Official Twitter client receives major update, introduces new interface and more

The Twitter team has released an update for the official Twitter app on Windows Phone, pushing the client up to version 2 (app reports v3). We last looked at the app when it was bumped to version 1.4, implementing notifications. So what's new in the latest release? Well, after reading through the changelog and viewing screenshots of the new interface, you may once again wish to check out the official Twitter solution for Windows Phone.

While Windows Phone has an official client, it has regularly been slated for not being as feature rich or well-designed as competing, third-party apps. We strongly believe this to no longer be the case with a complete redesign of the UI in version 2. The team has managed to keep to the Windows Phone design language, while attempting to reach out to consumers not currently using the platform by implementing an intuitive and familiar layout.

Twitter App

Say hello to the new timeline view

Speaking of a new interface and layout, what's the official changelog for the latest release?

  • Integrated right into your Windows Phone with faster performance, lock screen, and custom Live Tile that show your notifications
  • Direct access to your favorite profiles and lists optimizing Windows Phone "pinning" functionality
  • Streamlined navigation brings you the new Home, Connect, Discover and Me tabs
  • Engage with the best Twitter content available in the Discover tab, as well as Trends, browse categories, find friends, and suggestions about Who To Follow
  • Enjoy your Retweets, favorites, follows, mentions and replies in the Connect tab, or filter your mentions and replies only

As we mentioned already, it's quite the major upgrade - one that consumers are surely going to appreciate. Working backwards up the list of changes, we have the new "Me" tab, which acts as the connected account's profile page. Users can view personal profile information, recent tweets published by the account, as well as access to messages. It's the profile page in a nutshell.

There's the Discovery tab that helps users discover (oddly enough) new content through trends and categories, not to mention the ability to find friends and read up on suggestions as to who they should stalk next. It's all part of a new streamlined interface that brings together the features and functionality of Twitter into a centralised location that's much easier to navigate.

The Twitter team has also taken full advantage of pinning to the home screen in the latest version, providing users the ability to pin profiles and lists to the home screen for more convenient access. If all that wasn't enough, there's a bunch of performance improvements, added lock screen support and more. Like we said, a nice update - there's even 'pull to refresh' the main timeline view.

Overall we're impressed with version 2. It's a great upgrade to a client that felt neglected somewhat and we're sure consumers will enjoy the new experience. Does this new release raise the bar for other clients? At the very least, it's certainly on par with what's available on the Windows Phone Store. Our recommendation? Check it out, have a play around and see if the new Twitter app is right for you.

You can download Twitter from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Twitter

