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Pandora still not willing to support Windows Phone

Robert Scoble is at it again, name dropping on his interactions with the tech glitterati at CES. Most of his Google+ discussion can be written off as his usual "Why Windows Phone will fail" riff (answer: not enough apps), but in the garrulous post he does bring up an interesting discussion he had with Tom Conrad, the chief technology officer at Pandora.

According to Scoble:

"I walked around the show with the CTO of Pandora. He told me he still isn't willing to support Windows Phone. Why not? We were walking around the new Ford car, which has Pandora support. Pandora was ALL OVER the CES show floor. You could see that a small company still has to decide where to put its development resources. Clearly, after walking the show floor, that's Android and iOS"

It's one thing for Pandora to hold off on Windows Phone in 2010 but to say in 2012 they still have no plans to support Windows Phone is a bit unbelievable. Even more so since we do have third party clients already doing their work (e.g. MetroRadio, Radio Controlled). Of course, we can relish in the thought that developers are making money off of Pandora and they're not seeing a dime from their continued disregard for Windows Phone. Still, that's cold comfort for the platform as a whole.

Source: Google+; Thanks, Amir, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Hmm.. I have decided that I somewhat dislike this person.
  • only somewhat?
  • Whatta blowhard. He thinks because he spends every waking moment on Twitter & other social sites that he's "in the know". Let me break it down to you like this. Scoble's never been right about anything. Him & John C Dvorak are the biggest hacks in the tech community. But somehow, their names always come up. Probably because they both make outrageous predictions (based on absolutely nothing) just to get their names out there. Every respectable person working in the tech community knows this.
    Scoble swears by Google + and thinks it's still somehow relevant (or ever was). Yet the average Joe, even the more savy ones, still couldn't give 2 sh*ts about using it. That should give you a clue right there. Nothing to see here folks.
  • Regardless of the merits of Scoble or whether he's a "blowhard" (no real argument there), let us not get distracted from the message about what the CTO allegedly said to him. Focusing on the messenger misses the point.
  • I must admit that I don't know anything about this Pandora, but why is it relevant in the grand scheme of thing?
  • It's not.  We have plenty of internet radio apps.  Pandora is not the end all be all of internet radio.
  • Me either. The only reason I know of Pandora's existence is because there are a lot of WP7 news mentioning it.
  • Daniel he also claimed WP wasnt gonna be supporting Skype either, he is so full of himself it's unreal. Brandon Watson had it right when he summed him up a while back. Let's wait for the pandoro CTO to make an official announcement on this, have you guys readhed out for confirmation?
  • Yes, we've reached out to Tom to respond/comment on Scoble's post. We ran the story though assuming Scoble wasn't lying/blurring what was said due to his prolific public persona i.e. we consider the likelihood of this being false as low.
  • I guess he forgot that MS owns Skype and he misremembers or ignores stats on WP growth. Well.maybe when WP is a solid no2 will have a MS radio program that.blows Pandora off and makes it unneeded in WP's ecosystem
  • But you're assuming the messenger is delivering accurate information. In this same post, he claimed the SKype CEO said one thing -- turns out he quoted him wrong. Undermines the credibility of the rest, eh?
  • We don't f$%^ care about their stupid services...
  • Who the hell is Robert Scobble? And seriously Pandora is overrated. There are plenty alternatives. If they want to be smug in ios and androids ass so be it. I wont lose sleep by not having their App. Currently have an Evo (waiting forthe 900 to leave sprint) and I don't use Pandora now.
  • I've never used Pandora nor is it available in my country, but one thing is not doing anything to support WP7, another, completely different and stupid thing is putting some effort to keep it from being compatible. Because I got the feeling that the developers behind some unofficial apps are struggling to get them working because they're holding them off. That's what I call a boycott.
  • Pandora does keep breaking their APIs
  • Well , Its their loss
    It ain't a big deal anyway , not to me at least when Apollo hits , they will come crawling back to Microsoft & Microsoft will whisper : No
  • Wait a minute, they're willing to support Microsoft Sync, but not Windows Phone? How does that make sense Conrad? I'm in my car probably a total of maybe 3 hours a day, know how long I have my phone with me? 24 hours, including in the car.
    I really don't care that we don't have an app now that we have Radio Controlled & MetroPlayer (who both don't have those interrupting audio ads), but the arrogance coming from the CTO is infuriating.
  • Excellent point.
    I really wish techblogs and sites would focus more on how great Pandora alternative on WP are to negate it's absence more.  Seriously, if you have a WP, is Pandora more attractive than the Zune Pass???
  • Two issues here: Is Pandora good/are there better alternatives Pandora supporting/not supporting Windows Phone The second is the one of interest here. Fact is, when a company throws their hat in the ring behind an OS, it signifies a "vote of confidence" in the platform. Not doing so signifies the opposite. While Pandora may or may not be a good service, when they don't support WP it sends other companies a message too: we don't believe this is going anywhere. That's important although Pandora is increasingly in the minority here.
