Rainbow Six Siege builds off of esports growth with revenue share program

Rainbow Six Siege builds off of esports growth with revenue share program

Rainbow Six Siege has seen quite a bit of growth in the esports scene over its past seven seasons, and it's gearing up to bolster that even further. The league announced today that it will kick off a new, global revenue-sharing initiative as part of a pilot program with select Pro League teams.

"This will kick off with a Pilot Program, allowing revenue sharing with a selection of Pro League teams on specific in-game items," Ubisoft says. "The goal is to provide organizations and pro players additional revenue directly from the game and help foster a more stable environment. For us, it is a major step forward – a way to reward teams that contribute to the league and help it grow. For fans, revenue sharing is one of the most direct ways to show support for a specific team."

As part of the program, Ubisoft says it will initially collaborate with a total of 12 pro teams. In all, 30 percent of the net revenue on certain items will be split among the 12 teams participating in the pilot and the invitational 2019 prize pool. Those items will include one charm and one weapon skin sporting each team's color and branding, along with Pro League branded skins and charms.

In addition to the new pilot program, Ubisoft has confirmed that the next two years of Pro League, with events set to run through May of 2020. The Pro League is also getting a shakeup, with each year being made up of two six-month seasons. Lastly, the league will be holding more LAN events, including two majors and "multiple minor events."

For more, you can follow along with all of the upcoming changes at Ubisoft.

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