Returned LG Optimus 7 Windows Phones being replaced by Android equivalents

The team over at Plaffo have been experiencing issues with the LG Optimus 7. The Windows Phone would lock when booting and appear to 'freeze' on the LG logo, rendering the device useless. The problem is reportedly due to faulty boards in affected smartphones, but one would assume a simple return would solve everything with a shiny new Optimus 7, right? Wrong, or so it seems anyway.

Should you send the faulty Optimus 7 back to LG, they'll reportedly offer to replace it with an Android handset - the LG Optimus 3D. This is due to the Windows Phone being beyond repair and no stock left for send-out. A Plaffo reader sent in the conversation he had with an LG representative. According to the documentation provided, it would appear as though the manufacturer has exhausted Optiumus 7 stock.

Unfortunately, requesting the LG Jil Sander Windows Phone also led to a dead end, which leaves consumers with little choice but to jump ship to Android, purchase a new Windows Phone, or hold out until Windows Phone 8 hardware arrives. Have you contacted LG about a faulty LG Optimus 7? Let us know your experiences in the comments.

Source: Plaffo

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  •'s Android! :P
  • Lol
  • This is so common when you send devices for replacement. You give them a good phone & they want to give you crap in this case Android.
  • Not sure why you would send a good phone in for warranty work...
  • +10 Smartash points
  • Good OS, not so good hardware...hurr durr
  • Well mine is still running strong so, but with this i sure hope i don't need to send it in at least until WP8
  • Have you updated to Tango? Reboots more often than Android 1.1^^
  • I have updated and have no problems at all!
  • I am using an LG E900 for almost 2 years now and trust me, it is one of the best WP out there. Hardware is average but reliable,while the price is very good. Looks great, solid, unlocking is the easiest compared to anything else on the market. I have flashed its rom twice with no problems(I wanted the carrier specific one). I happen to use it as a hotspot at home when my cable provider fails to deliver and btw this feature and the related hardware wasnt even known to exist when the phone was launched. And the same thing goes for the electronic compass. They came with Mango update but relay on hardware that was not required when the original WP7 was launched.
    I am a verry picky person when it comes to phones. This was my choice and I am still happy with it. I dont like Android, tho I have to admit the apps are way fewer to choose from when it comes to WP7
    I dont know what will LG come with for WP8, I kindda do plan to buy a Nokia next for the huge support they offer, free apps, tight relation with MS, etc. but I wont rule out LG just yet.
  • LG sucks...
  • let me rephrase LG android handsets suck..
  • Ahahhaha so true for any OEMs after the word android
  • No, you had it right the first time. I've had other LG electronics that were not good. I most likely won't buy another LG product.
  • Supposedly they make reliable appliances. :P
  • They do. In my parents' house, their kitchen is filled with LG appliances, and they work great. As for phones, I've only ever owned one LG phone and it was a slider featurephone. Pretty solid though. I have it sitting around somewhere and I'd be willing to bet it still works.
  • Do you remember a cheap brand several years back by the name of Goldstar? They made some of the cheapo tvs and stereos and stuff you could buy at places like WalMart and Kmart. They were sort of like Emerson and GPX. Guess who LG is. Their name stands for Lucky Goldstar.
  • LG makes the Best Buy house brand of HD TVs DYNEX. bought both my boys 32" LCD tvs for $129 each(they blow them out around Christmas). Still going. Their phone suck though. And I'd be pissed if I received an android phone in return.
  • just to be clear, a variety of manufacturers make Dynex products. (Actiontec, LG, Samsung, and 3 other manufacturers who's name escape me.) I state this so that if anyone had a Dynex TV or Insignia that died on them, it wasnt necessarily an LG.
  • Ummmm No. LG does not stand for Lucky Goldstar. It stands for Life is Good.
  • Sorry Life's Good
  • It actually does stand for Lucky-Goldstar. Look it up on Bing.
  • @Fiann...Lol!  I was just telling a family member about LG (Life's Good) formerly Goldstar; I needed to say no more after that - they will NEVER go near a LG product now that they are informed!
  • I came up with a line years ago I have put out on many many forums... Buying an electronic from a brand actually named Lucky Goldstar is like buying a used car from a dealership named Honest Johns Auto.
  • Eh I've had great success with their TVs, washers and dryers, and with their Quantum mobile phone :) they just need to stay current...I will admit if they do a keyboard version of a WP8 phone, my wife will sign right up!
  • I know the scope of the conversation should be phones, but I've owned Sony, Phillips and Toshiba. Love LG.
  • Your right I was speaking specifically about their phones even more specifically their androids having used 4 of them
  • My LG 55" tv works great. It might just be there phones. My Samsung focus s works great but my Samsung bluray sucks.
  • Yes... I have their 65" 3d tv with no issues and also a 47" on my kids room...must be their phones
  • Guess they need to buck up and buy you a competitors device then. Android won't run my apps.
  • I will never buy LG again because of this phone. I bought it off contract from Telus when it came out, kept freezing rebooting. RMA'ed it, they sent it back and said there was no problem. Sold it for half price and bought a Samsung Focus which I'm using now.
    Shit company, making shitty phones, not surprised they treat their customers that way.
  • Can't they send you a LG quantum. That's what I've been using ever since wp7 came out. I've never had any hardware or software issues
  • Love my Quantum too. Got it thinking I would need the slide out keyboard, but now find that the onscreen one is so nice that I rarely use the physical one anymore unless I'm typing a lot. Looking forward to a larger screen WP8 to replace this with though.
  • Love mine too. Have had it since March 2011 and except for a few months where I problems with Live Tiles have had no other problems.
