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OneMusic for Windows Phone 8.1 is now available

Last week, I previewed OneMusic from developer Phillipe Maes. The third party, full-featured MP3 app serves as a viable alternative to Xbox Music for those on Windows Phone 8.1. I'm happy to announce that OneMusic is now available to download, with a free 5-day trial, after which users can buy the app for $1.99 if the app meets their needs.

OneMusic is a very clean and minimalist app that can access all of your music, whether it is main memory or on your SD expansion card. Users can create and manage playlists, repeat music and randomize tunes as well, with full album art support.

Since I previewed the app, it has received a few more features to round it off, including alphabetical jumplists and the ability to sort tracks when creating playlists . I'm told by Maes that the next update will focus on adding a Live Tile and tag editing , which should complete the music app for many users.

Perhaps the only limitation of OneMusic for some users is it cannot access Xbox Music DRM protected files, nor work with an Xbox Music Pass, for obvious reasons.Other than that though, OneMusic is a stellar creation, especially for a 1.0 release.

Don't take my word for it though, OneMusic has a free 5-day trial, so that you can decide for yourself. Give the app a spin and let me know what you think in comments! [Note: Upon its initial run, OneMusic will need to scan your library to index your music. This could take some time, depending on your library, though it only needs to do this once.]

QR: OneMusic

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Oh thanksss. If only i can delete that xbox music app!!!!. Oh, it's not free. I'll return to my beloved xbox music.
  • Is a $1.99 that much to ask for if it functions infinitely better than Xbox Music? I mean there's even a 5 day trial to decide if you like. I bet if you spent time and effort developing something you'd want to be rewarded for it.
  • Well technically free apps with lots of downloads generate the most revenue...
  • Source?
  • It's called math
  • I have two free apps in the Windows Phone Store, one has close to 40,000 downloads. I have not made a single cent. You might want to check your math.
  • You might wanna check your advertisers
  • In-app ads are a cancer.
  • Don't mind Wiener. He actually the unpaid Earl of Microsoft and if he thinks what he says make sense, he'll say it.
  • Haha. No
  • Except it's NOT infinitely better than Xbox Music. It mislabeled probably between 5 and 10 artists in my library. It lacks Xbox Music streaming integration (not that I use it). It (annoyingly) sorts artists with "The" at the start of their names into the "T" section. Really, all it seems to do better than Xbox Music is start up. Otherwise, it's basically suffering from the exact same problems, or replacing one with another.
  • This app has the potential to be much better. It just needs some polishing which I am assuming it will get.
  • even XBM has potential to be great...
  • I'm sure that with some feedback to tthe developer these issues would be quickly fixed.
  • YMMV I guess. See my reply to mjrtoo's comment below.
  • If someone could help me do the indexing of music bit then I would make a crazily beautiful and bug free music app for you all
  • tell me what do you need with indexes?
  • Infinitely better? Really? I like music better.
  • Considering it doesn't: 1) take 5 minutes to startup and load my music 2) Replace metadata with that from Xbox Music, and 3) Ignore ID3 tags. Yes, infinitely better is appropriate. The app has its share of issues, but already it's better than the Xbox Music app for me.
  • Upvote to replacing metadata . Sooo annoying after how much time I spent perfecting my library
  • I also find it ironic how there's so many people below giving us lectures on not being free loaders, when I'm willing to bet a good portion of them are liberals. Aka the free loaders of society.
  • Sir William Dick Head is more accurate. 
  • ROTFLMAO!!. Well said saidas. Well said.
  • lol Murica
  • The best comment
  • Oh my, it's a solid app, with one time purchase of $1.99. Get a life.
  • So the first comment comes from a moron. Everything always needs to be free, fuck the time and resources the developer put in.
  • Sorry if we don't bow down for a ho-hum app that doesn't effectively solve the problems many of us have, while having fewer features than what it's replacing.
  • It solves many of the problems I have, naturally there could be improvements but thus far its great for my uses.
  • People like you make baby Jesus cry. If I had to guess, I'd bet you cheap out on everything and still find plenty to bitch about on what you get.
  • Let baby Jesus cry.
  • Before we go on acusing people of being cheap, I'd like to ask if all your songs on your phone were purchased legally?  
  • Every single one.   People are being cheap, let them come at me...
  • I very much doubt you bought all your music
  • Contrary to popular belief, not everyone downloads music illegally. I haven't downloaded music since middle school.
  • Not everyone's like you...
  • I felt it necessary to log on from my hospital bed just so I could tell you what a wanker your are for bitching about paying for this app. You're a wanker. And you would NEVER do your job for free. Why should a dev that busted their ass making a great app? Grow.up, wanker. Did I mention you're a wanker?
