Opera Mobile drops Windows Mobile

While Opera Mobile 11 is launching today for Android and Symbian platforms, the mobile browser is saying goodbye to the Windows Mobile platform. According to a blog post by Dag Olav Norem at My Opera,

"The mobile landscape is changing and Microsoft has moved their efforts away from the Windows Mobile operating system. No new devices have been launched for some time and the market share is falling. As a third party developer and a business, that is a reality that Opera Software has to adjust to."

Norem continues to explain that the Windows Mobile platform can no longer provide the revenue potential that Opera needs to continue investing in it. With regards to bringing Opera Mobile to the Windows Phone 7 platform, Norem states that the company is continuously evaluating that option.

Opera Mobile 10 and Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows Mobile will continue to be available for download from Opera Software's download page (opens in new tab).

Source: My Opera (opens in new tab) Via: Favbrowser

Thanks goes out to Andy for the tip!

George Ponder

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  • Much as I'd love to see other browsers come to WP7, I think Norem is simply being polite when he says "the company is continuously evaluating that option."I think that if Microsoft wants to see faster growth and adoption of their baby, someone in charge needs to light some fires under whoever can make C++ happen on WP7's managed environment.Interesting thread to be had at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2455372/windows-phone-7-and-c-cli
  • Opera are certainly right not to invest anmore on Windows Mobile, a dead platform.On the contrary Opera are certainly wrong not to focuse on Windows Phone 7. WP7 is a young OS, with its weaknesses, but it is probably the most modern OS and the most promissing.But, currently using IE mobile on WP7 I have to say that IE mobile is surprinsingly far better than Opera Mobile 10 that I was using on my HD2. Opera 10 had no pinch to zoom. Opera 10 always displayed mobile versions of websites, which I cannot stand.I am more happy with IE, but competition is always good.
  • Sometimes I forget Opera still exists.
  • That's a bummer! I use Opera at home & on my Android phone.