RideCharge for Windows Mobile

Whether you are too busy (or too, ah, incapacitated) to get a drive home, RideCharge want to take you home. RideCharge allows you to schedule pick ups, pay for them, and even keep online receipts all from a mobile phone. Available rides come in taxi, Sedans, or even shuttles for when you

WC Staff
  • Thanks for the post Nick! This is Keith from RideCharge. I manage the dev team. Sorry we aren't in your city yet. We are adding about 4 cities a month, so stay tuned!
    We are considering adding the ability to register from the application. Nick, did you find that going to our website to register was a pain vs being able to do it right from the application? I guess giving users both options would solve the problem!
  • wow a registration from the phone would be great! It would of made it easier to register from the phone as opposed to going online .