Resco Table Soccer

I loved Table Soccer growing up and still love to play it when I see it in an arcade somewhere. I love to have a small chest full of time wasting, addicting games on my handheld for those times you really need them, like in the Doctor's waiting room or waiting for your delayed plane at the airport. So when I saw Resco's Table Soccer this last year I snagged it. The answer to my question of is it worth the money, was soon to be answered.  Just follow the break.


Just as you expect from any Resco product, the interface is very nice looking, clean, and easy to navigate. You can play a regular "friendly" game or choose to participate in one of 3 championship cup tournaments. Either way, you can choose from 20 national teams that you would want to play as and against.

You can also choose between different tables, and if you want to play on an basic table or an advanced one. The difference is on a basic table, you control all the figures at once, where on the expert mode you control one handle at a time. I strongly reccomend the easy mode until you get used to it.

It even offers online options to update teams, tables, and new tournaments.


To control your guys you simply use the stylus and slide it left or right to kick the ball up and down to move across the table. Then simply hit the ball into the other team's goal while protecting yours. A lot easier said than done. The controls are smooth and nicely sensitive, which can be adjusted if desired.

The game play is fast paced and I have found myself playing for over ten minutes without even realizing it.

If you wanted to, you could also use the buttons on your phone, but it is a LOT harder and slower when trying to move your guys across the table.


It is kind of funny... Resco Table Soccer hasn't been a game that I would go find my phone for to play. Yet, when I do play it, I enjoy it and find that the time goes by fast before I realize it. This is a game that I can see many becoming very addicted to while others might find it a little to frustrating. I would not list it as a must have game, but I think if it sparks even a little interest, then you must at least download the demo and give it a whirl.


  • High quality realistic rendered 3D graphics
  • VGA resolution (640*480)
  • Realistic sounds and effects
  • Many national teams
  • 2 game modes: friendly / championship
  • computer opponent skill levels in the friendly mode: easy, medium, hard
  • 3 time modes match duration: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes
  • for all online championships is skill level and match duration predefined
  • Authentic team colours
  • Online championship option and upload of score to server
  • Autosave championship at any point
  • Numerous new teams downloadable directly from the game
  • Numerous new tables downloadable directly from the game
    Numerous new championships downloadable directly from the game
  • Different types of table surface
  • Bonus teams accessible after a victory in a championship
  • 4 display modes: right handed landscape (VGA), left handed landscape (VGA)
  • Simple and enjoyable stylus and/or buttons control
  • Controls sensitivity settings
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Ratings (3 out of 5)Overall: 3 stars out of 5ProsNice graphicsSensitive controlsGood tournament modeOnline updates directly from within the gameConsNo Smartphone editionCan take some getting use to
George Ponder

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