  • Didn't hear you. Did you say he was a wanker?
  • Wanker? I'm guessing you're British? You're not one to be giving lectures on free loading seeing as your country thinks socialism is the next sliced bread
  • Grow up mate. Paying for an app isn't that bad. $2 isn't exactly a ton of money.
  • No, I'm an American with an expansive slang vocabulary. And you're a wanker too. You can both be wankers together. How cute. Wanker.
  • >2014 >socialism You are like a century behind in the whole politics thing mate.
  • I guess you don't own a home and pay insurance or a car and don't pay insurance on it either. I also bet you pay all your health care in cash.  Quiet as its kept, all that shit is "social." And if you own policies with any, you just as much a socalist as Mao. 
  • Relax old man, you'll end up banned (rightfully so if you ask me).
  • But you can delete. =P
  • This app can't play XBM files.. Not yet.. Sorry partner.
    This is pretty much useless for us users who want to use our music pass, but want a better playing experience... Great performing app, but no deal..
  • Lets all stop taking this guy so seriously, he's obviously smothered that comment with loads of sarcasm, to mock all the people that will start to complain about it not being free.
  • Yes. So much people act as they are a wise-guy :P. I spent $30 for all of my app. I appreciate their effort of course ;)
  • I come from the time in the 90s where any software pretty much was at least a $40 price. I'm more than eager to pay a couple bucks for a great app.
  • LOL ! go to store and search musixmatch, and share here if you like it.
  • OK, the original comic was about the iPhone, but I think the joke is cross-platform:  
  • Make it free, freeloading rants, coming in: 3...2...
  • 2 fucking dollars for a music app? No thanks!!
  • 2 WHOLE dollars? How did you afford the phone?
  • Buying a phone is so easy but a music app? An app??? R u fkin kiddin me..
  • Then don't buy it, but don't litter the thread with the entitlement perspective that everything should be free.
  • Not free, I just wish my Canadian card would work on US regional settings (which I use for Cortana)
  • If you truly want to buy apps and support devs, change temporarily your region. It will work. I do it whenever I find an app worth buying. Once I bought it, I go back to US region.
  • Log on to your Windows phone store account from a computer and buy it they're and push the purchase to your phone. Works for me
  • Why tf isn't it free!!!
  • Because it didn't develop itself and quality apps don't grow on trees Don't be cheap.
  • 6apps are freemium :)
  • It's human naturally, want the best one in a cheap or even free price. Don't lie at your heart.
  • I never pay for apps :-) I'm A-OK with a free app with advertisements in it.
  • +1
  • +1
  • It should include ads, it would be cool with an option to remove. Rudy makes more money from people that use his apps with ads than people who buy it.
  • Yes, but not everyone is Rudy... And not everyone likes to ruin screen real-estate, UI design and user experience with ads.
  • Exactly but apparently no one here besides you and me understand the economics of this.
  • Hey... I understand it.
  • Too bad you two don't get a say on the matter.
  • Source?
  • Plus the artist names are wrong on my phone. They show completely fine on Xbox music, but in this app, it says unknown...
  • Then contact the developer and report it, it may read Id3 tags differently.
  • This! Finally an app that gives me album art can't recognize the damn artist. I'm a huge music listener, so I'm seriously considering switching to iPhone. Xbox Music is an enormous downgrade from the WP7 Zune app, Microsoft doesn't know how to build a good music app anymore and all alternatives are either broken or lacking. This is really starting to get on my nerves.
  • Zune is the best since ZuneHD player butxbox music really sucks!
  • There are other models for monetization on mobile, a tech blogger should know that.
  • Advertising on a Music Player? Are kidding? HUH?
  • Our folks are developing a music player for Windows Phone too, testing the beta and launching it soon. And yes: IT IS GOING TO BE FREE!  
  • Sign me up for the beta?
  • At this point, Daniel, why even bother with these people? If it ain't free...they complain. If it has ads...they complain.  If it's free with no ads, but isn't as good as they want...they complain.  It would have to be no ads, free and mind blowing amazing and then they might not...nah, they'd still find something to complain about.  They'd probably spam the thread with "Who cares, I'm waiting for (insert app)". 
  • That's the android trance. Everything is free on that platform if you want it that way.
  • Spot on reply.... And as per usual, WP Central descends into moronic comments and name calling. This forum should be called Windows Phone Complainer's Central (AKA, "I can't use my phone properly, so I will blame the OS and continually whine about battery drain rates and that it's not Android" Central) Boooooring!!!!!!!! Yawn.......
  • wow... just answer a comment as to why... doesn't sound like your the editor in chief. You're getting way too personal, it's their opinion men "don't be cheap"???
