OnStar is killing its RemoteLink app for Windows phones

If you use the OnStar RemoteLink (opens in new tab) app on your Windows phone, it looks like your time with the app is pretty limited. OnStar has begun sending letters to customers, alerting them to the fact that support for the RemoteLink app will be discontinued due to a "system change" later this year.

From the letter:

In order to continue providing the best mobile app experience, we will be implementing a system change to the OnStar RemoteLink mobile app later this year. This will discontinue RemoteLink mobile app support for your BlackBerry or Windows smartphone. To continue using the mobile application, it will require a Google Android or Apple iOS device meeting the minimum operating system requirements. This update will also impact the myChevrolet, myBuick, myCadillac or myGMC mobile apps. More information can be found at www.onstar.com/mobileapp.

The OnStar RemoteLink app provides quite a few handy features for subscribers, including remote start, remote door locking and unlocking, vehicle status and much more. The app, however, has been rarely updated on Windows phone, with the last notable update bringing a redesign in 2015. Given that lack of continued support and the current status of the platform, it's not unsurprising to see OnStar dropping support for the app.

There's no clear date provided other than "later this year." Still, if you heavily rely on the RemoteLink app, you'll want to figure out an alternative relatively soon.

Thanks to macros_1, Robert, DW, and Jared for the tips!

