President of HTC China reveals more info behind Windows Phone 8X and 8S, hints at Zenith.

Mr. Ren Weiguang on Windows Phone 7.5 Chinese launch event. Image credit to

Chinese site WPDang managed to interview Mr. Ren Weiguang, the president of HTC China, after the manufacturer's September 19th announcing of the very colorful Windows Phone 8X and 8S range. The interview reveals what's probably mixed news about HTC's products.

In summary, Mr. Ren told the journalist the following:

  • HTC won't ditch Windows Phone or Android. The company adopted Windows Phone before it was mature, and won't abandon Android when things are starting to go sour along that path.
  • HTC Titan, the company's only Windows Phone legally released in China, has sold "not very well", but "as we expected". With this I totally agree. When you sell a device only in a selected few channels and don't advertise about it, this is to be expected all right...
  • Beats Audio was brought to Android devices with dedicated audio chips. But on Windows Phone (both 8S and 8X), it was implemented through software enhancement, because Microsoft doesn't allow the manufacturer to alter the standard circuit design. This sounds a bit cheap. Not sure how the audio performance of 8S and 8X will be, when pitched against their Android counterparts, although the addition of an amplifier in the 8X may help.
  • As you've found out, HTC indeed is considering colors a key differentiator. Outside the default choices, there might be new "carrier-exclusive" color patterns too. According to WPDang's informant, HTC's 8S has got unique colors to all three Chinese carriers: red for China Mobile, blue for China Unicom, and grey+yellow combo for China Telecom.
  • Besides 8S and 8X, HTC is working on a phone with "even bigger screen" right this moment. This could be the previously rumored quad-core device "Zenith". In another post, WPDang speculated the potentially mother of all Windows Phone 8 devices will hit the market by the very end of 2012, or early 2013.

I can't help but wonder though... If adding an audio chip alters the circuit beyond Microsoft's limit, how about Nokia? The Finnish company threw a whole optical image stablization system, complete with specially designed hardware and customized driver, into the Lumia 920. Does that mean Microsoft is granting Nokia power beyond power, allowing it to manipulate Windows Phone (the OS and specifications) in any technical fashion it likes?

Does HTC's repeated statement about "we have invented a thoroughly sound marketing strategy together with Microsoft" (dead curious about what exactly it is) mean Redmond is trying to compensate the "unfair effect" from Nokia's especially favorable treatment? If Nokia gets all the technical power, and HTC the full marketing support and naming privilege ("Windows Phone 8 series" running on Windows Phone 8 OS), then what's left for other Windows Phone manufacturers?

What about guys like ZTE and Huawei, who typically won't move until they have a clear path and objective? And Samsung, the company left in the cold with an Ativ S whose screen couldn't be lit up?

So... what do you make of the interview? Do you feel colors as a selling proposition convincing enough? Are you excited about the "even bigger" thing yet to come? Let us know in the comment field.

Sauce: WPDang (1), WPDang (2)

Kane Gao
  • Really hoping the Zenith exists.
  • I leaning towards the 920 but if HTC can make a phone with a larger screen than my Titan, count me in!
  • Don't wanna see the zenith get buried in Verizon and ATT against Nokia L920 and Apple Iphone5, just like the titans.
  • If the Zenith does exist, then it'll explain why the 8X has only 16GB of storage.
  • Still doesn't explain it. How difficult can it be to put in a 32 GB?
  • +microSD in all flagship phones, instead of in the crap ones
  • +1
  • +10
  • +1
  • It will also explain why the 8X is a 4.3" flagship unlike HTC's usual 4.8" screen flagship.
  • Just get the hell over it
  • MS should allow everything to everyone, without limitations. Else its human nature not to remain within defined boundry, will break it or abandon it.
  • I'm absolutely against MS allowing everyone to do everything they want to do with WP8! Doing that will turn it into an OS with all kinds of crappy skins like Android! It will destroy the beauty, simplicity, & purity of WP8!
  • +1
    OEMs need to add their innovations without impacting the overall usability of WP8
  • How about let companies do watever they want with the hardware, without touching the WP8 UI?
  • Like what? Microsoft is sticking with Snapdragon SoCs to help the developers and easier software update. Look what happens with Android and fragmented hardware. They get slow software updates and apps freeze and force close.