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Finally! It's amazingly great now.
  • It does look nice and is quite snappy. But I still see room for improvement. 1. I'd like to be able to add my lists to the start screen, so I can simply scroll left/right from my timeline and view those tweets.
    2. Display inline images
    3. Support tweet marker, save for later
    Edit: These are features that many of the 3rd-party clients already support.
  • There's always room for improvement with anything. Enjoy the update
  • Awesome update. Now this is my favourite tweet client.
  • Me too! Amazing update, imo.
  • Any word on Instagram for WP at MWC?
  • No words, just pictures.
  • Nothing yet, but we will enquire
  • Please do.. Thanks!!
  • Plz enquire about the status of Viber and Tango for WP8, especially since they're already available on WP7. Majority of my family love Nokia products and want to switch back but the only reason they're still holding back are Viber and Tango (most could careless about Instagram) as it's a big deal to them because we're spread out in different countries. It's a shame they're available on 7 but not on 8 as well.
  • I asked Tango about their app for WP8 and this what they've told me :"Sorry, no ETA for WP8 support." As for Viber, the team has been working on the app to be available for WP8
  • Great to hear! As long as atleast Viber is available (along with Skype) then they'll be glad to hear that.   Much appreciated =) Thank you
  • @Squatting Hen lol
  • Well illustrated!
  • I'll be ecstatic when Instagram makes it. I won't use it, but then we won't have EVERY thread hijacked with it.
  • Don't worry. They'll find another app that's missing to bitch about. We should hold a contest to guess which app that will be once instagram is available.
  • Right! LOL.. But that just further proves the point about how big the app gap is. I don't think the point is that we don't have specifically Instagram, its that there are many apps that the average consumer will expect to be available before buying, or switching, to WP.. We just use Instagram as a prime example. TBH I probably wouldn't use Instagram very much unless it turned out to be a major enhancement to our lenses feature like proshot, or other apps that are already available.. Having Instagram would just help to prove that WP is capable of being the average consumers device of choice, and that if the do purchase a WP device then they aren't "out of the loop"... Whether we like it or not this is crucial to the amount of market share WP is to gain, and it's that very market share that keeps HTC, and Samsung, lazy on WP.. Somewhere this cycle has to stop. As capable, and intuitive, as WP is it has to be the app gap that is keeping WP from moving forward more quickly.. I think the best form of marketing, and awareness, for WP would be to have WP included whenever a company says "download now for iPhone, iPad, or Android" just imagine how it would make WP look to the AC if they would always see WP included in the list of devices that most apps are available for.. I think this would greatly change the perception about WP, and might even make some interested in finding out what WP is all about. If consumers begin to see this third platform included they will begin to say,, "hey, what's this WP? It must be cool like iPhones or Android devices"".. Just my theory.
  • They'll want the Safari browser for WP =p
  • Then Safari WP must have! If MS, and its partners, are smart then they will work their hardest to give the people what they want. I don't care if all the 12 year old girls in the world want a Hello Kitty app,, if its hurting WP by not having it then lord please give me that HK app, and fast... LOL!
  • Really happy about this. Loved the official client but it was slightly lacking in ways that irked me.
  • Dont update to v3 on #lumia610. Typing is too slow.....
    Lots of bugs. No dark mode, lots of space wasted. But the move towards update is appreciated. Hopefully, will get to see another update tomorrow, just like whatsapp, updates everyday, today also ;)
  • Yeah, not having a dark theme really sucks in my opinion.  And there is a ton of wasted negative space at the top of the screen now.  Looks like I'm sticking with Rowi.
  • The stupidly enormous navigation bar at the top means that you see much less content than in the old version at once, but other than that, it's a pretty good update.
  • I agree on that. They could have left the little twitter icon out of the update. 
  • Or even done a fullscreen app so that the top bar with the clock was gone, and then put their own custom clock display in the corner.
    Also, now that I look at it, there's a lot of white space between the tweets as well.  On my Lumia 920, there's a good 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch of white between tweets.
  • What the hell is that bird doing there, apart from taking up about 20px of space on its own?  Thought it did something like read out mentions or something?  Needs a dark theme back also
  • Agreed.  Nice to have an update however.  More signs of Windows Phone gaining some traction hopefully.  It won't replace Mehdoh or Rowi for me though, doesnt seem to be any inline image support :(
