Review: Naztech Ultima H5 Case

Naztech produces quality leather phone cases and with the newness of the Touch Pro 2, we looked at the Naztech Ultima H5 Case for the AT&T Tilt/HTC TyTN II to see how well it adapted to the Tilt 2/Touch Pro 2.

Cases are slowly reaching the market for the Touch Pro 2/Tilt 2 and the Ultima H5 might give users an option to pursue while they wait.

Follow the break to see how well the Ultima H5 adapted to the Tilt 2/Touch Pro 2.


The Naztech Ultima H5 is not very different than your typical side case with magnetic flap. The case comes in two leather finishes (black and brown). Personally, I'm partial to the brown leather finish and found the build quality of the Ultima to be very solid. The case has ample padding to offer a decent level of protection to the Windows phone.

The case is lined with a combination of leather and felt. Stitching was solid with no loose seams present. My only concern with the design of the Ultima is that the front side of the case is cut shorter than most side cases. This exposes a good bit of the Windows phone that some may be uncomfortable with.

To the bottom of the case, there are corner and center cut outs to help you remove the phone from the case.

The case has a leather wrapped, seven position belt clip that sits securely on your belt.

The magnetic flap is about standard size and holds the Windows phone nicely in place. The magnet is strong enough to hold the flap down securely but weak enough to avoid prematurely waking up the Tilt 2's screen. If Naztech made the flap wider, it would have helped compensate for the shorter cut side of the case.

Fit and Feel

The Ultima case is a little on the bulky side but not to the point of being uncomfortable to wear. The Tilt 2 had a little wiggle room inside the case. The wiggle room wasn't enough to make me feel insecure about using the Naztech case and helped in removing the phone from the case. 

The case rode comfortably and securely on the belt. The rotating clip allows for a slightly forward or backwards angle to help comfort if you sit a lot.

Overall Impression

While the brown leather construction was solid and held a certain appeal, the Naztech Ultima H5 didn't overly impress me. It is an above average case but it exposes too much of the phone for my tastes. If Naztech would raise the front of the case at least 1/4 of an inch or widen the flap, this case would be vastly improved.

If you don't have an issue with shorter front of this case, it's one to consider. While the case is sized for the original Tilt, the Tilt 2 fit the case good. It is a tad on the bulky side and if you prefer a thinner cut case, the Smartphone Expert's P7 Case might be a good alternative.

You can find the Naztech Ultima H5 by following this link to the Store.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • But if you are a verizon subscriber all you will have is an empty case because you CAN'T get a touch pro 2!!!! Any word on when that will change?
  • As noted in the HTC Extended Battery review, this case handles a Tilt 2 / Touch Pro 2 w/extended battery very nicely. I use a block of pine (a bit larger than my phone) to stretch cases a bit and after two days my Tilt 2 slips in and out of this case without any effort. If fits especially well if you face the phone inward as the rounded edges of the Tilt 2 follow the contours of the case. Because the Tilt 2 is a bit slippery it does require two hands to remove the phone from the case. I use the indent for the camera on the extended battery back cover to lift the phone out. On a few occasions I heard the Xylophone tone, which sounds when the physical keyboard is opened. This happened while inserting and removing the phone from the case. In a little experiment, I ran the magnetic flap over the lower face of my Tilt 2 (down over the buttons) and that triggered the tone and turned my phone on in landscape mode every time. Actually bringing the magnetic flap or even the front metal plate anywhere near the mini USB connector will trigger the tone and turn on the phone. While the phone was in the case I couldn't get it to turn on, but you need to keep the magnetic flap away from the lower face when inserting and removing. A downside is that opening the keyboard will turn off the screen lock, so even though you are not opening the KB, when you hear the tone you screen will unlock. Getting the phone into the case is not a problem, holding the flap up with one hand and inserting the phone with the other. But the natural motion in removing the phone slides the face of the case over the magnet flap, which instantly turns the phone on and unlocks, which might actually be an added benefit. So I wouldn't recommend this case if you have a need to pull you phone out every 15 minutes. But you can't beat it for dinner or a formal affair. I purchased the brown case, which is darker than the photo above, but would really like to get my hands on a black version of this case.