  • Way too personal? Did I bring up something in his personal life? You folks can have your opinions and challenge each other all the time, so can I ;) Please don't define my job for me, as I only live up to my own standards, no one else's here. It bothers me when devs, especially indie ones who make apps part-time, get asked for free things. People here can have their opinions, I don't delete them, but I will question them.
  • Kind of cause some people have financial crisis like me who don't want to play for apps. ;-)
  • You're a wanker too. Wanker.
  • Really??.. Just support the developer, and WP..
  • Simply put: Devs (that's developers in tech talk for someone uneducated like yourself; sometimes a company, other times just one person) don't make money off downloads. They make money off of you, the user. Free is never free, as the app includes ads to make up revenue for the dev to use in other app-making ventures. Or, for those who don't like ads, a premium pricing is set so ads can be removed. So, forgive me for being upfront and even comical, but things, such as apps, take time and money to make, you naive, uneducated thing-of-a-jig! ;) (smack)....the end :) (applause).....and fail, all of this was covered earlier. ......*wallows off the stage in shame*
  • Well, with free stuff it's usually the case that u are the product. Your data, email, preferences etc are sold to the highest bidder. I'd rather have to buy a quality app for a mere 2 dollars than have my personal data being sold over and over again to all sorts of sketchy companies spamming the hell out of my email for example.  Of course, paying for an app is in no way a guarantee that devs won't sell your data anyways, but i'm thinking it is way less likely since the app is already a 'source of income' for the dev. And c'mon, 2 dollahs. What do you get for 2 dollars nowadays? I can tell you as a European, almost nothing over here, since they don't accept em in stores here. :P
  • It will be free they said
    It will be fun they said
  • Lmfaooooo. The struggle :(
  • I know dat feel bro. What's left is to hope that microsoft improves xbox music I guess.
  • The feels.
  • Nice, uh, taste in music you got there, Daniel.
  • The UI is too "Android-y"!
  • Still better than lagbox, sorry xbox from microsoft.
  • ...but you won't buy it?
  • Not really. Looks simplistic and fine to me...definitely not Metro (or whatever they are calling it these days) but elegant nonetheless. Funny how a version 1 app by an independent developer is still more usable than the 3rd major iteration of a music app by the world's largest software maker for it's own platform. That's actually downright shameful.
  • Remember: first version, with just 1 developer. Doesn't stuff like this make you want to get into MS HQ and start shooting people?
  • I'm actually cool with Xbox music but I'm still going to try this app. Seems like a very simple user friendly interface. Good video Daniel Rubino
  • because some guy put really a lot of efforts in developing this app and now he is looking for somebody to pay his party months... I think that sounds like a fair deal?!
  • why don't try Music Pro.. has more feature than OneMusic
  • I did not know OneMusic and MusicPro. Both very nice! Thank you!
  • Plus, this one has a WORKING live tile that actually changes when a song change.
  • Unpinning that xbox music app tile in 3..2...1
  • Boom!
  • Oh the joy!
  • Listen app!! :)
  • I know with 99% certainty the answer is, "No," but is there ANY way the app can use my Microsoft log-in info to read and play my Music Pass music? Yeah, I know the article says no, and I know the answer is no, but a man can dream, can't he?
  • Snap, would get it if it worked with Xbox music pass!
  • From what I know, yes it's possible. Microsoft opened Xbox Music to developers a couples of months ago, so unless there is something I don't understand, it should be possible.
  • It's a good question, but I don't know the ins and outs of that API. I also haven't heard of any other apps using it in such a way but there's always the chance we missed it.
  • GoMusic is able to read Xbox Music Pass music. Not sure what the developer did differently to enable it.
  • Listen can also playback downloaded Xbox Music Pass files too. I'm not sure why or what the differences are between the apps that prevent OneMusic from doing so.
  • I don't know but I think it's 2 different thing. with GoMusic if you click on the song (with the volume up and down) it will open Xbox Musix. With listen (who don't work really great right now with music pass) and Onemusic ... it's the app (listen or GoMusic)
  • Just bought it, it's pretty quick!
    But, it'd be nice if the option in the settings to choose the "startup page" was there, because it isn't.
    Otherwise, I love it.
  • huh, it should be...developer said there are few bugs, so a quick fix should be out soon
  • XBox Music Pass compatibility is mandatory for me.
  • Same here
  • Same here. I don't understand why they say in the article that it isn't there "for obvious reasons" since Microsoft made it possible for developers to use Xbox Music a couple of months ago. So unless there is something I don't understand, it should be possible to add it.
  • Where is the api for windows phone? Can you provide a link?