  • Exactly.  I was pleased to see that HTC Sense was still restricted to simply an app pinned to the homescreen. 
  • Part of the Nokia Microsoft deal was that Nokia would be able to make certain changes that other oems couldn't. Most people speculated it was the GUI design or things like HTC Sense. It seems these changes are under the skin.
  • If they do that, you will be waiting months or even over a year for updates on some phones. Substantially different hardware means new drivers that have to be developed and tested and then the carriers will need to test each phone. The reason windows had so many problems is because of poorly written divers by third party manufacturers. I'm sure MS wants to avoids these issues now.
  • Here's a comment about me wanting a Lumia 920. Enjoy!
  • Well I didn't expect a comment like that!
  • Wrong article
  • lol it is wellknown taht wpdang makes fake news
  • Not sure I believe the bit about circuit boards seems very odd. More likely it was drivers and the system doesn't support that chip yet. But doing the sound in software is a bit of a let down.
  • It shouldn't be a let down. The one thing I love about my HD7, that makes me truly apprehensive about my planned switch to Nokia, is the built-in, software only, Sound Enhancer. The SRS setting makes music sound amazing on $2 earbuds!! I am a huge music lover and an audiophile who doesn't want to carry a dedicated music player, so this is right behind reception and battery life on my smartphone priorities. (before you cry foul on the audiophile claim, most of the music on my phone is lossless .WMA format, and the $2 buds I mentioned belong to my wife. I only tried them after my last set of *very expensive* studio quality cans got stepped on in the middle of the night-once I finished crying :P)
  • On my HD7 I find that the sound enhancer helps but definitely not that impressive, not enough to keep me from switching to the 920. I find there is a much better sound when I uses my Ultimate Ears buds over my $10 cheapos. Besides, HTC has never fixed the inability to play music continuously without the phone locking up unless the phone is plugged in. This alone will keep me from buying an HTC again.
  • I do not have that problem on my Titan II.
  • I don't have that problem on my HD7, speak for yourself
  • Microsoft is starting to worry me a bit with their strategy of aving Nokia be the flagship manufacturer. Theres forever going to be a misbalance and...awkwardness among all of Windows Phone's hardware partners as the watch Microsoft Nokia continue to be the golden child...
    I mean, Samsung should be a huge partner yet theyre not even allowed to turn their device on at their event... meanwhile Nokia has exclusive EVERYTHING, and HTC is getting blatant 2nd place treatment....its awkward man...
  • totally agree with you. Every WP OEM should be given a level playing field without discrimination. I love HTC from day one and Nokia New entrant to Windows Phone now taking all the glory with Exclusive hardware tweek & Big marketing budget this is not fare to other OEM.
  • Nokia are 100% dedicated to WP. Maybe if Samsung revealed more than just ONE wp8 handset and showed a little more commitment, they could bargain a bit more..
  • Eh? Samsung is actually a bigger partner than you think. They probably pay more for the windows license than any other manufacter besides HP. Plus I am sure that they provide memory chips to microsoft as well. If that doesn't buy them any goodwill then I don't know what will.
  • Samsung paying for a license is all about Samsung not getting sued and also so they can continue to create great Android phones.  In this case they are not doing MS any favors.  In fact, they are just avoiding anymore legal problems.
    Samsung selling memory chips to MS is just one company buying goods from another.  Unless Samsung is providing MS with super duper memory chips that no one else has then it's just business as usual for both companies.    
    Only one company put all their chips into the Windows Phone OS and that would be Nokia.  Nokia needed Microsoft and vice versa.  Whatever deal NokiSoft walked away with was enough to generate the innovation and devices you see coming to market now from both companies.  In addition, Nokia has been given special access to Windows Phone OS because they have an incredible amount of services, awesome apps and industry leading hardware design to bring to the table.  You are seeing that now and they are the ONLY reason (other than the software) why anyone is paying attention to Windows Phone now.  Did it ever dawn on anyone this marriage between NokiSoft has an expiration date and if successful, should leave both companies in positive positions in their individual markets?  In short, both companies envision futures where they can do business because it's good and not necessarily because they need each other as much as they do now.
