Manage your life insurance policies with the official LIC Mobile app

While I was traveling to Barcelona over the last weekend, I missed that the official LIC Mobile app hit the Windows Phone Store to the delight of Windows Phone users in India.

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC – is an Indian state-owned insurance and investment group, and the largest insurance company in India with an estimated asset value of US$250 billion.

The app is targeted for both customers as well as company’s marketing personnel. The app provides options for viewing LIC insurance plans, premium calculation, checking policy details, and applying for a new policy. The app also serves notifications for due premium, matured and lapsed policies, and due survival benefits.

You can also pay premium for your existing policies from within the app.

For LIC agents, the app provides a customer directory and their premium calendar with notifications for due premium, lapsed policies, customer birthdays, and official circulars.

There’s also a branch locator feature, which gives you locations of LIC branches in a particular region with complete address and contact details.

The only thing the app misses is the ability to check previous payments and to add your policies to the account. You can do both from the main website, so it’s a little odd to have the functionality missing in the otherwise well-rounded app.

If you are a LIC customer, there’s no reason you shouldn’t install this very well designed and utility app. You can download it for free for Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store.

Abhishek Baxi
  • Thanks devs
  • Good to see official apps coming up..
  • Policy print would have been helpful for the tax documents. Would be nice if they add it before 31st March.
  • Cool...
  • Now ICICI and Axis to come
  • ICICI bank sucks. They have being saying since several months that the app is in development but nothing has come out so far. I have given up hopes and don't bother anymore.
  • Yes bro they truly suck. Thats y I prefer Hdfc and SBI or sometimes Punjabsindh bank over them
  • Waiting badly for Axis. Hope they are working on this...
  • You might also want to write an article on BSNL, here is the app store link:
  • I just got a new policy... And nw app too... Thanks...
  • Abhishek you finally got a 1520 ? :)
  • No credit?
  • Downloaded and used the app. Should say its nicely done. Log in seamlessly for me but in the app reviews there are lots of complaints that they are not able to log in... Showed my policy details as soon as i signed in and dint need to enter it manually..
    But still there are rooms for improvement..