  • 1. Zune and Spotify are much better than Pandora any way you think about it.
    2. Pandora supporting platform means nothing. Pandora is not a major player or important company to determine and says any OS goes anywhere or not. They are nobody really.
    So they can keep that message to themselves and no one really cares.
    We are the ones that will tell Pandora it will go nowhere.
    When in future Spotify and others get their market more and more and no one cares about Pandora anymore and they start to go out of business we are the ones that will laugh at them.
    So no they are no one to tell that any OS going anywhere or not.
  • This^
    Pandora isn't a big deal at all.  LastFM is a much better service imo and we have that.
  • "Pandora supporting platform means nothing." False. Here in the US, Pandora is a brand-name associated with music.--Spotify and Last.Fm barely exist here and do not have the same weight as Pandora (I realize in Europe, this is the opposite). The ability for Microsoft to show off the Pandora logo on Windows Phone is a big deal and I assure you, if/when it Pandora arrives, MS *will* make a big deal of it. It is very important to Microsoft and the Windows Phone platform to get these big titles on their OS. It's the very reason why they announce them at their events and why they are throwing millions to get them developed. Don't discount the power of these brand names. When talking to people at CES, you often run into the "But I need this app..." argument from those considering Windows Phone.
  • I hate being told what I 'need'. I'll decide these things myself thankyou. It's like we get it drilled into our heads that if we aren't using the market leading example of a product then we may as well not bother. Annoys the hell out of me.
  • I'm afraid you're missing the point (and no one is telling you what you need).   There are, however, lots of people who use iPhone/Android and who want to switch but they need specific apps before they jump. When those aren't there, it's a barrier to entry for them. Eliminating reasons for people switching, even if they seem trivial to you, is the goal of Windows Phone evangelism.  You also need to separate what you like/dislike/want from what is best for Windows Phone. Fact is, Windows Phone would be better off if it offered Pandora than if it did not. To put it another way, if Pandora came to Microsoft and said "we want to make an official app" should Microsoft say "no, we don't need you?" Makes no sense.
  • Still don't care about Pandora and that goes for a lot of people I know using Android and iOS. If this was Rovio saying they aren't bringing Angry Birds Id get it. At the start a lot of people asked about Angry Birds when WP7 didn't have it. Pandora to me is now lagging in how cool they were when they first came out years ago.
  • Are you kidding me? Big companies have been trying to tell us what we need for... well... ever. Also, I have nothing but best wishes for the future of Windows Phone, it's by far the finest mobile experience I've ever used - which I guess is why I defend it so vehemently, if perhaps not always logically - so if it needs Pandora so be it. I just simply think that one app should never be able to have such an impact. Let's hope it all works itself out in the future.
  • lol, what a load of crap.
  • I'm sorry JamesDax3, were you refering to my comment in that reply?
  • Nay.  Was responding to Daniel.  I will retract that statement, however, because he makes a decent point in his follow up in that iOS/Android users may want to know that apps that they use are avilible before making the switch.  That said, I can't see Pandora being a deal breaker.  Espicially when there are other apps, and I dare say better apps, availible.  But to each his own.
  • Exactly. And while all the WP enthusiasts commenting on the issue are pleased with Pandora alternatives, or have never even heard if it (an oddity that almost cannot be believed), Pandora does hold weight among those consumers who aren't in Windows Phone/Zune ecosystem yet and who represent the future of the platform. Also, I'm pretty sure that Pandora was the headline app that Apple launched the iPhone 3G/ iOS app marketplace with, so Pandora holds a very prominent role in consumer mindshare and is intertwined with the perception of the modern phone app experience. If people think Windows phone will succeed on the basis of 2nd and 3rd rate alternatives, they've got another thing coming.
  • Screw that fat anti-Microsoft slob @scobleizer! And the same for Pandora. Slacker is just as good if not better.
  • I think that if this is true then Pandora is shooting themselves in the foot. now with Spotify here in the States and the rest of the world and with a WP7 app people who use WP will flock to Spotify. with Spotify being arguably a better service in terms of organization and finding content you want, Pandora is missing out on an opportunity to compete leaving its direct competitor with the ability to entrenct itself with no other viable competitors for internet streaming radio. 
  • I left Pandora for music, less ads, been around longer, nicer looking....just all around better!
  • Don't want to support Windows Phone?
    That's fine.  Spotify and Zune will pick up the slack.
  • As a long time Pandora user, I just emailed them and let them know of the lack of WP7 support. As rivals like the Zune pass and Spotify are growing, their support matters even more. 
  • Simply switch from Pandora to Zune or Spotify and start enjoying better service and music.