  • Are u kidding. It doesn't beat rowi or mehdoh. First off you have a tab too view new followers and retweets. Secondly you can view photos by clicking on the persons profile, and scroll down too see all the photos they have posted
  • ^^^^^^^^^ "It wont replace Mehdoh or Rowi for me though"... ^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • The top bar isn't actually any bigger than in MeTweets or Rowi. It's the space between the tweets that's the problem.
  • It's much bigger than Peregrine, which I'm using at the moment. 
    Edit:  Okay no, I got my Twitter clients confused.  It's actually nearly the same size as Peregrine, but is larger than an app I used in the past that I can't remember which one it is at the moment. :D
  • I think I know which one you're thinking of. It's been discontinued. Can't think of the name either. EDIT: I think you're thinking of Birdsong. All others are about the same.
  • Agreed. That top bar is very distracting, wasteful and the bird icon is unnecessary. Like everything else, though. 
  • That banner is way too large.  Same with everybody's avatars.  Only seeing 3 tweets on the screen because of the wasted space.  Maybe the higher res folks are having a better experience, but my elder 7.5 device is leaving me sad.
  • I'm getting "Attention required" when it's trying to install
  • Something must be wrong with your Wifi or Data connection or your current signal isn't good enough
  • i already had the update earlier. but i wasn't getting notifications and a friend suggest reinstalling the app. i did so, but now im getting an error when i try to reinstall.
    so it's not my wifi, i was already able to get the app earlier
  • I got the same error wait a few minutes and tap it again it should work
  • finally got it. but im still not getting notifications :(
  • You have too edit your profile notifications
  • Bravo, even if the top bar and twitter icon is so small, now, Facebook next.
  • It's nice to see Twitter catching up with their WP app, but I don't think this will be the official client to be better than any 3rd party's.
  • Love it! Clean, fast and just the prefect twitter app without lots of fluff.
  • Yes!!!!! Finally!!!!!!! Positive signs, indeed.
  • Add drafts and header changing to the list of changes, I can't believe they "forgot" to add the photo filters on this one!
    Anyway, gorgeous update, looks so beautiful I can ditch MeTweets and get back to the official one. Kudos for Twitter.
  • Amazing update ! Now, Facebook update please !
  • Its beautiful!!! This will be my go to Twitter app!
  • Wow, nice
  • Its so niceeee! Now the problem... Stick with Rowi or use this! >.<
  • i got that same issue... but recently i had to uninstall my rowi and now..... now live tile or double wide :(... so i guess its back to the new official twitter client... will still keep rowi but not pinned... come MSFT & rowi... fix the live tile bug already!!!!
  • Just the addition of the connect tab is enough for me. Took long enough, sheesh. Felt like we were in the stone age when it came to twitter.
  • Woww is this serious?!! FINALLY!
  • Nice even wide tile support on WP 7.8 :D
  • O_O!!!! no wide tile for me?!?!?! what gives?!?!?!
  • try re-pinnning it. it will work than
  • You can even view conversations that you're not a part of. Nice!
  • Yeah, this was the biggest thing I was missing from the iOS version.  I'm going to give this a few days, but so far I don't really see any point in 3rd party clients at the moment.
  • 3rd party apps are still ahead in some areas:
    1. Viewing picture in-line with tweets
    2. Being able to add "lists" to your start screen so you can just scroll left or right from your timeline to view those tweets
    3. Support for save for later, and Tweet Marker
  • Pull to refresh is done very nicely I must say
  • Fb next?
  • Autocomplete update the names in tweets?
  • Yup
  • I had to uninstall and reinstall in order for notifications to work! I think this has to due with the change from 1.0 to 1.1 api
  • Another thing they need to add is inline image support.  I hate having to click on a link, wait for it to open the browser to load the image, then go back.  3rd party Twitter apps support this...the official one should too!
    Other than that, a very nice update indeed!
  • The twitter bird seems to show your account name if you've got multiple accounts, but little else atm :( Make it show live mentions or at least something!
  • Well, about freaking time Twitter!
    I, however, am kinda not liking very much the so-called improved UI. Don't get me wrong, I love it but I don't think they strictly repected Windows Phone UI guidelines; especially because they opted to use icons instead of text for the top navigation, plus they could had used that gray space for my cover photo instead!
    It feels like I'm browsing the mobile website for Twitter now. I don't know, I have mixed feelings about this update but it is most definitely welcomed :)
