Owners of Auto Trader looking to replace company iPhones with Windows Phone?

Trader Media Group (TMG), parent of UK Auto Trader, is set to replace its iPhone arsenal with Windows Phones. It's said that Android will not be considered as it has too many security vulnerabilities. In an interview with Computing, TMG CIO Tim Jones revealed that the company has operated in an iOS ecosystem for the last five years, because the iPhone was the more mature smartphone available on the market. But now the group is looking at alternatives. 

Jones goes into some detail about Windows Phone and how the company is very much a "Microsoft shop": 

"We are currently evaluating our mobile platform. I don't think we'd go down the Android route because they have a couple of security issues but we would go down more of the Windows Phone 8 route because they are more tightly integrated with what we want to do in the enterprise as we are very much a Microsoft shop."

He also explains that the current iPhone estate is controlled by a mobile device management solution from Airwatch. But while the iPhones are present on a corporate level, bring your own device (or BYOD) is more of a limited option:

"BYOD is not prevalent clearly where we have secure areas in which we take credit card payments in a typical call centre environment, for example. But on product floors, people rock up with their Macbook, so we just ensure that we have varying levels of connectivity that people can engage with. If you are using a TMG-provided laptop or phone then you are on more secure networks, if you bring devices yourself then you go onto our guest Wi-Fi and VPN in or use other services that are on the VPN."

Jones also states that technology is an important core part of Trader Media, which means getting the IT at the company right is an important mission. Especially when you're looking at around 300 technical members of staff in an organisation formed of 1,100. It'll be interesting to see where TMG goes with its transition and if we could see another Nokia succes story.

Source: Computing.co.uk

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • More windows phones going into the wild. Yeah!
  • Android, not secure?
  • Android is the most insecure platform ,lot of malware and privacy problem .
  • @Kiraly: I should know. I've experienced it firsthand. I'm in no mood for virus/spyware scanners on my phone.
  • L0gic Bom8? Really??? ;O)
  • @tallgeese: Wish I were joking friend. BTW, Gundam Wing is one of my favorite anime!
  • First off I am a security professional and somewhat of a Windows centric fanboy. Calling Android insecure is really a biased statement.
    All OS platforms have security issues. Apple played the "SECURITY CARD" for many years and created a large group of security ignorant users in the process.
    Yes, Android has security issues but those for the most part are caused by mismanagement of the platform. Too many cooks in the kitchen is the root cause of the problems IMHO.
    Yes, I just defended Droid and I hate Google! 
  • Only if you're an idiot. You can't really trust a bunch of employees to not download a bunch of random stuff though.
  • I'm glad I don't have a boss like steep hill who openly calls his employees idiots
  • He does have a point though however ineloquently put, becasuse Android is "Open" it can be customized to be incredibly secure, but you can't trust employees to follow proper use and you can't take any chances with customer data.
  • I was working with a guy a few months ago... He got a virus on his galaxy and it grabbed all of his data and uploaded it to an ftp site. Every email he got was forwarded to another address as well. By the time he called me, someone had already gotten into several if his accounts and were then attempting to get access to amazon and his bank by doing password recoveries at those sites.
  • Did you not see the recent news article about malware authors offering $100 or more for people's developer accounts. These accounts are about $50 to register and obviously malware authors are known to Google so they are trying to get their dodgy wares authorised.
  • answer to your question
  • Yeah, I read that 72% of all mobile malware is written for android. Also Java has a lot of security holes.
  • Another day, another enterprise for Lord Nokia-sus.
  • I'm sure they also meant that they could not supply ios at a reasonable price and relied on BYOD. Now with cheaper windows phones out there they can afford to supply the phone.
  • Good luck with the vpn
  • VPN is a dying horse and since much of what's going on in business is web based...well VPN just isn't as much of a requirement as it once was.
  • dying horse.. hehe .. so how do you exaclty log into the company network secure through wifi or mobile network. business is web based .. can you give me an example? and i dont mean email 
  • VPN is slow. Cloud servers and RDP is the way to go.
  • RDP over VPN is the way to go. The lack of VPN support on WIndows Phone is inexcusable.
  • VPN is confirmed coming in the next few months, so they can possibly wait till then.
  • I work with AutoTrader a lot. Ive been telling their reps, support teams and managers to support WP for three years.... But I rarly talk to the same person more than twice. Funny thing is they use Silverlight on their dealer stock upload software on desktops, then make the apps again for iPhone. They could have banged out a WP app years ago.
  • This is good news indeed, im guessing we may see a auto trader app pop in the the future if they switch,
    Lets hope they do switch and ditch IOS :)
  • Good news for WP
  • Wouldn't hurt for them to also make an app for windows phones. I don't even think there's any third party apps for the website.
  • Yep, BYOD in Visitor VLAN and only company devices on internal network. Only sensible thing to do.
  • Good! Throw that crap out.
  • Windows phone is the way to go, Microsoft should work on a program to give phones for free for those companies looking for 1000 phones
  • Pretty sad to have to give your product away...
  • I guess that is sad but it sure sounds like Google's entire product portfolio.
  • VPN support? BTW I m starting to love that L720 more than L810
  • I want a 720! (US)
  • Traditional IPSEC/PPTP VPN is still very much a required tool, I am a sysadmin and have been able to use my iPhone and droid to VPN into my network and fix a problem with a server.
    Now MS are saying to use a SSL VPN well that is great, our firewall is a Cisco ASA to use SSL VPN I need to use the Cisco software or all I can get to is webservers int he DMZ, guess what Cisco do not make a VPN client for Windows Phone.
    I badly need this feature, its not stopping me from using the phone, just means I have to keep the iPhone or tablet handy now.
  • Is there a autotrader app on WP
  • m.autotrader.com. looks great. why does it seem like people assume services are inaccessible if an app is not available?
  • Not everyone does, but it is nice to have the app as well sometimes
  • That's amazing.
  • WP Auto trader app please.  Want to swipe through screen sized images (search results) and click on an image for more details.
  • It'll be interesting to see where TMG goes with its transition and if we could see another Nokia succes story.
    No where in the article was Nokia mentioned, they could easily go with HTC. 
  • I lol'ed when I first got android and I saw virus scanners. That shit is not normal. Lol
  • I don't know of any moving from iOS to WP8, but I do know of a decent sized company moving from Blackberry to WP8.  I thought it was interesting and encouraging to hear.  Unfortunately my company is currently making the move from Blackberry to iOS.
  • Uhoh, did he say VPN?
  • And yet, WP is not worthy of an auto trader app?!!
  • Android viruses are only a real risk if the employees are allowed to download apps outside the store.  Locking the device to external apps like AT&T had done in the past would solve this.
    Nevertheless, it's good to see WP getting some corporate adoption.
  • Friend of mine has a huge company, and they are going with the 920's.
  • Android, meh.
  • Maybe they should make a wp8 autotrader app???