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  • I hate this, as I got my notice yesterday... just a big BOOOOOOOO!  I dont want a second device, or have ot use OnStar's website to preheat my car :(
  • why not just move on.....get an iphone and be happy
  • Because "get an iPhone" and "be happy" are mutually exclusive
  • Beg to differ.  I am much happier using an iphone than I was since 10 was even announced!
  • Looking at your posts I'd say you're a sad camper.
  • Then why are you here?
  • Because there is much more than ****** phones from microsoft.  The windows 10 on desktop / notebook devices is the best...and I love it.  windows 10 mobile on the other hand is a peice of sewage!   
  • Why do you bother reading CLEARLY Windows Mobile articles? 
  • I came from Iphone, wasnt that happy.  Also this is a phone that work has provided.   I dont really want to carry two devices.
  • You were never a true fan.... True fans like what they like. Not because they are naive, but because they like what they like... A true fan isn't gonna just give up, and be happy with something else. Why would you expect them to?
  • Does the OnStar website offer the same features as the app?
  • Not that I can see, besides Vehicle stats... tire pressure... fule, charge level... I dont think you can start your vehicle.  But the site is slow is heck.
  • The app didn't allow remote start so I never bothered with it except to lock my car when I was at work because I forgot to. Besides that, it was nice to have as are all apps.
  • I don't see how you can have remote auto start ignition from a mobile website, so probably not.
  • If they can deliver it via an app, they can deliver it via a website. At the end of the day, apps are just connected to web-based services exactly like websites; an app or website is just a portal or user interface for interacting with said web services.
  • why use the website on a phone?  makes it way less usefull.  I don't see the fascination with keep a windows phone "JUST BECAUSE"  Microsoft don't care,  the developers dont care,  why bother.  Just get something else and move on.   There are many AWESOME phones out there in all sorts of price ranges that stomp whats left of the windows phone series.   Take the windows blinds off and open your eyes and minds.
  • The solution may be to get an 8 inch Android tablet with LTE, keep your phone a windows phone. I just got an 8 inch Android tablet without LTE to see if I could stand Android, it's not bad. Easier to read - article, maps, etc. I'm now frustrated because I can't ge Windows to stick with a platform. I have MS To Do on my desktop and and Android tablet, but not on my Lumia 928 or 640, and can't put it on my WIndows 8 computer at work. I have Babbel on my Android tablet and desktop, but only a semi functioning version on my Surface RT and nothing for my phones. Etc., etc. Constantly changing has everything slowly falling away.
  • The MyGMC Android OnStar app would not allow itself to be installed on my Android tablet insisting it is only compatible with Android phones.   Once I found out it could not do anything with my 2011 GMC Canyon, such as remote unlock or remote start/stop, I lost interest in the app anyway.  I had no idea until seeing this article that there even was a Windows Phone version of the app since the OnStar site's "normal" links only ever showed that the app was for Android or iOS when I signed up for an account after buying my truck last fall.  Now I cannot get the newly installed RemoteLink WP app to start up on either WP 8.1 (lets me log in, but then cannot connect to OnStar/truck not clear which)  or WP 10 (claims OnStar Id and/or password bad even though working fine for at least the login on WP 8.1 version and on website from PC).     Lost causes are so "challenging"...
  • Gas Buddy stopped working now too. As a commuting business man, that screwed me hard
  • Got my notice letter last night. My 2010 car is too old where most of the app's functions didn't work for it anyway. But it was nice to use the mapping function to be able to track my daughters car when she was driving back and forth to college and keep an eye on her tire pressure and such. I guess that job will now go to the wife and her android phone.
  • Shame but...pff 😞
  • Boo
  • Thx Nadella
  • That's a bummer :(
  • Surface phone will restart the platform...everything will be better....UWP is the future...... desperate comments incoming
  • Over the past few days it was found that many high profile apps were removed from the Apple Watch - Amazon, eBay, Google, and others. You seem to be one of the leaders here of the anti-Microsoft crusade. I am just curious, are you going to the Apple sites and mocking the "move along, nothing to see here" people who are making excuses and are you telling them that they are making desperate comments? Or do you just enjoy attacking people here for sticking with what they like and what works for them?
  • It would be the latter..
  • Google Maps is coming back soon, but you probably already knew that, huh? WatchOS is just fine.
  • you really compare a watch with a phone..really? :))) how desperate are can you fanboys be? :)))
  • Another day another sad post from Pappale
  • Love it. Keep it up Pappale. How many more dead and dying apps will it take to finally kill off all the wishful thinking and missplaced optimism?  
  • How many trolls with wishful thinking and "missplaced" [sic] optimism of Microsoft's collapse will keep writing here? The difference between a Microsoft fan and an Apple fan? Microsoft fans have class, while Apple fans like to pretend they do.