  • Yep those icons could have been shrunk moved higher and the full text brought in. Same as the facebook app. It looks clean, but having two highly contrasting colours for the main display and header make it feel cramped.
  • Are you serious? I'm getting tired of text for headers and black and white! Its getting old now! skeuomorphic mixed with metro us awesome! This app and PayPal prove that and I wish more devs would experiment more with the UI
  • +1 :)
  • Never did I mentioned about the boring black/white background (I too agree with that) but text header ARE part of Windows Phone UI guideliness.
    Yep, a mixed Metro/skeumophic would be quite cool!
  • skeumorphic is the complete reversal of the metro design language. Backgrounds in apps generally look terrible. The idea is to have the content compliment the design which is why this would benefit greatly from inline images. There are excellent examples of proper use in Metrotube 4th&Mayor, indeed the WPCentral app amongst many others. ModernUI is about typography and the content, not the frame around it.
  • They're guidelines not rules, and it's a common mistake everyone makes that Metro design has to have big text headers. It doesn't.
    This new twitter redesign is lovely, suits their brand and fits metro.
    And at any rate it seems one of the former lead designers on Windows Phone, Mike Kruzeniski was involved on the design of this app as he now works at Twitter. I think he might know a bit more about designing for windows phone than any of us.
  • When I head to the store it says version 1.5 and last update January 7th
  • I'm getting that also. Gonna try an uninstall and see what version appears. Edit: Uninstalled and pushed the new version from
  • That didn't work for me. I'm still on v1.5. I can't get mine to update.
  • same problem... link takes me to version I alreayd have installed, 1.5.1
  • yeah somrthing must be wrong, I had the new one yesterday afternoon, then like 2 hours later had another twitter update and it took me back to the old app....maybe they found a serious bug in the new vers??
  • What about 7.8?
  • Yup..update available for 7.8 too n it does support double wide tiles :)
  • Are you sure? What's the version number I may be on an older version
  • Mine in store says version 1.5 and last updated january
  • download it if you don't have it installed yet, then go back into the marketplace, there should be and update available once you find the app.
  • Hopefully Facebook also would b updated soon...very slow Facebook app for WP :(
  • I love the new interface but the top bar takes up way too much unnecessary space
  • They needed to do this with their new policies. The official app has to be the best on every platform. Good job by them.
  • What about their new policies? :O
  • Its nice and quik the only issue i have with it is its too white, the Dark theme would look considerably nicer on this new interface, hopefully in the next update it will be re added but overall its a much more plesant experiance to use and no annoying random closes anymore :)
  • I agree with u.. The dark theme is a lot better
  • Just downloaded it, totally amazing, so fast. Notifications don't seem good though, but will give it time
  • my lock screen notifications don't work, and neither does the live tile counter.
  • Niceee Update man! All i need from windows phone now is to be able to have customised Ringtones for different notifications I.E FB/Twitter/Whatsapp.
  • Why just now! I paid for rowi already! Grrr!
  • Not in the South African store yet :(.... I really hope they included push notification for specific people i follow on twitter like the ios version.
  • Now available in SA ;)
  • Double wide tile on 7.8:)
  • I'm not seeing the update yet... 
  • Hmm seeing on the store, but getting an error saying it's not available in my region. (USA)  That can't be right. heh
  • Yeah getting store error trying to push it from as well.  Maybe some Store issues atm...
  • it seems is the 7.8 version as thats what my freind got while my wp8 device also got
  • Finally....freaking happy about this. Thought this update will never come. Thank you Twitter, Facebook should be next.
  • How to change the theme anyone?
  • I like this update, but I feel that the black bar at the top has a lot of wasted space.
  • Well this has surprised the shit out of me. Stunning update
  • Awesome update. But I somehow still don't get any notifications from replies.
  • Still no photo filters. And the UI will take some getting use to, but a nice update. I'll still with Mehdoh for now.
  • They need to do this to Facebook now
  • Im just going to stop at no dark them and pass on this app also I just got tweet it and Mehdoh when they were on sale neither of them have got me to stop using Carbon though im not saying Carbon is the best I just like it the best unfortunately
  • Please Facebook follow Twitter's lead and make your own solid wp8 app. Any chance of any digging on a decent Facebook app by the WPC team? (i would say instagram too but saw Jay already promised to look into that again)
  • Hope Facebook would be next
  • Very nice, its always good to see some progress from whats considered a 'top tier" platform app. I think I will stick with Rowi for now though