    Also, with the news of HTC providing the "signature" device to the Windows Phone 8 stable, I guess all of the "MS owns Nokia and Elop" talk can now start to go away?  
  • +1.  In addition, Nokia has the worldwide reach to distribute WP devices which HTC and Samsung don't; this will help get WP to more people. 
    Not to mention, Microsoft gets access to some of Nokia's IP, as well as to the Nokia's Location services (which, coincidentally, ALL WP oems (and their users) get to benefit from). 
    The expiration date that you mention, hopefully, is a LONG way away, and I hope that there is an 'option to continue' clause in this deal as I'd love for Nokia to be a lifelong partner with Microsoft and Windows Phone.
  • +1
  • Fair? Bwaaaahahaha... :-)
  • Loyalty should be a key factor. Sammy has half-assed their wp-campaign and has delivered far from their potential... WP needs dedication and that's what Nokia and fortunately HTC are doing now:) A 5"+ screen could sway me away from Lumia 920. I feel these companies are helping WP push technology:)
  • Giving their Note 2 priority isn't something they should get castrated for. Microsoft should be happy that they are making them a brush aluminum GS3 and I think the fans should be grateful too.
    And if you want to be technical about it, Samsung is doing a lot more for MS than HTC is. HTC is just getting free marketing from MS. While Samsung is doing a lot to push Windows RT and Windows 8 pro.
  • Don't you mean brushed plastic??? With the exception of the chrome trim and home button, its all a gimmick
  • True. Id rather have a 'real' plastic case than a fake metal one.
  • I haven't seen anything from Sammy with the exception of Joe Belfiore using their table when demoing W8
  • Why won't Microsoft treat all OEMs the same? They are creating a misbalance and could affect Windows Phone.
  • Yep, shit is pissing me off. If it continue going like this. Will jump ship to a Nexus HTC instead ( no bloatware or Skins). Pure Google. I love Nokia, but come on, throw a bone or two to HTC and Samsung. P.s. This exclusive app shit is asinine!
  • So you're going to get a nexus one that is over 3 years old? Ain't no HTC Nexis that are current 
  • Is not their (Microsoft's) fault that Nokia is supporting WP more than any other OEM.
    And for exclusive apps, that's Nokia, not Microsoft.
  • Nokia, pay for it with your money then give it to competing manufacturers for free. You sound stupid. Sammy and HTC have more pull with developers than Nokia because of android yet chose not to engage them for their WP offerings. Nokia had Symbian with much lower market share than android, dropped it, chose WP, engaged developers, and are getting results and you want them to give it to others who aren't buying their devices immediately?? 2-3 month exclusivity is fair
  • I just watched HTC's Windows Phone launch event video. Microsoft is definitely throwing HTC a bone. But the didn't get it for free. HTC custom-designed the new phones specifically for WP. Other than Nokia and HTC, are any other manufacturers custom-designing phones from the ground up for WP, or are they all scavenging off their old Andeoid phone husks?
  • Because not all the OEMs treat Microsoft the same, for example why is Nokia the Exclusive partner with Microsoft well lets see.
    - App count has had a real boost since Nokia came along, now app count is rising seven times faster than without Nokia.
    - Nokia dedicates all it has for Microsoft, Nokia markets, they innovate and most importantly they support. W8 and Windows Phone 8 are the first to experience this but its not a little deal to get the best maps to your platform for free.
    - So should Nokia be treated like a rag dog or should it have some love? I dont know about you but in my opinion Nokia has not gotten that much love with all the secrets from Microsoft. I mean no release date yet (hopefully 29 sept we know a little more).
  • The other OEMs aren't bringing anything to the table... So f@ck m!:)
  • If there there is misbalance derived from lack of dedication on HTC & Sammy's behalf, but I don't believe a word of what this guy is saying but the part about HTC not advertising WP and because that, they didn't expect WP to sell well. You guys are completely ignoring the fact that HTC admitted their lack of commitment to WP for the record. This is something we've all been saying in this forum for over a year and when they produce what I consider a low end device that has visual appeal, we suddenly forget. What's high-end besides maybe the chip and screen??? 16GB??? C'mon man....oh wait, MS told them they couldn't install more than 16GB as well :-/
  • Because all OEM's aren't treating WP the same
  • I find it a bit strange they did not even hint at zenith during last weeks presentations. Wouldn't you want all those potential lumia customers to think twice if you had a 4.8 inch 16mp, 32gig, quad-core monster (or whatever specs it may have) released in three months time?
