Rogers to Carry a Bootload of WinMo Devices

Canadian GSM carrier Rogers has decided that they like Windows Mobile, apparently, as next year they'll be snapping up pretty much everything that's on the roadmap. What's in store for the first half of 2009? Xperia X1, Check. HTC Diamond and Touch Pro: Check. Heck, they're even snapping up also-rans like the Motorola Q11 (Think Q9 minus 3G plus WiFi), Touch Viva, and Touch 3G.

These and more juicy details at the HoFo thread where the leaked slides of their roadmap appear.

Get some reasonable data rates on the network and, well, we might just consider brushing up on our Canadian accents.

Thanks, Bla1ze!

WC Staff
  • Canadians don't have accents, yank. That's just the muffle of frozen lips yer hearing!
    Still, that's a *flood* of WinMo devices. Where's my iPhone HD leak?!
    Heck, where the HTC Touch HD?!
    Happy holidays,
  • niiiiice. wish we were lucky like them (with cell phones that is)
  • be nice, Rene might get upset!