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Debunked: Microsoft's Belfiore: "Some problems" with AT&T Lumia 900

A supposed earlier correspondence between Microsoft's Joe Belfiore and Aamer Khan denoting "problems" with the Lumia 900 is evidently erroneous.

Belfiore has sent out a Tweet, in response to our own Rafael Rivera, noting that the account referred to in our earlier post is in fact a fake:

Any alleged FACEBOOK message from me that claims anything is wrong with Lumia 900 ... also a fake. :)The Lumia 900 is a Nokia phone in AT&T stores.. the launch date is Nok + AT&T's news to announce. Not us MS folks. Sorry!

So while we still don't have a Lumia 900 on AT&T and no firm date is in place, let it be known, we now know nothing more nor nothing less than a few hours ago.

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Lol, Sounds like he pissed someone off at att or MS and now it was only a fake account. Sure.....
  • Nope. It's really a fake account. You can tell by the difference in the profile pic (his hair).
    This is the one that gave the false info:
    and this is the one that's real:
  • I could tell, I posted in the original article saying it seemed fishy. Something just felt "off" about it to me, weird, I know.
  • Probably the awful run-on sentence at the end of the response.
  • It is not 'retracted' - it is 'debunked' ;-)
  • Indeed.
  • Back to square one..... :-( Dan, why art thou bearer of bad (in this case) news? ;-)
  • OMG...
    check his real account, he uses facebook for android :)
  • So the 'real' Joe uses Android then. Well at least he didn't jump ship yet compared to all the other senior MS guys in the WP division.
  • Wow...that looks real bad. He should have stuck with everyone thinking the fake account was his....
  • Where does it say he uses Facebook for Android? I seemingly looked everywhere and the only trace of using something was the Graduation pics where he uses Windows Live
  • @ coasterfreak212
    At the top of his timeline.
  • he could be using a android tablet maybe?
  • For we know he might be using Facebook for Android to see how the WP FB app fares in terms of features and quality.
  • Glad Rafael is a smart cat.  This kind of crap is ridiculous.  Also, the original message from the fake Joe was completely written in Engrish.
  • So, he's "been using one for weeks and it rocks" while us mortals don't even know the dates.. nice, real nice..
  • I just went back to iPhone a couple days ago, still like some features on WP7 but iPhone def still the superior phone. Maybe in a few years, WP will catch up with their marketplace and the marketing needs alot of work.
  • I suppose you don't mind having your contacts and pictures stolen.
  • No question WP7 is young(er) but inferior? Not. What WP did you have btw?
  • If I had to guess.. I would say you are one of the many troll accounts created to put down WP. I bet a simple IP trace would prove me right.
  • Or he could be a grown ass man with his own opinion that has nothing to do with some conspiracy against a hunk of truly isn't that serious
  • Hey TonyDedrick i would agree with that comment lol but ive seen that same post from same dude in over 9 articles if he likes the iphone thats great lol but if he was just a grown man with an opinion i doubt he would spend his time at wp7 site bad mouthing winphone lol
  • It doesn't really sound like badmouthing. Just sounds like stating his opinion. He gives some credit to WP. Clearly, its not his complete cup of tea. There are some hangups I still have with the OS and I have no qualms expressing it. Doesn't mean I'm badmouthing. 
  • Whatever....
  • I played with a couple 900s the other day and it seemed like they were ready to roll. Not sure what's taking Nokia and AT&T so long. Although camera performance did seem rather mediocre so maybe they're trying to improve that before release.
  • it seemed fake from the get go..why would Joe address by saying dear something..
    I love this site, but what I do hate is how any rumor is quickly reported trying to be the “scoop”, when in fact, most are deemed false and there is a follow up article. It’s crappy reporting and amateur at best. I wish this site would not report the rumors, unless they are 95 % sure. Otherwise , you’re just like any other 1000 blogger sites out there, but without the credibility, reporting crap! 
  • At least they report them as rumors and ask us to take them with a grain of salt. It's still much better than wmpoweruser. They go rumor crazy over there!