  • First of all, sorry for the typo. Secondly, I'm not an Apple fan and nor do I wish to see the collapse of Microsoft. I've had any number of Microsoft products and Windows phones of one sort or another. Nothing would have made me happier for the phone platform to be successful. Alas no one can deny that Microsoft has made a complete dogs dinner of mobile and continues to do so. Pappale is merely pointing out, as am I, that there exists a small minority of people on this website who, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, think that Windows Mobile is going to rise like a phoenix from its own ashes. Unfortunately none of the next big things has ever done anything to reverse the decline of Windows on mobile and anyone who thinks that UWP apps, Continuum, Windows on Arm, Xamarin, Cshell or even Surface Phone will is living on another planet. Sorry, but you need to realise that and move on. WE can still be fans of Microsoft without kidding ourselves that they're great at mobile. They're not.
  • OnStar just became much less important to me now. They can't see fit to support my device any more, I don't need the added expense of their system anymore.
  • So when you say we'll make more phones, I'm sure we'll make more phones, but they will not look like phones that are there today."
    Thats a quote from Microsoft's CEO which basically confirms that their current mobile OS is dead, and you expect a third party company to continue supporting that same platform? Good thinking, Batman. /s 
  • Yeah, it's like being outraged that developers have abandoned WebOS and Symbian;  W10M is just as dead end as those.    Bug fix support upgrades from Microsoft over the next year, does not mean it's a thriving, growing platform. And yes the CEO, by focusing on some supposed future smartphone tech, basically just buried the current offering.  He stuck the shiv in, as they say.   But this isn't new; the mobile version of Windows 10 was still born, the moment it shipped in the horrid state that it did back in 2015.   
  • I doubt it will do any good unless a ridiculous amount of people do the same, but I will definitely be contacting OnStar to complain about this.
  • I contacted them in September of last year when they said the RemoteLink app would be replaced by the "my" apps (which of course aren't available on W10), and never got a response.
  • how is groove music on android, I think i'm going to change, I realy think that the platform is dying... 
  • You don't say!
  • Groove is best on w10 (shocker I know), worst on Android. It's the only Microsoft app that's bad on Android. But hey, it works most of the time. It's very bare bones. But don't let that hold u back. I am very very happy with my Galaxy s8+. With launcher 10 skin. at the end of the day, I'm a tech nerd first... Microsoft nerd second. I enjoy having the best thing out there
  • on Android you have three much better solutions: Spotify, Google Play Music and Apple Music, with much better libraries, exclusives and up to date tracks.
  • "In order to improve your experience, we pull our app from the Store."
  • "in order to improve your experience, we drag you from our plane".  Kinda the same thing.
  • In order to improve your experience we suggest you buy a phone that acutally has something going for it.!
  • Why does this kind of taunting give you so much enjoyment?
  • Like others, he is feeling let down by Microsoft. He's really trying to get others to wake up
  • People aren't asking to be "saved". Let people use what they want to use. It's not really anyone's concern, but their own.
  • because he is not a desperate blind fanboy like many others here...because he is not that stupid to defend MS for their pathetic mobile failure like many here still do...maybe because he is trying to wake other up from whatever daydream they are in...
  • I think part of being a " desperate blind fanboy" is being obsessed with what other people choose to do when it is different than what you choose to do. Again, nobody needs your "saving". If someone using something that you don't like "offends" you, why bother going to those articles?
  • Why give up onstar, a great service because your using a hack job of a phone...NOT a great service...you have that backwards slepr.
  • How about the fact that at a MINIMUM you have to pay $20/month for their bottom tier OnStar service?  No, sir, not anymore, I'm not.  I won't be renewing my service.
  • You should say **** you to microsoft because they tanked their phone division instead of pushing it forward.   
  • Couldn't agree more. People aree narking that Onstar are reluctant to pour money down the drain by supporting their app on Windows Mobile when it's not their fault the platform has bombed. It's Microsoft's fault. That's where the ire should be directed. They've let us all down.
  • Thank you hamphlet.  someone gets it.  I ******* die laughing at the comments...time for a new car because they don't support windows phone.  SOOOOOOOO  someone would rather loose a **** load of money trading their car because onstar does not support windows phone instead of ditching the POS windows phone for a few hundred bucks?   Fanboys are soooooo silly!
  • *lose  I don't think anyone has seriously, advocated getting a new car, but they might decide that having the OnStar service has relatively low value to them and is thus expendable.  If I was buying a new car and this was important to me, it would go on the long list of considerations.  My old car now doesn't have any kind of integration with any phone, so this wouldn't be a dealbreaker for me, regardless. Still, I don't see the point in bashing people who aren't doing what you'd do.  
  • sorry daly   autocorrect did that!  nice try!
  • I have actually sent an email to Mazda too and asked them to avoid any windows mobile app at any costs, to keep their resources in improving the IOS and Android apps. The app is ok on IOS but needs some things improved, so I would want them to focus on this instead of somehow trying to build an app for windows crap 10 mobile. So, very good for Onstar, why wasting resources on a mediocre OS that is simply DEAD and not even it's maker cares about it?
  • That seems like an odd use of time.  
  • Man...I have a lg v20 and it sucks compared to my 950xl. Losing another app i use sucks.
  • What was your experience that made you think LG V20 was bad? I have a friend that owns it and so far he is happy with his LG V20.
  • Terrible
  • Oh well time to get a new ... car!
  • This might make me look at other manufactures as I lease and its up in July....It wont be a major deciding factor thou.