  • Someone said that Microsoft opened up XBox Music up for developers. Maybe it will get integrated into this app.  Is the developer listening?  More sales with XBom Music Pass compatibility. :)
  • If this had Xbox Music compatibility I'd definitely bite. I can't use a music player which doesn't play 95% of my library..
  • No album art...sigh..
  • Huh? Yes there is.    
  • Just downloaded the trial. I like the interface, gorgeous really, but I already have a few problems: 1. Missing album art. I'll give credit where credit is due: It finds more album art than Xbox music, but the fact that my music is tagged to hell and it can't find album art is a tad irritating. 2. Split artists. Even xbm surprisingly didn't do this. Again, my music is tagged, so there should be no reason for this. 3. Scrolling. It seems only the left side of the app can be scrolled on. This is actually frustrating as I scroll on my 925 with my right thumb, and I thought my screen gave out. Alas, it appears only Nokia Mix can really interpret the metadata correctly, which is a shame, because I don't particularly enjoy the interface. Can't win any I guess.
  • I have a 925 too and all these problems happened with me too :/
  • If you close the app then restart it ,you even can't find out how to load the Playing pageT_T 
  • Xbox streaming should be open API. That would grow the service.
  • Didn't they open it for developers to use a couple of months ago?
  • I found the link to the info on how to integrate Xbox Music in an app:
  • Like all apps that hammer the SD card this one breaks the access to my SD card untill I reboot the phone.
    WP just seems to forget that I have an SD card installed. pretty annoying; am I the only one with this issue? lumia 1520
  • Not sure what that means, but I'm using a 1520 with a 128 GB card and all my music on it. I haven't had any issues.
  • Most of the comments are about the app not being free, you guys are pathetic. Here's a tip: go buy an android phone and download all the apks you need, it's a pretty good platform nowadays. Great for you and great for us, a little less morons to stand.
  • I'm pathetic for having general knowledge? Fine then, I'm happy with that. Knowledge is good I'll have you know.
  • What?
  • I know that it is unfair to the developer for the app to be free as he put a lot of work towards the app. when I saw that the app was paid I thought "what a bummer". I wished it could be free with ads with the option to remove them. If I could pay for the app, I'd gladly do it, but I don't have any credit cards or any other process of payment that Microsoft accepts. that's the reason I don't buy apps. So, before bashing those who comment that the app should be free, think why they ask so. there are reasons.
  • "I wished it could be free with ads with the option to remove them."
    That's a totally reasonable and valid request, and when asked as such is the kind of constructive criticism devs want to hear. But merely asking for it for free doesn't convey that notion, hence my defensiveness.
  • +1
  • +1
  • Set up a Bing rewards account and you can get store credit. I'm in the same position as you, and that's what I'm doing.
  • play music by folder?
  • I'll buy it at that price when better features come. It's nice though.
  • love it and will probably buy it. loving the clean and fast interface. i was kind of hoping for gapless playback support; maybe that will come in a future update.
  • 1+
  • Me too. This has a very nice, clean, fast UI which I really like but it barely finds any album art and can't play anything you download from XBM, so I fail to see how this can be pushed as an alternative to XBM app.
  • Didn't you just complain about XBox Music up the thread a bit? I believe you called it "lagbox".  The only feature you seem to care about is "free".
  • Lol
  • Artist background
    Add album art
    Shake to skip
    Play music by folder
    Some kind of rating system 4 favs
    Live tile
    Lockscreen integrate
  • I paid for the app. I am totally agree with you.
  • I want free apps
  • Get a job.
  • Get a life.
  • Nice! Giving him a buck niner as no brainer.
  • If only it had Xbox music pass access and ability to manage and sort personal music I would never use Xbox music again and this app would be easily worth $20, in fact I'd pay even more just to piss off the Xbox music team(don't put that on your resume) and the garbage app.
  • Oh come on... No playlists that I've created from MediaMonkey... Available in every other player... indluding crappy xbox music. You seriously must fix this.
  • Can't play DRM protected music. Damn.
  • Yep.. same.. a lot of songs are not playable.. I'm starting to regret having paid the app (except for the satisfaction to have helped a developper)..
  • Why the app doesn't start with my current accent color?
  • Should be free
  • Get a job
  • Get a life
  • come on its only 1,99 you dont die for 2 dollars  
  • I've got to say, this app is really beautiful. One (tiny) complaint: the left/right swipe on the pivot is to sensitive, I keep changing the pane while just trying to scroll up and down.
  • i actually want something that can play all music from all different apps.
  • It a beautiful app but I still like the xbox music...
  • For a moment I thought it was a Microsoft app...
