Popular Windows Phone news reader app Weave to shut down on March 14

After five years the popular news reading app Weave will close down on March 14. Without providing a reason as to why the company is closing down the popular app for Windows Phone, Seles Games published a handful of tweets to thank consumers and Microsoft (as well as ourselves) for all the support the team received since 2010.

Weave Closing

It's always rather sad for us here at Windows Central to lose an app we've essentially grown up with. Weave was a solid news reading app that many have enjoyed as Microsoft evolved its mobile platform and it'll surely be missed. That said, there are a few alternatives one can use in its absence, including the likes of Fuse.


If you'd like to sit through some history, take a look at our Weave review from December 2010. Do you use Weave on a daily basis? If so, which alternative will you look at once the service ceases to exist?

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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