  • I've done that with a few companies who refuse to make apps for WP7, and all I've ever gotten back is the standard "we'll pass this on to the appropriate department" line. God luck, customer service is dead.
  • And guess what! I couldn't care less about Pandora.
    I don't care they support Windows Phone or not but I know I will never use or support Pandora in any devices I own in future and will do my best to tell people to switch to Zune or Spotify and others instead of Pandora.
    We enjoy a better service and musics from Zune or Spotify.
    We have Zune and Spotify so who needs Pandora!
  • I couldn't care less about Pandora, I'm not a lazy ass waiting for a company to make me shallow the music they decided to "discover me" , if you want to know new music there's millions off better ways
  • So soptify can have a WP app buuuut pandora cant? what a bunch of pretentious bitches. I got Spotify and last fm. im good. Suck it pandora.
  • Remember when Skype wasn't coming to Windows Phone Mango? Me too. Then I remembered Scoble's retraction. Oops.
    The opinion of the CTO of Pandora has less and less weight everyday.  Let's keep in mind that this is a company that has a webOS application.  Oops.
    The developer evangelists are damned good at Microsoft.  If Pandora refuses to provide the service for WP users then Microsoft will support one of their competitors.
  • True and we've reached out to Cook/Pandora for their reaction. If they deny what Scoble said, then we've shown that Scoble is even less trustworthy on this stuff. If they assert what he said is accurate then the story stands.
  • After all of this time, the Pandora app still isn't available on WP, despite all of the positive reviews by tech blogs and it's user base growth (although small).  Puzzling.
    I wonder, if Pandora is actually reluctant to support WP, if it is because they want Microsoft to pay them to create the app...not that Microsoft would do such a thing, but maybe they want Microsoft to grease their palms:)
  • LastFM > Pandora
    nuff said.
  • This may be true, but when selling phones in the US it really doesn't mean much as Last.Fm is far behind in terms of mind share when compared to Pandora. (Same with Spotify).
  • Spotfy perhaps as it's new to the US.  But far behind in mind share then LastFM?? lol  Sir I beg to differ.
  • Beg all you want, but last I checked Last.FM had only 40+ million registered users versus Pandora's 100+ million. 
    I'd be curious how many of the 100+ registered users on Pandora are active? I know many people, including myself who used to use Pandora a lot but since Spotify  and GrooveShark appeared, I can't think of anyone who still uses Pandora regardless of mobile OS preference. 
  • "I'd be curious how many of the 100+ registered users on Pandora are active?" 35+ million are active. We don't have similar numbers for Last.FM but they are probably comparable, relatively. Or rather, I doubt that 40 million of the 40 million are active users--heck, I'm registered and never use LastFM and I know no one here in the US who uses LastFM over Pandora (most are unaware of the former's existence).
  • I would work out a deal with Spotify to give Windows Phone users a perk for it and slowly wait it out until Pandora came around.
  • yet they supported the dead HP touchpad.
  • Just googled Robert Scoble and on the list was 'Robert Scoble apologises' Clicked. Seems like he's had to do it a fair bit.
  • I stopped using Pandora a long time ago because I prefer services that let me choose the song I want to listen to and use song suggestion as another option, not the only option.
    If I have a song stuck in my head, I can't go to pandora to listen to it. Spotify or Zune are better options. Zune on the windows phone is great, Smart DJ might not have the music genome behind it, but it's just as good.
    I really don't miss pandora on my phone, I didn't even have it on my Android or iphone, Skype is another story...
  • Did anyone see this video from Robert Scoble talking nonsense about Windows Phone? Wow so much brainwashed people.
  • The only part that matters about this is getting other people to get a Windows Phone. Some may see that it doesn't have Pandora and not want it. Hopefully that number is small, but it's still a problem. At least we already have plenty of Pandora alternatives so it really doesn't matter for those who have brains.
  • I have not used Pandora in several years, and don't imagine I would use it if it were to come to Windows Phone. However, it infuriates me that Pandora is unwilling to take the small leap of faith that is supporting a growing and promising platform. Windows Phone has not necessarily proven itself to everyone yet, but it is obvious that there is mayor potential. I really don't understand why they won't make an app for it yet. Maybe the decision-maker actually has a Windows Phone, but hasn't updated to Mango yet! Hehe...
  • Prior to switching to WP7 I was a heavy Pandora user. The lack of Pandora support on WP7 made me look for alternatives and now im a big fan of Spotify, Zune pass and last fm which IMO blow away Pandora. So to sum it up, its really no biggie if Pandora cones to WP7, because were doubt just fine without it.
  • Meh.  I've moved on.  Besides, Slacker has a deal with ESPN now.  So long Pandora.