  • Me too when WPcentral first announced this app
  • I really like it. Too bad the headphone jack is broke on my 928, so it makes this, or any other music app useless :-\
  • I've been experiencing problems with my 928 HP jack also. Hmmm...
  • Bluetooth headset?  There are some decent stereo ones out there in the $50 neighborhood.
  • Great and fast app, but i only have Xbox Music subscription. Microsoft should .make this default player. If I had many mp3s I would have bought the app. Worth it.
  • Though I'm working on my own music app, this might help the dev if he can get approved for access:
  • I really like the app. The only problem I have with it is that us not searching my music on the SD card. Thanks to the developer for his effort on the platform.
  • Does this app have the annoying sound skip between songs that Xbox Live Music has? if not, then it a must buy.
  • U should try it
  • It's the OS bug. Probably it won't go.
  • You guys should check out MUSIC+ It's a great app alternative to xbox music and you can download music from the app itself
  • There is another music+ which is also good. It has free version though.
  • Looks promising, but just as useless as xbox music until it supports the playlists already synced to the phone. More than happy to pay for it, but playlist support is the one area of xbox music that really sucks for me, and this is even worse because it doesn't show ANY. Does anyone know why playlist support is so difficult on WP? Everything looks fine through the old music hub (I'm using the Music Hub Tile to get to that), but when I use xbox music, there are playlists that are missing, duplicated, or incomplete.
  • try downloading Zune desktop and make your playlists there, they will show up in your music library and when you sync music thru the wp app you will find a Folder titled Playlists. You can add them to the phone there.
  • Strange thing is, that playlist folder is already filled with playlists, but the only way I can seem to access those is through the old music hub, via the Music Hub Tile app. Not one of them was recognized by OneMusic, and xbox music seems to pull from a completely different place altogether.  I sync my iTunes playlists to WP using the WP app for desktop (because the metro app is a p.o.s.). The desktop app does a good job of finding all of my iTunes playlists and transferring them over. And they are definitely there because I can see them and use the music hub to access them.
  • I feel you.
  • Ah ma god! It's not free! I has no money. I also have no life.
  • It's not showing any album art or artist on mine..guess it doesn't like iTunes
  • My music has album pictures maybe it really doesn't like itunes
  • Xbox music uses drm, which immediately makes it shit. This is why I buy CDs it means that companies can't dick around with what I listen to my music on.
  • Xbox music pass is subscription. It has to be DRM. That's not "shit".
  • are you talking about songs that you actually bought or songs that you downloaded for offline listening?
  • Promoting this app seems unethical. If the author of the app isn't already violating trademarks of Microsoft, he's likely squatting. It stands to reason that after "XBox One" and "OneDrive" Microsoft would use "OneMusic" or something similar. Aside from the simple lack of ethics, you seem to be biting the hand that feeds you, in a way.
  • MS would ask the developer to rename the app if it does so I'm sure there is not going to be that problem, I'm sure MS not gonna risk to lose a good developer for WP
  • Are you saying that it's okay to 1) violate trademarks or squat, 2) promote apps that violate trademarks or squat, or 3) do both because the victims have legal recourse? That would be a very strange, anti-social opinion.
  • No. I think the poster is saying that if MS has an issue, they probably would have asked the developer to change the name. And ultimately, I don't see how tho in infringing in any way. I mean, should Microsoft go and sue the band OneRepublic because they have the word One in its name?
  • Microsoft provides software, hardware, and related services. If a business doing those things already uses One* brands, they can probably sue Microsoft. What would a band, sausage maker, or some business other than one producing software, hardware, and related services have to do with a discussion about Microsoft's trademarks?
  • "Promoting this app seems unethical. If the author of the app isn't already violating trademarks of Microsoft, he's likely squatting."
    That's kind of an odd accusation. Look up a trademark for OneMusic and see if Microsoft owns it. My guess is they don't. Why would they rename Xbox Music to OneMusic when they just re-branded from Zune? You expect them to re-brand every two years after the big Xbox Music push with Windows 8? Regardless, what Microsoft potentially does in the future is the future's potential issue, not today. There are no trademarks's here being violated, but feel free to prove me wrong.
  • I'm sorry to break the news to you, but British Sky Broadcasting filed suit against Microsoft for using "Sky" in SkyDrive and for being a company providing similar products. I guess you need more tipsters. When Microsoft sends an infringement letter to these obvious infringers, I'll let you know.
