Omnia II passes FCC with AT&T bands

Well, look at that. The Samsung Omnia II has been spotted going through the FCC, and it's sporting AT&T's flavor of 3G. Whether the carrier actually picks up the Omnia is a whole 'nother matter. But an unlocked Omnia II running on AT&T's network is certainly better than no Omnia II in the U.S. at all.

FCC via Cellphonesignal

Phil Nickinson

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  • BEST_NEWS_EVER!!! seriously, that puts me one step further from the tp2 and one step closer to this.
  • This vs. Touch Pro 2. Tough call. I like the screen on this, but community stuff is so weak compared to the HTC phones. I have an Epix now and I just go to XDA and cry and wish I could play. The other thing is Samsung's update process, which is just total BS. I'd love to see the two side-by-side, but that may not ever happen. Hmmmmm......
  • This would be cool if it came to AT&T, I'm gonna get the tp2 but my sister has been looking for a touch only device that's not an iphone and this would be perfect.