Official UK & Ireland Domino's app for Windows 8.1 now available

Domino's is a household favourite when it comes to pizza takeaway and is perfect for when you simply don't know what to have for dinner. You've previously been able to check out the enticing menu on your Windows Phone, but now an official Domino's app has launched for Windows 8.1 hardware.

Just in case you're unable to fetch your phone or would like to enjoy ordering a Domino's on a larger screen, this new Windows app has you covered.

Much like the Windows Phone counterparts, the Windows 8.1 version of Domino's essentially lets you traverse through the international restaurant's order system, preparing your sides and extras, creating your own pizzas and ordering without leaving the sofa. Not only do you have the basic ordering and configuration functionality, but vouchers are also supported, just in case you're a bargain hunter.

Dominos Windows 8

The built-in pizza tracker, similar to what's available on the main website (and mobile apps), enables you to keep tabs on where your order is in the system. If you'd rather pop to your local establishment and collect your order, there's a handy store locator to get you started. The neat part about the apps are that you can even arrange how you'd like to pay for the order, be it credit cards or cash.

The Windows 8.1 app is written in HTML 5 and works wonders on both your computer and/or tablet. The only issue with this app is that it's UK and IE only, but we're sure identical apps will be released in markets that already sport the Windows Phone version. Next up? Xbox One, which would be really sweet. "Xbox. Order Dominos pizza." We're totally looking forward to doing that command.

You can download the official UK Dominos app from the Windows Store (UK and Ireland only). How will you be configuring your pizza?

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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