    Itching for bigger screen though-waiting for September 5th to see what's going to be announced..
  • Get the android, put it on ebay, get an interim WP with the money and hold on to it until WP8 sees the light.
  • that is sounds like something I would do. :D
  • +1. Exactly where I was headed.
  • My Optimus 7 had its fair share of problems. If you heat it up too much, the phone will actually burn out. I had to replace the board in my phone three times last year. Also, the digital compass can't be used by non-LG apps. Otherwise, the only thing good about it is the fantastic OS that runs on it.
  • I've been using my optimus 7 for almost 17 months alr.. I dont see any major problems with it except some random auto reboots. It is much more slower in terms of performance compared to when I first got it.
  • Correction: my phone keeps switching off by itself ever since i read this post lol. Is there a curse or something. Will they do the same android phone replacement in Singapore too?
  • An insult
  • +1 and its ILLEGAL I suppose, they cannot chance model!!
  • Stick it on ebay and wait until Windows Phone gets released in a couple of months.
  • And this makes dell look better than LG
  • Wow...I'd be pissed. I would also demand reimbursement for apps.
  • But if you buy a new WP7 device and register it with the same Microsoft Account you can get all your apps back and you don't have to pay again for the ones you paid before. I switched from an Optimus 7 to a Lumia 800 and it was painless (My Optimus 7 is running fine tho, I just wanted better support since LG forgot about us WP users)
  • If you call the transition painless, you'd be amazed how Android and iOS handle it ;)
  • How do Android and iOS handle transitioning? I honestly can't tell if you're being sarcastic. I would also call transitioning from one WP7 to another extremely painless. I've done it a few times and I'm up and running before I leave the store. I really would like to know how it compares.
  • I had insurance on my wife's LG Quantum on AT&T, and it finally broke down last week. When I submitted the claim through the insurance provider, the first replacement they offered was a Samsung Focus Flash. I declined because it would have reduced her storage capacity from 16gb to 8gb. The second and final offer they made was for a Focus S. Of course, I jumped right on that. It arrived on Friday and she loves it.
  • Wow. Talk about trading up!!!
  • Hmmm my wife has an LG Eclypse (gingerbread qwerty device). Maybe it'll burn out and they'll replace it with a Quantum. :D
  • That is an unaccepable way to run a business. At least provide phones running the same OS even if you have to provide one from another manufactuer. LG should just give up now and get out of the handset business.
  • I bought 5 LG Optimus 7 for some friends after a special offer (140€ off contract) and only one had the infamous 'sd error' about 3 months ago.
    Suddenly replaced by LG.
    It remains the wp device with best price/quality ratio in my opinion, easily unlockable too.
    "Thanks Kyle (or unstoppablekem) for the tip!"
    I told u about this...
  • I let my daughter have my LG Quantum when I got the Lumia 900, and it is now having the same problem you are describing here. She really liked the phone, but I cannot get the phone to start-up.
  • try hard resetting it, its holding both volume buttons and the camera button while pressing the power button (a tricky maneuver for sure). I had to do that with my Quantum after it got the same way after it ran overheating on the charger and I couldn't get it to boot anymore
  • I had to take my Optimus 7 in for repairs 3 months ago as I was having the same problems as mentioned on the Plaffo article. I did get my same phone back, with a new mobo and IMEI, but the stupid phone keeps on rebooting randomly. I'd have returned it for a second time but I haven't used it since so I saw no rush, but I'll return it now just to see if indeed they are replacing them with Optimus 3Ds
  • Hahaha... This would never work with Swedish consumer laws. Any Swedes having this problem, just demand full refund and remind them of the consumer laws. You are eligable for 3 years after purchase.
  • Mine had a too low overheat threshold so I'll let you imagine the issues, but I got a replacement which was one somebody already sent back working
  • I had some problems with my optimus 7 myself. I called lg and they told me to change the SD card. :S
  • Loool
  • Just sell it and get an 8 later, solved
  • FYI having spent time in Asia I can confirm LG stands for Lucky Goldstar. It makes sense to Asian folks, but not much to North Americans so their N.A. brand people dreamed up the "Life Is Good" alternative. The original was the Company's name, the latter just a regional advertising slogan. BTW: love my LG washer & Drier - rock solid for 2 kids for 8 years and counting. That dies t mean they make good (Windows) Phones though :-D
  • Send them gold and get lead in return... :-(
  • I had 2 LG Optmus 7s.
    I can say when I had a problem with one of my origfinal LG Optimus 7, LG UK were absolutely fantastic when it came to customer service.
    I had the original bluetooth firmware issue.
    1 phone call, 5 minutes and they sent me in for RMA. 5 days later - brand new phone.
    Certainly made me think that I would buy another LG phone in a heartbeat.
    The other LG O 7 just works.
    So hardware might well be "iffy" but in terms of handling problems, LG seem to be a really good company to deal with.
    Top marks.
  • My POS Optimus 7 has the same problem. Has had it for at least 6 months. Also when I play certain games it will crap itself. Great phone. Props to LG.
  • My Optimus 7 always had random reboots. After 16 months it died completely. It was on contract with Vodafone who replaced the motherboard free-of-charge. I was without the phone for a week. Have since bought an HTC Titan which has never rebooted.
  • Actually in response to the TV dig, my LG tw has been going strong has the best color and actually on of the best in tv speakers that I ever owned.  MY parents had a panasonic, Samsung, and sony but yet my tv is still going strong.  LG tvs may be a little more expensive but man do they keep on trucking.  LG Phones are pieces of junk
  • Can't get Zune soft ware to recog nize my LG quantum....went thru all the tips trips and hoops on mircrosofts and zunes website.......PLEASE HELP