  • Man this is HUGE, i have 3 friends on wp platform and they always make jokes about official apps on the store, mind you alot of regular consumers have no idea mehdoh or metweets even exist. Its funny though im on android lol (im on sprint guys, give me a break :P if all goes well, sprint will carry the next HTC flagship or a midranger from Nokia.
    but anywhoo, good for wp gaining some attention from the big fellows.
  • its a good update. inline images and less header space would be my only thoughts. but ios doesnt have inline images also.
    im glad they updated but lets not forget how long it took them to give us this big update compared to ios and android.
  • Really please with this update. Looks alot like the ios twitter app i had before moving to wp.
  • trying to work out if I need this over the built in capabilities of WP and the "People" application...
  • I'm getting the same issue. Notifications are fast though. I'm wondering if it's a multiple account issue?
  • I would like the dark theme back
  • Overall nice update but missing the dark theme!
  • hopefully a Facebook app update is next!
  • Needs Tweet Marker support for me to switch from Rowi.
  • no qUick retweet, fv, share options.... :(
  • Tons of wasted space
  • Looks and feels Nice :)
  • I'm not able to save notification settings :/
  • Me either :( there's a quick little :error" before it jumps out back to the main screen.
  • Has the update been pulled? All im getting is the share option and no amount of exiting the app page is causing the update button to show up
  • well the lock screen notifications and live tile isnt working so i hope they update it
  • You are right. I installed the update, and just checked the store after reading your message. It shows there's an update available, but that is dated Jan 7th, v1.5.1. Not updating to older version, of course. :)
  • Yeah, I wonder the same thing. Saw the updated app earlier in the morning. Now I don't see it.
  • Update back LIVE now.
  • Ok Facebook, your turn!!
  • Guess they forgot about us 7.x users :-/
  • It's available for 7.x. I just got it
  • Looks better, but I still love gleek more
  • ALMOST perfect. but I ain't switching because there is no picture thumbnail in the timeline. small miss but enough to not make me switch (from Peregrine).
  • Awesome stuff, love this update!
  • True. Thats the only feature i miss from Mehdoh. Apart from that the app looks classy
  • Ahhh nice nice...i mite give this new twitter app a try and let Mehdoh sit back for the time being
  • Wow. Fantastic. I love watching WP8 grow in my hands, now we need the tile update so it matches the OS like WhatsApp have done.
  • The UI is so ugly! But nice update! :) UPDATE! It downgraded me back to the old version of twitter.. Smh! I have no idea what happened.
  • All i get is the "share" button. Pulled?
  • can't update the app... i see the update bouton but after clicking on it, it tdoesn't start the download
  • It's Brilliant and looking Fantastic ,, FinaLLy !!
  • Bye bye rowi :)
  • No update now?
  • Am I the only one that is upset that Twitter is moving away from the Metro look?  Looking more like a 3rd party app instead of feeling like it's part of Windows Phone. 
    I'm glad there's some more functionality, but I came to Windows Phone because of the UI/UX. 
  • Yeah..
  • What Metro look? Instead of oversized text it has oversized icons. Same difference.
  • OK I've nailed down the bug. The smallest live tile causes notifications to break. In order for the tile counter to work and lock screen notifications to work, set the live tile size to medium or double wide!
  • yes for me too
  • Wish they tested this stuff...
  • Yep, It's much better than before!
  • weird im seeing version ???
  • What update. The last update was since last month
  • Version 2.0 has been pulled from the Australian store too. Well done Twitter.
  • it's amazing to see WP grow to a rock solid OS. We are the adopters, but I think in the comming years history will replay itself. Apple had a large jumpstart in the computer market, back in the days. Then microsoft came, saw and conquered. Nowadays 9 out of 10 computers are running windows. Same will happen with Windows Phone, for sure. Just wait.
  • I'm having problems with notifications but other than that it's very nice.
  • Notifications are broken in WP, so probably not much the twitter team can do. The only tile notification that actually works is WPC app. Jay is really pro.
  • Still says 1.5.. Did they pull it?
  • Still not getting notifications?? Anyone else having problems? 
  • Brand new Twitter app and no "vine"? Hmmm...
  • The update is live again in the US!
  • Itz much better thet should do the same for the Facebook app...
  • I've been using Twitter on my Windows Phone from last 3 hours. It's simply amazing and has reached a new level. I wrote a review about it here:
  • Mhmmm, not seeing the updated app in the store. In the US.
  • Is this update fo the WP7 version?
  • Cool layout.. I still like Mehdoh as my favorite twitter app
  • Amazing update. Agree that the bar at the top is far too big and need changed in another update. Hope Facebook gets a revamp cos then I'll be sticking with WP.
