Opera GX, a browser built for gamers, launches into early access at E3 2019

What you need to know

  • Opera GX is a browser built for and tailored to gamers.
  • The gaming browser is now available to test in early access.
  • It includes features that let you set limits on its RAM and CPU usage, along with Twitch integration and more.

Opera is launching a first-of-its-kind browser built from the ground up for PC gamers. Available in early access starting today, Opera GX not only packs a design inspired by the RGB lights found on many gaming accessories, but it also includes a whole lot of features that give gamers more control over the browser and quick access to things they care about.

The biggest highlight of Opera GX is its GX Control panel, which lets you set how much of your computer's CPU and RAM the browser can use. While other browsers may eat into your RAM usage while running in the background, Opera GX will stay within the limits you define so it doesn't impact your gameplay.

If you like to watch Twitch streamers while you play, Opera GX also allows you to log into your Twitch account and get notifications when streamers go live in the sidebar. That's in addition to shortcuts for Discord, YouTube, and Reddit that also live in the sidebar. Like the regular Opera browser, you'll find messaging services like Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Vkontakte built into the sidebar as well.

Finally, Opera GX also includes "GX Corner," a dedicated place for gaming news, a curated list of deals on games, and information about new releases. Out of the box, Opera GX comes with a dark design accented by red highlights, but you can customize those highlights with practically any color you can think of. There's also a built-in ad blocker and VPN.

Opera GX is launching into its first phase of early access today at E3 2019 and is expected to get a full release later this year. Expect more gamer-centric features to hit Opera GX during the early access testing period. If you cant to check it out for yourself, you can download and test Opera GX from Opera.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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