Review: Seidio Hold n' Store Crystal Case for the Mogul

At the beginning of the year I reviewed Seidio's Super Slim Hard Case for the Mogul, followed by a review of Seidio's Clip Holster for the Mogul a month later. After 9 months, I am still using both. The challenge with that is that these two do not work together. To answer this Seidio does have a clip holster that will hold a Mogul with their Super Slim Hard Case. Seidio calls it Hold n Store Crystal/Rubberized Case Holster for the Mogul.

I am going to take a look to see if these two items can work well enough together to gain my trust to hold my phone securely without any fear of it falling out of the holster. Read on to see what I have found.

Build Quality

First of all, the quality of build is nearly identical to the original clip to be used with a phone without the hard case. It is a hard plastic that is all but unbreakable under any imaginable normal circumstance. It has soft felt on the inside to protect your screen from getting any scratches while holstered. The top arm that secures the phone in place is firm yet easy enough to move to make it easy to secure and remove the phone from the holster. The belt clip has 6 locking angles so you can have your phone on either side of you or at virtually any angle you could want.

Everyday Use

There are two factors I look at in a case. Ease of use, and how securely it holds my phone. I will look at how securely it holds the phone first. With Seidio's Super Slim Hard Case on the phone, it snaps into the holster very securely. Seidio has obviously taken time to make sure that they fit together perfectly. Once snapped into the holster, the phone is secure with little fear of it falling out. The only word of caution is to make sure that the arm that secures the phone is facing in the direction you are walking. That way if you bump into something, it pushes the arm against the phone. If the arm is facing the other way, you could bump into something just right and that might push the arm up just enough to release the phone. This is not a design flaw, but a bit of advice of common sense when using a clip style holster of any kind.

The Seidio Crystal/Rubberized Case Holster is very easy to use. To put the phone in the holster, simply put the back of the phone in the holster and put the top against the arm, which easily gives way until the phone is snapped securely into place. The to release the phone, simply lift the arm enough to pull the phone out. This is easily a one handed operation that after two or three tries will be automatic without a second thought when doing it. Just watch out if you are wearing a shirt that goes below your belt as it can sometimes get caught between the holster and the phone when mounting the phone in the holster.

I gave Seidio's Super Slim Hard Case for the Mogul and Seidio's Clip Holster for the Mogul 5 stars when I reviewed them individually, and I cannot help but wish I could give them one more for how well they have integrated the two together!

SPECIAL NOTE: Please be very careful when purchasing the Seidio holster as one is for use only without the hard case and one is to be used only with the hard case.

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Ratings (5 out of 5)Overall: ProsVery durableThe holster and the hard case fit perfectly togetherEasy to mount and remove phone from holsterThe belt clip has 6 lockable positionsConsClothing can get caught when mounting the phone in the holster
Dieter Bohn