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Get CODnapped and watch the official trailer for Call of Duty Ghosts Onslaught

To be CODnapped means to be plucked out of mundane everyday life and obligations into the exciting, challenging world of Call of Duty. A video that has just been published by Xbox on YouTube explains the whole thing. It’s pretty awesome. It’s part of the trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught. Head past the break to watch the video.

Onslaught is the first downloadable content pack available for "Call of Duty: Ghosts.” It arrives first on Xbox Live on January 28th with other platforms to follow. It includes four new multiplayer maps, an all-new dual purpose Assault Rifle & Sniper Rifle called the Maverick, and the next installment of Extinction.

The new maps are called Fog, Bayview, Containment, and Ignition. The next installment of Extinction features two all-new species of aliens and an exclusive weapon. After watching this trailer, we wouldn’t mind being CODnapped. How about you? Did you like the trailer? Let us know in the comments!

Via Xbox Wire

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • What were you saying about MetroTube not being able to play certain videos?
  • The previous article was referring to music videos, specifically VEVO music videos.
  • Well, I have played Ghosts since 3 weeks after I bought it on launch day. Its by far the worst COD ever. I'll be curious if the DLC maps are better than what they currently have. Hopefully they fix the gameplay too. Until then, I'm not wasting a dime on that game.
  • Yup I heard it's shit too
  • It is. Battlefield isn't any better either.
  • Just my two cents, but ghost multiplayer is to much like modern warfare 3, which IMO was a big step back from the black ops series
  • MW3 was a big step back from the MW series, and that's after MW2 was arguably a step back from its predecessor as well. Infinity Ward has become an utter joke, which is why I will not buy from them.
  • This is why I like battlefield :)
  • The downloading procedure of COD ghosts is little complicated
  • kkkkkkkkkkkk
  • Second or Third best game commercial ive ever seen. Guess it's time to retire Black Ops 2 and get CODnapped.
  • Student driver scene ftw!
  • All cod series went shit after MW3
  • LOL, what kind of joke is this? MW3 was the epitome of a garbage shooter, as it is in the bottom-3 of the franchise. MW2 is a couple of step above it, but almost everything wrong with MW3 (except for the maps) was something that was wrong in MW2. Granted, BO2 is imperfect, as was its predecessor, but those two are the saving grace of Activision right now. Infinity Ward hasn't had a good game since Black Ops exposed Modern Warfare 2 as garbage.
  • I've been playing COD since MW2, and I was very disappointed with ghosts on my X1. Got bf4, and love it!
  • That video makes me want to play Ghosts...My time gets taken up exactly like most of the guys in that video...If only there was more hours in the day for gaming!
  • I Don't mind COD Ghosts. It's not the best but definitely not as terrible as everybody says. I like the Multiplayer haven't touched the campaign but really when it comes down to it who does? I think this game has its flaws and everyone is right they need to work on them but im not about to go play battlefield because that game really does suck.
  • Did they do anyting to fix the fact that Infinity Ward is incapable of making a fundamentally-sound shooter?
  • Honestly, I lost the interest in CoD when they left the WW2 scenarios.
  • ^ This.
  • I would like to see a return to a WW2 based COD at some point during this new gen of consoles. As for Ghosts, it is not the worst COD ever, but it is still a good game imo.
  • Yeah but when it comes to these twitch shooters no on plays the campaign anymore. I haven't known anyone who's played a CoD campaign since... well the last WWII one. Miss those, when it was more about experiencing battles in historical settings.
  • "Yeah but when it comes to these twitch shooters no on plays the campaign anymore."   I still do, but I'm actually the polar opposite as in I play the campaign and forget the multiplayer.   In terms of the campaign, CoD 4 is great, CoD: MW 2 fell flat near the end (plot twist doesn't make sense) and CoD: MW3 salvaged itself and turned out to be good, though not great like CoD 4. The one thing I do miss from the latter in the later games is the feature to use ammo from fallen enemies' guns (as in use G36C, M16 or FAMAS ammo on your M4A1+Grenade Launcher. For crying out loud, they're using the same 5.56mm NATO rounds). Minor niggle if you ask me, but I'd rather stick to a powerful weapon than swap it with an inferior one.   As for CoD Ghosts, I did enjoy playing it's campaign and managed to finish it, though I wished that the PC version was optimised properly. Hopefully once I get a new rig, I'll play it again to see if it performs better.