  • I totally agree.
  • Lol!  Do you honestly think that Nokia is not going to announce another high end Lumia device at MWC 2013?  Stephen Elop is one of the Keynote Speakers at MWC 2013, and I think it is safe to say that they will have a successor to the Lumia 920, just as they had a successor to the Lumia 800 at MWC 2012.
    Nah; Lumia 920 is quite innovative - there is no need to wait for a HTC device, unless you are simply a fan of HTC phones.
  • Shut the hell up! You're probably the biggest Nokia fan in here. Its sickening
  • Good things come to those that wait. Patience is a Virtue. If that Zenith is true, then the playing field has changed. Nokia showed 2 phones and HTC showed two phones and Samsung one...but good ol' HTC with the backdoor hidden player. I like it!!
  • Lol, the things HTC does that I love ;-)
  • Yeah + they still have plenty of time to reveal more info.. As long as they do it before the 920 is launched.. It would make sense to spread out the launch a bit, so they can gain more hype closer to launch then it's fresh in peoples minds when they are deciding what phone they want..
  • I feel differently about rhis. The moment the 920 (or any one of the first wp8 batch phones)comes out I will pull the trigger - because I just cannot wait any longer :) If I knew HTC would really bring something big in early 2013, though, that might be different. Just my 0.02$
  • Yeah, so people can be locked in to new two year agreements. He said late October or Jan' 13
  • Nothing good can come if you upgrade, you have to wait two years unless you're rolling in money. Many of us aren't, many are still holding on to the 900 for another year. I ask the question, "was it really MS fault"? I'd the manufacturer dangles a good looking device into customers faces, they will likely buy it immediately(manufacturers know this) and yet they're willing to introduce a new one two-three months after the previous device know full well many customer will be locked into a contract. Sounds suspect to me :-/
  • then have a little patience and wait to see what Zenith brings.
  • The average consumer doesn't get inside information like us forum dwellers; l will be waiting, but what about the average consumer who is the majority? They will be locked in due to lack of info
  • HTC has a 'hidden' player?  And you think that Samsung and Nokia won't have the same?
  • A quad core Windows Phone 8 Sammy Note would really make things interesting.
  • HTC Zenith with 8S design = The existence of sexy
  • Am I the only one that finds it disturbing that people refer to phones as sexy? I suppose I just have a wildly different perception of sexy than you do! I mean, how can it possibly be sexy without a keyboard? ;)
  • again, Samsung, htc, and just about every oem, from asus to dell was all courted even before Nokia existed in wp arena, so all that is bull as they could have done all this themselves, The court ship with nokia isn’t a one way street as nokia is bringing things to windows phone that everyone htc, samsung, and the rest will all benefit from, Nokia spending time and money developing and bringing awareness to wp, even all this color bs only exists cause ok nokia. There wouldn’t have been multiple color choices for htc or surface, except them borrowing that design cue from nokia. I don’t think the photo redesign would have happened either. For two years windows phones have had the suckiest phones in this ecosystem war.  Its was as far as quality is concerned, Apple, Android, then wp7. Hardware wise it was, Android, Apple, and then wp7. Design, Apple, Android, wp7, innovations, apple, etc but Thanks to Nokia. WP7 has been mentioned at the top of the charts on design, quality, innovations,,etc. Because of Nokia you have celebrities sporting windows phones. Bringing more brand awareness to windows phones. Htc, Samsung everyone will benefit from nokias mapping upgrades, nokias navigation, all the developer interest that nokia is generating. I bet Nokia has given away more phones promoting wp that all oems combined. They’ve also spent more on advertising, ms haven’t even done that, and windows phone is their baby. It’s really simple if you want something give something don’t just whine cause some else is doing what you should have done. Nokia the last one to the table by a year or more, they came in a oem arena with, Samsung, dell, asus, htc, and others, even sony made a wp7 device, all oems seemed to be doing wp7 as a hobby, spending a 8th of their time and effort on making a windows phone, but yet nokia came in and gave it their all risking their whole company on windows phone, and they’ve become number one for it but still is in danger of going out of business not because of their work but because there team mate have been dragging there feet. Thanks God WP8 in on the way as this conversation will be mute next year as there’s enough success to go around, here’s hoping that they all do good, even late comer’s that haven’t been announced yet.
