feature (continuum supported)
    * Standout OS and standout case And most of all guys, if you know what does it means:
    * This is the quality they sell to Japanese market!!
  • Too bad, the phone spec is under par.
  • Why? It's not the best, but for 400$ these are solid specs for a midrange. Not everyone can afford a flagship price phone
  • Right now Microsoft Lumia has low ends(550,650),highend(950series),no mid range (650 is NOT a midrange)
  • Just as another comment stated, the $250 backings are all taken. Backings are now up to $270 and at the moment have 930ish left.
  • Looks like a nice phone :) I hope the project gets funded. A little help of Microsoft (promotion, advertising, some money, etc.) would be great, since this helps Windows 10 mobile in the long term.
  • Now in the Forums:
  • Also stated on their kickstarter... you can 3D print your own cases for this phone therefore even if you think the phone cases that come with it are "ugly" you can customize it any way you wish. Even turn your phone into a spiked demon or My Little Phoney...
    Have a look at this comparison video of this phone.
  • That's cool to see, but I think a better comparison would be 640, only for the screen resolution and size. The Neo has way better hardware than 635. Also you (if that is you) should compare other stuff like loading different websites, some 3D games, photos' picture quality, flash, etc.
  • I think it is a pretty cool phone! It is quite better than 640 and 650, better battery, better processor, more RAM, more customizable, case 3d printing is awesome! I hope they get funded.
  • Also better cameras, and more storage. I think 16GB is the minimum to avoid battling with windows over updates. Lumia 640 with 8GB is barely enough, everytime there is an update I have to shuffle everything to get storage available... And 4GB? Unacceptable D:
  • I would edit my posts to add info but WC app won't let me... I also wanted to say my Nokia 808 already had 16 GB so cellphones today having less seems a purposefully bad move. Even my Nokia N8 has 16GB and that phone is from 2010 I think. So phones today with less than 16GB... Come on! Anyway, go NuAns Neo!
  • The 250$ offer is over. Apparently there are only 5 slots for that. However, the 275$ is still available and is the fastest moving as it is the second cheapest. Original price of the product is 400$. With 275$ you get the handset plus 1 two-tone case of Flip case.
  • If I didn't already spring for an unlocked Lumia 950, I'd be all over this. Sadly, I've gotten spoiled by using the Iris Scanner too much. ):
  • I really like the looks and features of this phone! I've been waiting and hoping for something like this to come out and get me thinking about using windows phone again. I've gone ahead and funded the project in some part reason that im helping support new companies like NuAns wanting to get in and somehow help jump start Windows Phone as a viable alternative in the mobile phone market.
  • You do NOT need at all this crap NusAns NEO to fully customize your smartphone!! You can do that very easily with the Mozo back covers on the Microsoft 950 and 950 XL and other Microsoft phones that are 1000% better than this crap NusAns NEO!!
  • Two days deep and they have barely sold 300 at a discounted price in a market with no competition in the midrange. This is why OEMs aren't going to be support Windows Mobile and Microsoft will eventually kill it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Now 6 days and backers have slown. They are adding less than 20 per day now. It is going to be tough for them to hit their numbers at this rate. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android