Petition asking for a Worldwide Marketplace

While Windows Phone 7 devices are available in many countries the access to the Windows Phone Marketplace isn't. According to an online petition, the Marketplace is only available in seventeen countries and Windows Phone 7 owners want that to change.

The petition is directed to Microsoft and simply asks:

"We would like to ask you to allow access to the international marketplace worldwide or, at the very least, for customers in all the countries were the phones are available, as soon as possible. In case there are objective reasons why this is not possible we would kindly ask you to inform the general public of the issues involved and a roadmap for the worldwide availability of the marketplace."

The request sounds reasonable and it would be depressing to have a shiny new Samsung Focus with no bells and whistles. Granted in Microsoft's defense there could be trade restrictions, currency exchange issues, and other hurdles to overcome.

If you're interested in joining the cause and signing the online petition you can find more information here. As of this posting 416 signatures have been obtained.

Thanks goes out to Jaroslav for the tip!

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  • and how did other companies overcome these so called "hurdles"? why can't Microsoft also?
  • its probably legal issues... people dont think... oh well it doesnt work in some countries, get over it.
  • People do think. Read my comment below. Legal issues in EU do not exist once you've covered one of the EU countries. It's all about language support and it's lame since they sell phones without it.
  • are you a lawyer? there is music in the marketplace as well, there are all kinds of copyright laws that cover music in different parts of the world.
  • No one is talking about music. Read the petition.
  • the windows phone marketplace contains music.
  • Windows phone APP marketplace doesn't. Come on, read the petition. Plus, I can bet that when App Marketplace is finally available in other countries Music marketplace still won't be.
  • Forget the petition for a second, you're not understanding what he's trying to say. Right now the "Zune Marketplace" is one marketplace, it has BOTH apps AND music, hell when you search it it brings up apps and music! Now I'm not saying the music side is the problem or the cause of the delay and not just basic language support but the fact remains the marketplace is one thing with music, apps and games, there is no distinction on paper or even on the device as many have brought up the problem of searching for apps spits out music as well.
  • Yes, I understand. That said I'm not sure but I seriously doubt that there's the same level of music availability in all the supported countries. I'm pretty sure there's music that's available for one region and not available for all other regions, so there shouldn't be a problem to make all music unavailable in some region.
  • Regarding trade restrictions, taxes, legal issues etc.: I can't speak for the world but I can assure you that there are no such problems in European Union. Once you covered one EU country you can trade in them all without any overhead. Just take a look at the list of supported countries in EU. Belgium and Austria aren't the biggest markets in Europe but they are supported. It's obvious that this is solely for the fact that they speak French and German respectively (even though supposedly only 40% of Belgians speak French). On the other hand The Netherlands is almost the same country as Belgium (I'm sure there are no legal economical differences) but it's not supported. And why is that? Because they speak Dutch and Microsoft is not yet ready to launch a Dutch marketplace. We are simply asking them to launch an English (International) marketplace in all these countries. After all lack of local language support doesn't stop them from selling the phones in these countries.
  • Language support should get updated quick IMO, I don't see why MS would wait for this, maybe the first update will add some more countries into the mix. I know I'm one of them, here in Greece, so I'll be stuck with downloading free apps till I can find a way to buy from the marketplace or it officially comes here so I can use my CC. MS did expand Xbox Live here, but not zune, so I'm just hoping it happenes sooner rather than later since vodafone and some tech retailers are infact selling WP7 devices here.
  • Is the phone pictured above a real phone? If so who makes it?
  • No, it's a shot of the WP7 emulator which looks like a phone on your screen just like that.