OnePlus reportedly considering a Windows Phone smartphone [Update: not really]

Update: The Economic Times is now stating that the statements regarding the launch of a Windows Phone device were miscommunicated, and that OnePlus is not considering a Windows Phone handset after all.

"[Carl Pei] was speaking to the fact that we are open to choice for our users and had even at one point spoken with Microsoft about perhaps having Windows as a choice for install on the One. We have no plans to make a Windows phone."

Original story follows.

The Windows Phone platform has seen the addition of several handset vendors this year, and it look like one more manufacturer is interested in launching a device on the platform. In a recent interview with Economic Times, director of OnePlus Carl Pei stated that the manufacturer is considering a Windows Phone device.

"We have had discussions with Microsoft over a Windows Phone smartphone. We are still looking into it."

OnePlus has managed to attract a lot of attention with the OnePlus One, a $349 smartphone that offers specs often found in devices twice as expensive. At this stage, it is not known whether manufacturer is looking to offer the OnePlus One with Windows Phone (much like HTC has done with the One M8 for Windows) or whether an entirely new handset is in the works.

Would you guys be interested in a Windows Phone smartphone manufactured by OnePlus?

Source: Economic Times

Harish Jonnalagadda
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