  • +1
  • +1 I guess!
  • Sensible comment at last.
  • well said..very much on point
  • +1
    Well put, this is Nokia big gamble... But all others are there with only one feet in the water...
    If not, just read around how users and carriers feel about the support for WPhones.
  • +1... Exactly my thoughts... Stupid HTC , Dell , other WP oems had two years to work on WP .. And they did nothing revolutionary..
    MS is confident about the capabilities and experience of Nokia.. HTC dell Samsung is nothing compared to legendary Nokia.. Nokia is in mobile industry way before Samsung was born :-D irs just that Nokia is going through a bad time.. But they have come back with a blast.. And other oems are shitting bricks..
  • every one is gonna have quadcores, sammy, nokia, etc. They probally already have them but chose not to leak whats coming soon, much luv for htc , giving a hint as to whats coming.
  • I totally agree with USTUDIO... Nokia has given Windows platform so much already and will continue to give WP8 more... HTC should be more original and not copy the polycarbonate design with color from Nokia.
  • C'mon... You're being unreasonable towards HTC
  • The colors are definitely not the same. Put the phones aide by side.
  • HTC did polycarbonate with the OneX long before the 8X was announced, so why is it that a polycarbonate phone on android is original but a polycarbonate with color on WP is stealing from Nokia!? At least be knowledgeable if ur gunna bag on a good OEM like HTC
  • I really don't care. when I buy a device it's because I like it. All I really want to see is WP8 really take off OEM'S making good designed devices and an OS with no bloat running smooth and giving me live feeds when I need them.Today WP7 tomorrow WP8 ....
  • ^^THIS^^
  • I don't understand why everyone keeps saying HTC copied Nokia. It takes months and thousands of man hours to design a phone not to mention create all the equipment to mass produce them. Do you honestly believe HTC had time to copy Nokia in the short time that the 920 and 820 were released till now? And I think the colors is more of a MS thing trying to create a running theme between all OEM's I hear huewei's WP8 phones are going to come in various colors also.
  • Nokia 800 came out in october/november 2011 and Nokia 900 came out in April 2012... So yes HTC had enough time to copy the polycarbonate design... what I am saying is HTC can be original thinker also... HTC does come up with beautiful design...
    By having the same design as the Lumia 920 and 900, HTC will take some sale away from Nokia but HTC will lose so much more in the long run when people realize that Lumia 920 is a stronger design with many exclusive apps from Nokia... Therefore it helps to have original design to differentiate from competitors...
  • Put the phones aide by side. The designs are quite distinct when viewed from multiple angles.
  • But Nokia N9 has been around for ages and that is the design root for all things Lumia (and HTC 8* IMHO) ;-)
  • You do have a good point,,I'm not sure if you seen the HTC event or not but there's a part how they show how the 8X was designed with the battery closest to the screen and all the other components layered on top like a pyramid so there was really no other way the phone could have been designed. And personally I don't think the 920 and 8X look anything alike,,,the 8X has all roundes corners and edges and the 920 has sharp edges on top and bottom.
  • I haven't seen the video but I do not believe that customers care how the phones are design from the inside (unless the phone is transparent... Now that original design... a transparent and see-through phone. :)
    If you'd look at front of Lumia 920 and HTC 8X, they're both next to identical... HTC has too much design talent to not come with a phone that would blow people away
  • Didn't HTC get to add their chip to the camera for faster image capture? Microsoft probably give more leeway to tampering with the camera circuit, just not the main one.
  • +1. Let them do what they want on the camera side of the OS just don't touch or add crappy things in other areas of WP8!
  • Yes they did, I think this guy is full of crap. Why mention the zenith if people will be locked into a new contract? For that matter, why introduce it two months after? People will be locked in and cannot afford early upgrade fees
  • @OMG55...At the end of the day, oems can't be expected to not continue to produce and improve upon their offerings, and release those devices to masses.  Contracts end everyday of the year, and thus it is appropriate for oems to release devices and those coming off of contract the opportunity to purchase a new device.
