Quick review: TouchTwit Twitter app

A couple of us have been passing this review off on each other. Guess who drew the short straw. TouchTwit isn't the worst Twitter app in the world. It's just a little awkward. Slow in some places, and a little too quick in others. A lot like you were in high school. Fortunately, you've got 24 hours in the Windows Marketplace for Mobile to try out an app and return it. TouchTwit's available now for $4.99.

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  • I'm definitely sticking with moTweets
  • +1 for PockeTwit. User since it was an alpha.
  • With touchtwit you're trading slow boot time for a more attractive experience, which I think is a good trade off. Who cares about boot time once you're in the app. I kind of think you're exaggerating about the update time though, it's not bad at all. And I disagree about clicking links in the time line. I like it better being in a sub menu to avoid accidental clicks. It's a good debut... motweets is probably the best, followed by touchtwit, then twikini.
  • @peanutbutter your argument would be valid if this was a facebook app, but twitter is moving at light-speed so yes, SPEED IS IMPORTANT. I don't think you should have to trade off good looks for speed because PockeTwit manages to have good speed and a nice UI (just not as fast as Twikini). I'm just gonna stick with Twikini, it's the most reliable of every client I've used, but I will be checking into moTweets.
  • up coming program startup: ~20 sec. to read your NEW tweets (tested on a htc diamond 2 with 6.5)