Popular music game SongArc is now a UWP app for Windows 10

SongArc, one of the more popular games on the Windows platform, is now a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app for Windows 10. With the update, the popular interactive music game is now supported across Windows 10 platforms.

Speaking with Microsoft (opens in new tab), SongArc CEO Andras Velvart explained that the UWP conversion let the team to share a majority of the code across platforms, allowing them to experiment with new gestures.

The SongArc story begins with Xamarin's MonoGame cross-platform game engine. While the team created the game first on Windows due to centralized resources and enthusiastic beta testers, Andras says that the cross-platform focus was a priority from Day One."Over 90 percent of the game is shared cross-platform, not re-written," he said. "That was a huge time-saver."That allowed the team to experiment with the input methods and gestures that became crucial to the gaming experience.

If you're interested in checking out the gesture-based beat game, you can grab it from the Windows Store at the link below!

Download SongArc from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: SongArc

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  • One of my favourite games ever. Brilliant game!
  • I would prefer Tap Tap revenge, remember that. That game was good, the Metallica one was great. I wish they would make one for WP. Maybe a UWP and play it on your pc with keyboard.
  • Tap Tap Revenge is disbanded. They not making new game.
  • It nice our apps are becoming more powerful I think we need a bit more like exclusives windows only forever patented apps to save up and catching up in windows store
  • Forever patented? Isn't that impossible? Not to mention how software patents can stifle innovation.
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  • Just downloaded and i'm hooked! Keep em' coming :D
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  • Gona have to try this app!
  • Neat. I played this for a while, but it ended up getting deleted because of sheet quality. Community creation is cool as a concept, but can often lead to quality issues that hurt the game. I still think they did a very good job with this, and seeing it still supported and go Universal is great.
  • Try the sheets by the female classical group called "Escala" by user Angelo. They are so professionally done am surprised they are not official sheets. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Well, playing a music game with music I don't like. It kind of kills the reason I would play a music game, and it is why I didn't bother with the new Guitar Hero or Rock Band.
  • Meh, I always have to send a ticket to the devs or create a new account to play, it isn't even fun, I can't create sheets that way
  • Yahooing
  • I like rhythm based games.  Will give this a try.
  • How does this so work, I'd love to have a clue before trying it out
  • Last time I tried to play on w10m groove integration wasn't working because of drm, that's a big turn off..