    HTC, Samsung, and Nokia are all going to keep releasing WP phones months after the other; last year, consumers got the first wave of WP7.5 devices (i.e. Radar, Luma 710, Focus Flash, Focus S, Titan, Lumia 800) and a second wave of WP 7.5 (Focus 4G, Titan II, Lumia 900).
    When you lock yourself into a contract, that person has committed to stick it out for 2 years; something better is ALWAYS around the corner, and if consumers are the type to have to always have the lastest and greatest, it would probably behoove them to purchase their devices unsubsidized and contract free.
  • I'm pretty sure it will be the note regurgitated to WP8. I'm still in favor of MS buying Nokia, benefiting from all their tech, and being more aggressive. And idk what noone says I think that would be the future
  • How about MS designing a phone themselves, one which is built by either Nokia or HTC... Just like they did on the surface...
  • I think that would be awesome, but if they bought Nokia, it would no longer be a Nokia, just MSFT they should buy BlackBerry too, they are on the verge of dying anyway. Then MSFT should make their own. imo
  • I think since Nokia started making Windows Phones, they have given Nokia favourtism. This is not really fair for other companies, its like saying to twins one of you can have this lolly and the to the other you cannot have one.
    I mean its like Microsoft is wanting Nokia to be on top, leaving all the other WP's behind. If Microsoft is wanting WP8 to be Number 1 phone, they should allow all compnaies that produce WP's to be allowed to alter certain aspects to give it the edge, not granting 1 company more than the other.
  • You can look at it this way... If one twin is continuing to do well in school and giving 100% effort and the other twin is doing not so well and half assing it. I'm quite sure most parents are going to give more privileges to the twin who is giving it his all.
  • I would give any company favourtism if they are willing to devote 100% and bet their company's future on my phone platform while other guys are only half-hearted.  Furthermore, Nokia is willing to share their flagship Mapping system with WP8 and make it substantially more competitive to the other platforms.  What has HTC and Samsung contributed to the WP platform?  Nothing really.  MS certainly wants WP to be No. 1 phone OS.  Nokia is the No. 1 believer of that.  Lumia 900 has demonstrated their serious efforts and given WP a good name.
  • I'm a little confused. HTC can use a custom chip for photo processing, but not audio? If anything it sounds like Nokia worked with Microsoft to create a plug in architecture for the camera that doesn't exist for audio. It's hard to differentiate on audio since most people can hear the difference. It's easy to see the difference in pictures. Might explain why HTC got rid of a lot of their shares in Beats.
  • No it wouldn't, because they still use it in Android. It didn't significantly increase their Android sales, that's why they dumped a lot of them period. Don't go blaming MS. The HTC rep also clearly stated that HTC didn't advertise their WP7 offerings so they didn't expect them to sell well. This time around, MS must have told them, "if you're not all in for WP8, don't bother making devices for us at all
  • If the Zenith Exists, then why wait to release it? Does HTC have a deal with Android not to release a real flagship wp8? This phone had to already be in production along with the 8S & 8X. Many people are going to be locked into another 2 year agreement if they get 8S/8X, whichever one they choose, therefore killing Zenith sales making WP sales appear to be flat or non existent. I hate to say this, but Apple releases a phone once a year, making it available immediately. MS should tell manufacturers to release all devices simultaneously or don't mention the device that isn't ready until the next year all together. Now people may go forward with Apple or Android because of foolishness like this. With the exception of consumers who don't have a desire for higher specs like many of us here, I want the higher spec phone; with this announcement, whatever reservation the 8 series had given me towards purchasing the L920 is gone.....L920 4sure :-D
  • Problem with that is OEMs need sales all year round. Apple gets them with price drops on older models at regular intervals. If HTC launches the 8x, 8s and rumored Zenith all on the same day, on all carriers in all markets, and then Samsung drops the Note 2 the next day/week, HTCs line tanks and they're done for the year, and they likely never make a WP again.