  • Haha!
  • Time to dump your GM vehicles!
  • What, give up my 2013 Camaro SS?  Um, no.
  • How come all these app discontinuations is to "Provide a better mobile experience"? Doesn't discontinuing and app make the experience worse?
  • To improve their mobile experiences, they might change the technology/framework that they use in their app so that their app becomes faster and more reliable. That might mean that they would deprecate their old technology. However, technology migration needs a lot of effort, and they better spend every resource that they have to Android and iOS.
  • improving the experience on the other platforms by not wasting any more resources on this pathetic windows mobile.
  • Other than texting his grand children, this is my fathers favorite app.
  • "And another one gone, and another gone, another one bites the dust, Hey, gonna get you too...another one bites the dust". MS theme song.
  • no news it is a trending
  • I called Onstar yesterday and asked about the app for Windows smartphone, and they said we will be able to continue using the app as it is now after this upgrade.
  • Hey Mathew, Thanks for posting this. It saved me a call. I was just about to do that.  As much as I use my Onstar app this would be the thing that pushed me to Android.  If it keeps working I'll stick with my 950 for now.
  • I really don't want to switch phones but with this news I just might have to
    this is the one app that I can say I use everyday , don't care that the don't update it and make it pretty but it works and both me and my wife use it all the time. I will not get and android, so It looks like I might be going to IPhone, I can see all those iPhone users smiling at me now with that big grin.
  • Huh.  And my subsciption to OnStar expires in 5 days. I will not be renewing it, then.
  • sorry onstar but wrong choice...
  • wrong choice? why wasting resources maintaining an app for a dead platform that even MS does not give a damn about? just because a few fans start crying :))?
  • Yeah I'm sure that GM's resources are hit detromentally trying to support an app for a phone.  How ever are they coping!
  • You waste your personal resources in comments sections, repeating this "dead platform that even MS does not give a dam about" line.  
  • That's bad news, I think it's time to sell my GM car and buy Volvo which they really care about this platform.
  • Yes,  loose thousands of dollars because a car company does not support an abandoned mobile system.   instead of just buying a new phone.   makes tons of sense.   facepalm.  And FYI Volvo does not support windows moible anymore than GM at this point.  
  • How do you know how much this person will LOSE??  (Seriously...."loose" is the opposite of tight.)  Anyway, the decision is a personal one.  In MY personal choice, I don't know why people pay for OnStar or any other service like that, anyway.  It doesn't hold any value...for ME, but I sure don't make it my religion to tell people that what I want to do is what they need to do. 
  • Again....auto correct on my laptop did that.....jesus christ windows fanboys are silly 
  • When you're insulting other people, you should check your "auto correct" that seems to correct things that mine doesn't.  You sure do love to use the "fanboy" crutch whenever someone has a perspective that is different than yours.  I laugh while watching this TV on Roku or the other one on FireTV and using my Galaxy S8 or my Lumia 950.  What exactly am I fanboy of...other than myself? I'm not the one obsessed. 
  • I don't care!
  • These companies are really ridiculous.  How about making a cross platform app that works on Windows UWP, Android and iPhone.  using Xamarin.   Not to mention by ditching Windows they are ditching windows desktop and tablet users.  UWP isn't just mobile, but I guess they just don't get it.  
  • No, you fanboys and MS don't get it. DEVS do not give  a damn about UWP! POINT! either you get it or continue to dream...
  • I will just have to end my OnStar subscription. I'm not abandoning my Lumia 950 XL anytime soon. And, if I do, it would be for the Surface Phone - Windows Mobile Forever!
  • Hello... Another US-only app that "bites the dust". Who in the rest of the world really cares about that?
  • :))))) LOL there ya go fanboys...keep defending this pathetic OS developed by a company full of liars and lack of respect. Keep supporting it...and by the end of the summer you won't even have facebook and messenger on it...LOOOL I haven't seen any other company FAIL so miserably! Congrats MS, you're in the history books on how NOT to run a phone business.
  • Don't use. Don't care. Get your but up from the couch and click the buttons yourself ☺ They can cut all the useless apps they want. Not gonna change anything as long as the basic social apps are available I am good with my Lumia 950 XL
  • Maybe I have a distaste for OnStar, but I wouldn't really care.  I wish they'd just ban my car.  I got it "free" with a new car I bought.  Then I was driving in to work, and it started playing an ad for them, when I didn't even have it on.  I literally just turned the car on, no radio on, and I shifted in to reverse.  I pressed the emergency button and told them I would do that every time that happened until they banned me.  Luckily hasn't happened again.  Terrible service soley on that, but they also creeped on my car's location/oil/everything and sent that to a dealership to have them pester me to come in, when I go to a local place. As far as abandoning WP, I'm not sure.  They could and should do it as a website.  But Microsoft should also figure a way to allow some Android apps on WP, or BlueStacks at least.  Don't need games or anything high powered, but this way it wouldn't matter that OnStar is failing and can't support their devs to keep the WP version up and running.
  • Pretty soon the only Apps you'll find on a windows phone are the Microsoft legacy Apps and games, thus turning your phone into a handheld Windows 10 Xbox game player.
  • I have onstar in my suburban an