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You can never have too much power.  As Windows Phones become more versatile, the need for power becomes more critical and sometimes the stock battery isn't enough.

We use our Windows Phones to surf the internet, text, email, watch videos, listen to music, play games on, and in between those activities we make a few calls.  While power management has improved greatly with Windows Mobile sometimes the standard battery isn't enough.

For those needing a little more staying power with their Tilt2, the HTC Extended Battery and Cover may be just what you're looking for.  You know the drill, to read more on HTC's extended battery and cover, follow the break.

More power = more bulk

The skinny on the HTC Extended battery is it packs 2150mah of power compared to the stock 1500mah of the standard battery. The Extended Battery is also about twice the thickness of the stock battery. Because of the larger size, the battery is not compatible with the stock cover. Enter the HTC Extended Battery Cover.

The cover extends a shade over 1/4" than the standard cover and is contoured slightly to avoid a boxy feel. The Extended Battery Cover has a large recess at the top to accommodate the camera, speaker, and mute button. A large cutout is at the bottom of the cover for the rear microphone.

The Cover's finish matches the Tilt2 nicely but is a little on the slick side. The glossy plastic is also a fingerprint magnet.


If my math is correct, the Extended Battery gives you 43% more battery power over the standard battery. In using the Extended Battery for a week, I found actual performance to be a little better.

On a typical day of using email, the web browser, making calls, and setting/checking appointments my Tilt2 will end a 12 hour day with approximately 45% of the battery life remaining.

In using the Extended Battery for a week, under typical use, I ended the day in the neighborhood of 67% battery life remaining. Again, if my math is right this reflects a 48% increase over the standard battery.

Fit and Feel

While the increase in battery power was a welcomed change, I had my reservations on the increase in size. HTC contoured the Extended Battery Cover just enough to maintain a comfortable feel to the HTC Tilt2. Unlike the Extended Battery options for the Touch Pro/Fuze, which made that Windows Phone feel boxy, the Tilt2 fit well in the hand with the Extended Battery Cover.

I would have preferred a little texture in the Cover's finish to help address the slickness. However, between the contoured design and the camera recess, there are enough gripping points to help deal with the slick finish. The larger battery does give the phone more heft but not enough to weight you down.

You may be able to enjoy extended battery performance without the need for a new case.  I did find that the Tilt2, fitted with the Extended Battery, would fit in my everyday case, the Ecolife Side Case, but was a wee bit snug. The larger form factor did better in the Naztech Ultima which had a little wiggle room to begin with. I found similar results with the Smartphone Experts Side Pouch.

Overall Thoughts


The HTC Extended Battery and Cover for the Tilt2 does give you a significant increase in battery life. This can come in handy if you use your Windows Phone considerably during the day but aren't always near a charging solution. The increase in battery life does come at a slight cost by way of an increase in size and weight.

The good news is these increases are manageable. I didn't feel weighted down in using the Extended Battery and the larger size felt good in the hand. The Tilt2 fitted with the Extended Battery, while having a different feel to it, was no more cumbersome than the phone is fitted with the standard battery.

The HTC Extended Battery and Cover may not be for everyone. If the standard battery is meeting your needs, then it would be hard to justify the increase in size and weight. However, if you are needing more battery life for your Tilt2 (also available for the Sprint Touch Pro 2), the HTC Extended Battery and Cover is definitely worth considering. There are alternatives extended life batteries out there that won't extend the size of the Touch Pro2/Tilt2, such as the Seidio Innocell, but lack the longevity of the HTC battery.

The WMExperts Store sells the HTC Extended Battery ($49.95) and the Cover ($19.95) separately or you can buy them together for $65.

Overall: 4.75/5

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ProsExtended Battery LifeDoesn't feel bulky or too heftyConsBattery Cover a little on the slick side
George Ponder

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