  • I didn't mean OEM's release simultaneously, I meant each OEM should intro all there offering basically on one stage with detailed info on release dates, pricing, carrier. This would give consumers the luxury of waiting as opposed to jumping the gun and being locked into a contract they can't get out of if a better device comes out. Not everyone visits these forums to have an inside track like us and the media is dedicated to Apple so consumers outside of us forum members are doomed or deliberately swayed to other platforms
  • There's always going to be something better right around the corner. That's just the way it is.
  • I'm pretty sure that Nokia is also working on a Quad-Core version with even more enhanced Pureview camera technology.  Kevin Shields, SVP of Nokia, hinted recently that they are looking at merging the 808 Preview specs into the 920 specs.  41mp sensor require a Quad-Core processor.  I'm hoping it will be out sometime in the 1st half of next year.  Nokia needs it to combat this Zenith thing.  :)
  • It seems Nokia is getting preferential treatment, but look at it from MS standpoint. The other OEMs introduced a WP device in Nov. 2010 (btw, I got my Focus Dec. 2010), then went into hibernation on the WP front in favor of releasing dozens of droid devices. Where was their love for WP? It was only after Nokia joined the family that new/ updated WP devices were released. If the other OEMs would have released even a forth of the droid devices as WP, then the entire NokiaMS deal may have been different. Nokia jumped into the pool up to there neck and said, let's swim. Only other thing Nokia does is Symbian (their version of XP, refuses to put it to sleep).
    There are historical parallels to look at also. MS it seems, is doing for Nokia the same thing it did for Apple years ago. Attempting to save it. Apple went from near extinction to the most loved and valuable company on the planet because MS step in with cash and other support. Here we are today with Nokia in need of cash and support. Just my $.02
  • Don't think MS is favoring Nokia. Among other customized hardware offerings, take a look at the Titan II. Big departure
  • This HTC Zenith sounds interesting no doubt! Looking forward to it!
  • Well, HTC probably gets the Signature status on their WP8s because of this.
  • Depends if it hits or at least releases info before the 920 hits the streets, I might look at it seriously.
  • This is such bs from HTC that Microsoft is limiting use of external chips. They only enforce the main SoC which is currently limited to certain Qualcomm models, and adding new ones is a major undertaking. But they don't tell you which other components to use, like WiFi, NFC, etc, but you have to write your own drivers. An external audio chip would be just the same as you can easily connect it to the S4 chip using I2S interface or something like that. This is just HTC being lazy/cheap and blaming someone else for it. This is why HTC will never release a quad core phones before other OEMs as they need Microsoft to support it first.
  • I thought HTC phones already had a special chip for the camera... So why not one for the Beats Audio? Or am i just maybe imagining this...?
  • I like the colour options. It is a selling in my oppinion, as they were for the iPod back in the day. Right now i am leaning more toward the 8x then the 920. I don't know why but i really like the design of this thing. The one big problem i have is that it's seemingly taking forever. Come on Nokia, HTC i need some WP 8 love soon. There are only so many articles and videos about the new devices and i can only watch them so many times.
  • Because it's a thinner Nokia with rounded corners, the same curved gorilla glass as the 800/900, same color options, but you won't get the same same support I will with my L920 with squared corners, curved gorilla glass, preview, cinemagraph, lenses, 32GB, etc. They are nice and I wish you well, good luck :-D
  • Yeah, and good luck getting a 920 on your carrier. wTH is Nokia dragging their feet for? Deliver to all carriers.
  • I'm very intrigued about a larger screen. I have a Titan now and have been spoiled with the 4.7" screen. I like the 920 alot, but maybe I'll hold off and see what HTC has coming.
  • I say Nokia deserves all the support based on the work they have produced. I know the deals were signed before any devices were released but even then, Nokia's history was enough for MS to give them a better deal. Now, I don't believe that the support that Nokia got from MS is the main cause of their success. Putting all the MS support aside, when you read about a Nokia WP or have the opportunity to use one, you immediately have this feeling that they put some thoughts into it. Let me take a small personal example. Here in South Africa we use USSDs alot! And as you know WP cannot really do it right now. I sent an email to Nokia South Africa highlighting the issue and in about 2 weeks there was an app in the store called emDial that was created by a developer who was supported by who? Lol you guessed it, Nokia! Moreover, Nokia actually emailed me to let me know about it. So guys, I honestly don't think Samsung, HTC or any other OEM need the level of support MS is giving to Nokia in order to succeed. They don't need MS to beat Nokia and I know that you know it lol.