  • Yup not a good game but all the cods sell like tones of copies!!!
  • You guys are twisted, COD:MW & MW2 were the pinnacle of the franchise, been downhill since Activision bought IW and fired the dev team, the Treyarch franchise are polished turds. If you love quick scope and commando pro crap, stay with COD, if you want to play a realistic shooter, play Battlefield 4, or if you want to play something unique and badass, wait for Titanfall! It is intense!
  • I don't think that I could find a more-delusional comment. Just to get it out of the way: BF4 is the single most-broken shooter I've seenn in my life. 16 patches during its first month of release? That's pitiful, and the fact that they had to halt ALL DICE-related development (including delaying DLC) is just the cherry-shaped turd on the crap sunade of the BF4 launch. But it's also funny how you talk about how "MW and MW2 were the pinnacle of the franchise." You then talk trsh about quick-scoping and Commando Pro. You DO realize that Commando Pro came from MW2, right? Quick-scoping has been a constant in every CoD, MW and MW2 included. In fact, MW2 (while good at its time, but terrible in hindsight) had some of the WORST aspects of the franchise. Its Perks (particularly Stopping Power and its predecessor's Juggernaut) were probably the worst-balanced of the franchise...EVER. Its auto-targeting was a total joke--I once fired a grnade launcher, it went over a guy's head, and it doubled bck to blow up a car and kill him. Its physics were a joke--I was standing on the roof of a building, someone hit the face of the building, about 5 feet below me, and I died.   MW was a solid all-around game, save for some bad Perks (namely Juggernaut and Stopping Power) and the overpowered M16 (which carried over to MW2 along with Stopping Power). However, MW2 is probably in the bottom-half of the franchise's games. Only CoD 3 and MW3 are unquestionably worse, though WaW and Ghosts (the two I never played) could be worse as well. That said, Black Ops and its sequel are probably 2-3 in the franchise, following the first MW and CoD 2.   But to call MW2 the pinnacle of ANYTHING? That's just misremembering the past or being blind to the obvious, I'm not sure which.
  • Sorry but bf4 is far from realistic it has more bugs then blackops shooters are all full of crap, not saying there bad cause I play both when I get angry at 1 I play the other and I get angry at the other I play tomb raider.
  • This article just seems out of context, I don't come here for gaming news.
  • So don't click. Some of us come here for any news regarding Microsoft platforms.
  • I'm not a gamer, but that trailer was AWESOME!!!   I want to be CODnapped too! LOL
  • I'm pretty sure that add probably cost more than the map pack to produce.
  • Haven't played CoD since MW2. CoD is the Madden of shooters. Same sh*t every year.
  • I hate fake words. Codnapped ? Drivatar ? Levolution ? Seriously, get real video game industry, stop being so childish.
  • Am disappointed with Ghosts & BF4 will be trading both in soon and will just wait for Titanfall to play a decent FPS.
  • Saw the ad on YouTube before the video I intended to watch. Enjoyed it so much I decided to find a link to pass on to a few coworkers. Ironically, YT blocks the official video due to mature content if not logged in with an 18+ account.
  • CoD: Ghosts. Sounds like James Pond with proton packs.
  • Every new COD that comes out quickly becomes the worse one ever according to the internet
  • Great commercial but I'll keep playing Battlefield.
  • That was AWESOME! Whether you're a COD fan or not, we've all been there. Hell, I'm at work right now and I'd pay to be kidnapped and forced to play video games! I'm late to the party, got a 360 last year and have only played Black Ops 2. I am pretty horrible, can't shoot straight or quick scope. Don't know how to do any of the trick jumps and I hardly ever kill anyone w/o immediately getting shot... But you know what... I freaking love it. Love how often the games feel different depending where the fighting is focused on a particular map and how people are far too serious when they get pissed and yell at each other. I'm 37 and I'm glad I grew up w/Contra, Double Dribble and Tecmo Bowl... I'd weigh 300lbs if this shit had come out when I was a kid!!!
  • I have enjoyed Ghosts, even though I didn't think the maps were as good the DLC maps for Black Ops 2.  This addition looks really solid, and should hold me over until Titanfall =)