  • I came from a BlackBerry and a touch pro 2 so this isn't big news to me. I now use Zune pass and slacker radio
  • Pandora is a recognizable brand that people look to for online music.  I doubt that is the key decision maker when looking to purchase a new phone.  Typically it is the carrier, the phone OS, the phone specs, and the "cool factor."  Pandora is an app that you might assiciate with the cool factor, but that's about it.  The average user will look for alternatives if Pandora does not exist.  The job for the alternatives is to convice the user that their app is equivalent or better than Pandora.  I like Zune and Pandora.  If the market share of WP7 grows, Pandroa will not have a choice but to release and app. 
  • You give people way to much credit as they're not that saavy. While Pandora in of itself may not sell the phone, it helps not hurt in the decision factor for an indivdual.  No different than the 32GB vs 16GB debate on Windows Phone (vs Android/iPhone).
  • when developers refuse to support a platform, I can't help but see it as laziness. I know it's not always the case, but when a big website or company says they're going to limit development to iOS and Android it gives me a really negative view of them as a company. It's as if they're saying they don't value me as a customer because it would take too much work to make my transactions with them more convenient. And Pandora can suck it. Zune pass and Slacker/LastFM have made it redundant and obsolete.
  • Forget them.  They will come crawling to the platform once it gets popular, just like Verizon & Sprint.  And by then, most will have found alternatives.  Many of which are better.
    I moved on long ago.  Spotify,, Slacker, Zune.  Who needs pandora?
  • I use Pandora a-lot,but not so much as of late. I sort got to enjoy using Spotify and Zune more
  • ...wait, we do we need yet another way to stream music to our phones. I thought it was a phone for making phone calls
  • "I thought it was a phone for making phone calls"
    Is that all you do with your WP? You're wasting a lot of money if that's the case.
  • I'll be emailing Pandora about their lack of support as well and my displeasure at their behavior.
  • Ya know,, I'm sick of other platforms getting recognition. Sick of hearing about Apple, sick of the pathetic, naive, arrogance of Android users.. WP could have more recognition if MS did a better job marketing in 2011, but those who doubt WP in 2012-2013 are sure to be proven wrong.... I guess Pandora is doing well enough to sit back and play it safe. And, others may be doing the same, but some are mostly just "stupid" and biased. It's war as far as I'm concerned, and I will be as biased as it takes.
  • Pandora is a business. Not all businesses make good business decisions. That's all that's need to be said.
  • it might be because microsoft made a deal with slacker for four years. its a wild speculation
  • @Daniel Rubino, why don't you lash out at him rather than us for having a different opinion than you do? I'd like his twitter account just so I could bytch him out myself. I don't use Pandora myself as I prefer the others but it would be nice to see it with an app.
  • We should let Pandora et al know that they are clearly disrespecting their users who also use Windows Phone. While they may think they are sticking it to M$ (they won't actually say that) they are writing off us as users. We should let them know that we are fine with that and we will instead go with Slacker/LastFM/Spotify, who actually want our business.
  • Who needs Pandora, I got Zune Pass ;)
  • Their lack of support already drove me to no big loss.
  • if pandora won't support windows phone then i won't support pandora 
  • who cares? pandora totally sucks. their selection sucks. their crappy UI and iOS client sucks too. they'll be gone in the near future anyway.
  • Pandora simply isn't a big enough App to get me to consider a platform change to use it. Honestly, I could care less about Pandora considering WP7 has A LOT of top notch Radio apps, including Spotify.
  • You guys are missing the point.. Everything revolves around the almighty dollar. Pandora is simply waiting for Microsoft to offer them enough cash I'm sure. Makes no sense. Pandora has pissed me off for years, they never supported Symbian either. I refuse to give that company a dime of my money.
  • I let the guys at Pandora know before I canceled my paid account that I wouldn't be renewing if there was no Windows Phone client. I've sent them little reminders that I wouldn't mind sending them money again, but they need to create a supported client.
    I've been getting the same "we'll see how the market shakes out" response from the guys at Contour with regards to covering Windows Phone with their helmet cam software.
    I guess it's time to give LastFM a look.
    I really don't understand how small minded many of these tech companies are being. In a down economy you need innovate, this is no time to sit back.
  • Fk pandora,YouTube and all anti-Microsoft a holes. We don't want android or iPhone. Stop blocking developers because they are willing to do what you won't. If you block them because they are making money then develop a freaking app.
  • This is disappointing news only because I use the service. But I also use GrooveShark, SiriusXM, etc.  Different situations make each valuable to me. Pandora keeps reminding me they don't care about how I want to access their service - on my mobile being the principal method.  Anyhow, its not like they need me or my money LOL.
  • Zero reason not to support it.
    Either lazy, being paid to not support it, or having pressure applied by competitors to not support it period.
  • Pandora sucks anyway. Spotify is the better music service.
  • The great irony about Scoble is that he became irrelevant pretty much the day he left Microsoft.