  • You can go to users profile and view pictures.
  • Twitter for Windows Phone updated: once a year, needed or not.
  • No está disponible en México :(
  • Si lo está. Lo acabo de descargar :)
  • I downloaded version 2.0 and now appears new update to 1.5 strange 1.5 seem like a revert of the new app.
  • yea this happened to me and I clicked "update" and now twitter "reverted" itself to its old-boring look (ver: 1.2.4555.39631).... Just when I was starting to love the "new look" :(
  • Its been beaten to death but I thought id add my own: wow that top bar is way too thick!
  • Win8 is also getting better apps now. I was delighted by TubeTV app
  • Looks good on my Lumia 900. 920 not so much am I missing something?
  • we finally have 3rd parties pulling their thumb out, whatsapp, twitter, wechat really begining to get the ball rolling, now where the hell is Microsoft with the Facebook app?
  • and of course as soon as I want to download this Marketplace pukes all over itself like a cheap crack whore.
  •   I was so sad i couldn't use instagram on my new WP until i saw that the official twitter client got an update! Now finally i can use the filters they have on the iphone/android native 
    Edit: No, no. You havent earnted it yet baby. You must suffer and cry for a longer time
  • Justt a warning/note:  I installed this app on my Lumia 920 and I realized that my rear camera stopped working.  When i pressed the camera button, it would go into the camera mode, but the screen would be completely black.  I was about to reset my phone until I decided to uninstall any new apps I installed (the Twitter app being the only one) and the camera started working again.
    Has anyone else experienced this?
  • Just checked my 920. Camera loaded right up. Didn't have to uninstall any apps I updated recently either.
  • I just realized that I downloaded the old version. Gimme the new one.
  • Just DL and it says version 1.3.4 ????
  • Same here
  • This is how Twitter is supposed to look on Windows Phone:
  • Odd, the store shows the new info and claims its updated but the version number is still 1.5.x app has new log in screen but none of the new features mentioned here. This happening to anyone else?
  • yup, i also have it, kinda annoying, thinking there is a update but than it's just the twitter update of v1.5 (while i have v3.0)
  • New version is back up now.
  • Pretty odd. I uninstalled after the update and now I can't get the updated version.
  • Anyone else having problems with notifications? None are appearing for me.
  • Don't see the update!
  • I can't get the blasted thing to install on my Lumia 810. Keep getting an error c101a029. Tried on cell and wi-fi. Thought it might have been just unable to install on top of the old version, so I uninstalled it. Now I have no Twitter app. :(
  • Apparently I just needed to complain about it first. :/
  • I did the trick from up above. Download the current version, uninstall it, reboot your phone. Download again. I now have the new version.
  • Still sucks, the banner at the top takes too much space like the fb app, leaving too little space for the timeline. Second, no inline images. Sticking with twabbit.
  • 1 question.. How do I delete my tweet?
  • Notifications not working for me either. Lock screen and live tile, nothing.
  • Everybody can stop complaining about the thick header now...
  • Finally someone who gets it. Jesus.
  • I'd be interested to see the same photo with mehdoh included.
  • How come mine updated to 2.0 then updated back....? How do I fix this
  • Mine did that as well.
  • it has the big tile now, at least show your timeline scrolling on it, or it would be a waste of space!
  • my live tile & lock screen counter gets stuck on 1. it will not change after receiving another mention.
  • It's great but obviously, it does not sync with tweet marker.
    Twitter should have a native tweet marker equivalent on all clients.
  • They removed mentions!!!!!! Like they did on IOS. How stupid is that?.
  • Live tile support is not working properly. How do I fix it?
  • Dammit! And I just paid for another Twitter client app too.  Now I like the free one a lot more now.   I want a refund!!! :P
  • It seems twitter pulled the updated version from the marketplace. Maybe to fix the notifications?
  • possibly, I hope they get it back up and running soon. Annoying.
  • Twitter for Windows Phone 8, Looking like it should.
  • Twitter pulled the upgrade. It's back to the old version. What happened???
  • what the hell is going with twitter these days.... not good
  • like many others here, received the update then a day or 2 later another "update" reverting back to v1.5 or whatever. went to the "store" app last evening to see exactly what was available. found the updated v2.0. did a manual update which is still in place. don't know exactly what happened. i do know v2.0 isn't perfect but...well, it's new.
  • Am I the only one who's twitter keeps getting really sluggish after a little while? I have to keep downloading it over again. Probably because I'm on a LG Quantum but maybe not?