  • ^ infinity and beyond :-D
  • I have no idea what USSD's are, but it is truly impressive that Nokia was so responsive to the issue.
    I didn't need to read this story to confirm my guaranteed support for Nokia products.  Nokia's Customer Service is fantastic!
  • Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the service provider's computers. USSD can be used for WAP browsing, prepaid callback service, mobile-money services, location-based content services, menu-based information services, and as part of configuring the phone on the network. "I got this^ from Wikipedia". it's like the code you dial in order to check your airtime. Like *141#. WP can do basic USSD. When you get a bit deeper, it gets lost... Without the app that is...
  • You folks better give credit to Samsung and HTC, especially Htc. These oems started the WP revolution. They've produced more WP than Nokia. They've even supported MS long before WP and Nokia. Both Samsung and HTC wanted to do more for WP but MS limited them in the early days. They were not able to put their technical innovation in WP. Therefore they opted for Android. Can you blame them? No! Now they have their and both HTC and Samsung showed some beautiful devices. So Nokia the fav child of MS out of nowhere! Fucked that! For me I say, thanks Samsung and HTC for keeping WP alive till this day!
  • Our contract is up in November, so I guess I could wait till the end of the year to see if the Zenith will actually be coming out. Only thing is, will it be included on T-Mobile...
  • :'(
    I wanted the best audio chip in a phone. Sad Microsoft didn't allow that...
  • cool news now we will wait for nokia response with lumia 41mp camera and samsung response with Ative Note ?
  • HTC's 8x is a really nice looking design for a phone. It is what I would purchase just by the looks of it if I didn't know any better; however, the 920 from Nokia is the best WP8 thus far despite the gripes about expandable memory, weight and size (though bigger than I prefer I still wouldn't settle for anything less than what 920 brings) its the best device coming straight out the box. IMO, the design Nokia developed for WP is the first to truly compliment the UI. Nokia put a lot into WP, ppl are noticing and when ppl hear WP now they picture Nokia's design and HTC knows this. This is why the 8x and 8s look similar. Forget the rounded corners, the shade difference in the colors and texture finishes of the cases. Just look at the device...its Nokia's base design with HTC tweaks. HTC built their device from the ground up with with the Lumia design in mind. HTC is using very similar design as Nokia to keep their HTC fans from jumping to Nokia. I'm a huge Samsung fan. My last 5 devices were Samsung including my current one (Focus S), but my next device whether it's 2 months from now or later is more than likely going to be Nokia. They may have started with WP later, but they set the bar. If you like HTC that much get the x or s, but 1. Be honest with yourself its a tweaked lumia and 2. when ppl see it im positive they will think it's a Nokia at first glance glance's don't get offended because you're a HTC fan. Just convince them to switch to any WP8 device.
  • If you allow all OEMs the same privileges, then Nokia is no longer bound to be WP exclusive and should explore other platforms. If not then there is no case for HTC and the rest having the same access when they are not 100% committed to WP.
  • I don't think putting springs on a camera lens and inserting a new chip are comparable. The springs don't require drivers that potentially could cause the whole os to crash. A new chip requires a lot of testing and possible some alteration to the os. Who is going to pay for that?
  • I'm looking forward to getting the Nokia Lumia 920. The fact that there might be an even better HTC WP8 phone is intriguing though. I'm definitely a fan of HTC' s recent designs and I'm sure the "Zenith" won't dissapoint whenever it is released. But without a given release date, let alone not having seen it, it is going to be almost impossible to hold out and wait for it.
    The only thing that is really making me hesitate about the 920 is the weight. (That and the no-contract price) I can live with the added thickness over othe phones, but considering the 900 is already pretty hefty, I'm really hopeing that it doesn't feel like a brick in my pocket and hand. Hopefully it will feel good and solid but not too heavy and be well distributed.
  • I don't see Google giving special treatment to Motorola. So why is it assumed it is at play here? Maybe certain companies are most hands-on interested instead of the other companies who just want to make a profit.
  • Didn't HTC add an image chip for their camera to do some processing to speed things up in that area?  Isn't that outside normal WP specs?