  • haha +1
  • i am very sure that mr Daniel is well aware of that issue. :-)
  • This is the best music app ever used on wp8.1 it doesn't accident click on the content when swipe to left or right
    Ps. Why I can't use wp smiles here
  • Oh yeah. I'm gonna think about purchasing this app when 5 days is done. Not 100% sure yet
  • Too bad im a kid i would buy
  • Let me be the first to congratulate Microsoft on being out done by a guy in his garage in three weeks. Kudos. I dont know what you are blowing the millions on to get Xbox Music to work correctly, but you could have saved a ton of money and time and just given this gentleman $300,000 and told him "see you in a month".
  • Lol yes
  • In all honesty tried it a bit and didn't like it. Interface looks just a bit too sparse on my 1520. That and how long loading of songs takes initially. Also when will developers realise some of us want a stop button!
  • Last.FM scrobbling support? The only thing that could stop me from buying it.
  • No support for scrobbling trough Scrobble.Me?
  • There is a bug in the app. If we goto settings page and press back key until we exit the app and then we open app, we always get settings page and can't use it anymore.
  • Ok. Was able to use it again by Click on "Search For new music" and then select the song.
  • Thanks for all your hard work Phillip...have been in some of the forum discusssions when we were all moaning about MS screwing up the music hub that finally seemed to be getting straightened out just before the dev prev came out. Have been anxiously awaiting your app ever since I heard you describing it. I hope there is some way that you will be able to show artist background art for the artist "Now Playing" in your live tile. I know MS makes that all but impossible...but I am still hoping! That was so cool to see on the start screen. Thanks again
  • It's great to have choice and fantastic that people are stepping up to fill this gap that MS have so spectacularly failed to fill. I will definitely give this app a go.
    It's just such a shame that Zune, the best music experience I have ever used was turned into the pile of rubbish that is Xbox Music. Even worse is that MS are being so completely stubborn and arrogant about not bringing back the features they destroyed. It's amazing to think that after all the backlash they have had over the last two years from so many people and places that they just don't seem to understand what they have done. It's like they are in complete denial that Zune ever existed. Unbelievable really.
  • For "tag" errors, try to delete your entire collection from the phone then transfer them once more to your phone...
  • 20 minutes and I'm still stuck with "0 tracks added". Anyone else? And I can't shell out for the app since I lost my carrier store billing in the 8.1 upgrade, is it possible to get that back?
  • No card in ur wallet?
  • Nope, gone completely.
  • Fixed the loading problem. Apparently this app only looks for music on local storage in the root Music folder.
  • I have like 5 diferent versions of Stairway to heaven, and it only shows one. What's uo with that?
  • YEAAH! Finally there is a decent music app for us who don't use any subscription services (Xbox Music, Spotify, etc.). No more "buy this song", "find more songs from this artist", "find concerts near you" crap. Just simple, clear, awesome player for my (offline) mp3's. Thank you!
  • We are one of the few..MS does not care about us....never did
  • Is it available for the 520?
  • No Xbox music pass support and won't play XBM files, to be honest the Xbox music app is still a much better looking app and the best thing about it, is that it's FREE, I'll just keep waiting for future updates until it's good as it use to be.
  • Won't detect my existing playlist... I always synced my music thru iTunes and i want my iTunes playlist... Hmmm kinda nice app and i hope i can get my playlist...
  • Its a good app but I don't think its better than xbox music does the same thing
  • Agreed, it's definitely not better than music.
  • Im not here to axpect more functions or features. We just want bugs ang glitches free app since they manage to get xbox Music app work as expected.
  • Why cant Microsoft but the app from the developer for like a million and and it official and free!
  • This app not upto the mark. Search for music more than twice still it missing the albums. Disappointed
  • Not picking up my playlist
  • I like music better, works fine for me, not sure why you need this. What makes it better?
  • I get a nasty black screen resume bug all the time with Xbox Music. Totally infuriating. That and I find the UI a big clunky. YMMV, but that's why I prefer this app at the moment.
  • I'd rather they fix the f#(*& app, as I do find it a big deal
  • now that one is a challenging opinion from you against xbox music... and the winner is onemusic??
  • It's ok. Has potential. It lags a little, missing album art, and freezes some when moving around the app. Ex: Playing a songs - go back to playlist - back to song and freeze!!!
  • To just play my music, I will not pay for it, Xbox Music may not be the best right now but it gets the job done... There are also other optional apps in store to play my music for me. If the app provided extra features that Xbox Music and other apps didn't, I'd def dish out the $2 and support the dev, no problems supporting the devs.
  • Just got an update.
  • that pause button icon is way too thick.
  • Bought. I support dem devs.
    It needs more polish but it works better than Xbox Music.
  • This app looks promising. But am I the only one here that cannot finish the initial library scan? In my 820 it's only been able to add 4 tracks out of 350 tracks and it always stopped like that. Is it because I'm still on the trial version?
