Review: Pocket Mini-Golf 2

Golf is a consistently popular game for gaming platforms including Windows Mobile devices and as the sport itself grows in popularity, so do the games. Momentum Games offers Pocket Mini Golf 2 ($14.95) which is puts you on the miniature golf links. Offering multi-player games, rotating views of the course, and weather effects Pocket Mini-Golf 2 hopes to bring putt-putt golf to a new level.

To see if Pocket Mini-Golf 2 is on par, read on.

Offered for Windows Mobile Standard and Professional, Pocket Mini-Golf 2 is a feature rich, miniature golf adventure. Supporting up to six players, Pocket Mini-Golf 2 boasts improved graphics and gaming control from the original version. You tackle courses with a wide variety of obstacles including water, sand traps, tunnels, and other barriers. Pocket Mini-Golf also has a course designer feature where you can build your own miniature golf course.

The controls are straight forward making the game easy to use. On the BlackJack II, you utilize the four-way controller to rotate the golfer's aim and the center button to pull up the power bar. Once the power bar is shown, you use the controller to adjust the power behind your stroke. When you set the power, simply hit the center button to perform your swing.

You have three game styles; standard where traditional rules are followed, arcade where you play against the clock, and practice single holes. You can choose your player from a number of preset players but can customize their names. Each game style has three differ levels of play; amateur, semi-professional, and professional. Once you make those selections, the only thing left is to pick a course and you're off to the links.

Throughout each game style and level, the graphics are good. Game play was smooth with graphics loading without delays. As your play improves and you play more courses, special objects and new holes are unlocked. This helps the game from getting monotonous. Additionally, add-on courses can be purchased to further expand the games variety. Five add-on courses are available ranging from a winter wonderland theme to a spooky hollow theme.

Overall Impression

I didn't find Pocket Mini Golf 2 ($14.95) making a dramatic impact but after tinkering with the game for a while, it did develop an addictive quality to it. Presenting miniature golf in a graphically pleasing manner with easy gaming controls can only be a positive. You even have the ability to replay those hole-in-ones to share with your friends.

Momentum Games Pocket Mini Golf 2 is definitely on par with other golfing games for Windows Mobile. Pocket Mini-Golf has quality graphics, good game pace, and quickly grows on you. The add-on courses and the course designer feature allows for the base game to expand and remain interesting.

If you are looking for a golf related game for your smart phone, Pocket Mini Golf is definitely worth the downloadable trial. Don't be surprised if you don't get hooked and quickly add it to your shopping cart.

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Ratings (out of 5)Ease of Use: 5/5Navigation: 5/5Entertainment Value: 4/5Overall: 4.5/5 ProsGraphicsStraight forward gaming controlsCourse Designer and Add-on CoursesConsNot a lot of customization for player
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