Good news for you Facebook users out there not yet content with the official app, today you should be receiving an update to version 2.3 which from the looks of it is quite significant. From the Facebook page:

"Test out your groups. Visit your pages. Look at who likes your posts. Change the banner image. Check out the improved news feed performance. Use the new filters. Explore the improved navigation."

  • News feed performance improvements
  • New panorama design
  • New profile design.
  • Banner Images
  • Improved navigation
  • Pages
  • Groups
  • View “likes”
  • Feed filters
  • Posting privacy
  • Bug fixing

We're not big Facebook users but even we recognize that a lot of those are things many of you have been asking to be added. And new panorama design? Yes, please!

We just did the Marketplace check and saw v2.2 was still listed, so you may want to go in and check on a regular basis. Remember, you can watch our video tutorial on how to "force the update" when it does become available instead of waiting for the notification.

Pick up the official Facebook app here in the Marketplace.

Source: Facebook; Thanks, Cyruss89, for the tip