  • No, as I added 6 tracks. Maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling.
  • My only problem is that album art that showed up one Xbox music diesn't show up on this app.. Nevertheless the swipe to change songs is EXACTLY what I was looking for, and it xbox music had a delay between each song, this one is much less noticable. Whatever indexing the program is doing is phenomenal. I'm happy and willing to give them a chance to update
  • You can swipe to change songs in music too, just swipe up/down on the album art. This has nothing over Music, it's quite limited actually.
  • Sorry I was unclear, I know XBM has swipe to change songs, it's just there is a delay that I hate. It's long enough to annoy me. I also haven't been using the features of XBM to really be upset over what this app lacks =x
  • This kind of apps should be free, greedy developers....
  • Ok, I'll send you $1.99 for **** nothing. Do you work for free?
  • I keep my ground, the app should be free, and the dev is greedy, that's why WP doesn't grow, apps that are free in other OS's have a price in WP, that's why people stay away from it, it's not about the price, is about greed
  • ... I just went through your comment history. Not impressed. Just joined to criticize Windows Phone, eh? Let's see how long this account lasts...
  • I'm not trying to troll Mr Rubino, there are just some things I don't really agree with
  • But you agree with everything free, that's clear. Just go away, no one really cares about your opinion.
  • It's just an opinion, that won't change anything, chill
  • Get a job to be able to pay for apps. Or buy Nokia dumbphone so you won't need to pay for apps at all (since the apps are absent there at all)
  • its not the windows phone Daniel... it's the app u wrote about :)
  • Oh so you picked up your phone from a tree as well? There are two ways to monetize an app, because NOBODY wants to work for free, why the hell would they? Do you eat free food? Anyway, app purchase or in app ads. That's it. I prefer purchasing an app. And if you ask yourself how can 'official' apps be free, well... Farewell
  • You should also work for free, dumbass.
  • Nice app! A little bug that I found: The "now playing" bar at the bottom, sometimes didn't show correctly, only appear the outside circle of the play/pause function.
  • So is Microsoft going to sue the them for trademark/copyright infringement?
  • Is there any evidence from the USPTO that Microsoft has a trademark on OneMusic? Because I just looked it up and the answer seems to be 'no', so I'm curious where this question is coming from?
  • Spaulagain think he's on Facebook talking to his homies.  lol.
  • ohh please i want FREE this is better than xbox music suck
  • Do you work for free?
  • Pretty nice app. Loads better than the Xbox Music app. I'm one of the few who does strictly local music. So this is a nice alternative
  • It's just music player guys..
    Oh..c'mon.. Just listen your music with Xbox Music app if you would not to pay it.
    That's simple...
  • It seems to do what I need very well. Music starts quickly and it sounds pretty good.  I'll pay the dev for this one. Hope the development continues.  I think it is worthy of it's name. OneMusic.
  • I wouldn't sound any different....why would it.
  • Just got around to testing this out and its great! Super fast, and I even like the design better than the old Music&video hub.
    I'm also excited for tag editing!
    Now all it needs is the ability to add album art right in the app like MPAtool. Which would make this 100% perfect.
  • I'll stick with Xbox Music.
  • I would love to see an app that can search and edit metadata of my music, has a built in equalizer and has a beautiful love tile. This app has none of the above. It even alters the names of my songs. Apart from that it's simple and performs fine.
  • This guy really makes great apps, I love to support devs that want to improve the WP experience. 2$ is nothing
  • Make it free
  • Get a job
  • I copped it for 1.99. Hope it will be worth it.
  • There are lots of free app,better alternative for Xbox music e.g. CMplayer Pro.....try it
  • "one" is going to be controversial as it was in "one weather"
  • Started the trial and uninstalled it. All of the songs that I downloaded from Nokia Mix Radio were in an unknown album along with a few songs that I downloaded yesterday. Listen is still the best alternative to Xbox music. That's mu opinion though, if you have never downloaded anything from Nokia and only Xb music and free songs then you should be fine
  • Oh come on guys, seriously? Not available for Lumia820 in Czech? WTF ???
  • From what I understand it's a wp8.1 app... If you're still on wp8 you'll probably need to upgrade first...
  • was exited for this app but unfortunately it isn't showing a big part of my collection which was downloaded from mix radio. I'll keep using 'Listen' until it get a fix.
  • Exactly. Even I am using listen because of this problem. There will be no fix for this. If you sync it to your laptop your music will also be in an unknown album
  • Certainly has potential. I'm not quite sure what the black bar with the circle on the right does, nothing it seems. Seems to have scanned my collection on startup a few times, even though it's said it's finished, and it's also 'crashed' back to the start screen when going to play a track a number of times. Still, for a first release, not bad. Course if it only works for five days, there's an issue of having to pay for something you may end up not wanting to keep in the long run if development doesn't go the way you'd hope. Some other model might be better.  
  • I have just tried this. The app looks good and all, but since I'm an Xbox Music Pass subscriber and most of my music is DRM protected, it seems I'm stuck with the new and sluggish Xbox Music app for now.
  • After trying the app I think I stick with xbox music. Performance and Design is good. Rest is kinda meh. There seem to be several bugs. When entering the now playing view through the music controls some icons and the album art disappears until the next song is being played. Same happens with the now playing at the bottom of the other screens. Album art is shown for even less albums than in xbox music and playlist managent is not very good. You can only pick each song individually and can't add whole albums to a playlist at once (Or at least I could not find an obvious way to do it). You also cant create or add to playlist from the albums or artists view like you can with xbox music. Also no live tile so not really anything I prefer over microsofts app appart from performance. The functionallity is really lacking for my taste.
  • F*** Yeah ! Instant buy... Man I've been waiting for this app since the first day I grabbed a windows phone..
  • Why my Podcasts appear at the music list??? Sorry, but that doesn't make sense.
    I'll still use Nokia Mix Radio for shuffle music.
  • It cannot find the files on my SD-card.
  • App does not shows Album Art for songs downloaded for Nokia Music/ MixRadio.  
  • Very good news for me and all those who don't care for Xbox music services. However, I'm gonna wait for the live tile and try it then. Also, the price is very good if the app works like it's supposed to. Will keep an eye on this one.
  • I am no expert in music app, but I really think XBM sucks. Until 2 months ago I used the old Nokia Music on a Lumia 900. I moved to Lumia 1520 and with WP8 I don't have Nokia Music anymore... but I have this crap of XBM. I have more that 60 songs purchased legaly from the store and my new phone doesn't see any of them. I can't create a play list from the phone and when I do it from a computer doesn't sync with the phone... at list not all of it... I have 15 songs in a play list created on computer on XBM and after it sync with the phone, it only has 4 songs... I'll quit that XBM PASS and I will buy any music app that will get a better job than this crap that I have now.
  • It imports all my podcasts as music. Xbox doesn't have this issue. I hope the dev fixes this. Otherwise, it looks great!
  • Since the apps just released wh not make it free for a day for the celebration of release of the app :P
  • Add gapless playback, on the go/on-device playlists, lossless/FLAC support and integrate Audible, and I'm there with the $1.99. The free open source Rockbox software, that you can use on a hacked iPod or Sandisk music player, does most of that, so I don't think it's asking for the impossible.  
  • Yeah! Finaaly a decent app for local music!  Looks pretty good. It has randomly crashed for me a few times though but it loaded up almost 12K songs.  One time I picked a song and for some reason it crashed and Cortona appeared.   I like the fact it does use album artists instead of artists- big plus for me.  Only think I would really liked (besides better stability) is track numbers.  I will stick to Xbox Music for now until this is updated, but when it is good and stable I will gladly pay the $1.99 and maybe consider selling my Ipod Touch (which I use strictly for music since the Windows Phones have stunk up until this point for music). - unless of course Microsoft really gets their act together and vastly improve the free Xbox Music app.
  • Won't download on my phone :/
  • It doesnt seem to find my music =( not even after scanning fot it wich took like 10 mins (lumia 920 wp8.1) Cant find an option to report a bug or anything like that =|
  • Is AIFF Supported?
  • No ID3 lyrics? I'd love that
  • The text is way too small, I'll stick to that atrocious XBone Music for now.
  • Does not find any music on my 820 memory card!
  • I love this OneMusic. UI is exactly what i am looking for. Luckily there is a 5 Day trial and i have a time to use it.(I Dont have Credit Card to Purchase, haha). Only issue i found is that my Phone lags a lot when i am using this app(return from exit). I could hardly return to the app when i Tap the Music Title in the Pop-up Volume. Also, the Album Picture is sometimes lost in display upon return(exit then return using Pop-Up Volume). Besides, i know that this will be addressed in the future updates. All in All, Cool and Very Good UI. :-)
  • There was an update today, but it won't install (on my ATIV S with 8.1). First time this has happened. Also, the program seems to have a problem with the band AC/DC (but I'm guessing the real issue is anything with a slash in it). It's displayed as "AC;DC" in the artists list, and several albums are listed as "Unknown Artist" despite having consistent ID3 tags. Otherwise, promising app. Glad it lists albums by year by default.
  • I dialog it.., only to find out that all my music is DRM protected... Thank you.. Really, thank you...