Royal Revolt II gets a third of its revenue from Windows devices

Royal Revolt II, the free-to-play fantasy action-strategy game, gets about a third of its total revenue from Windows-based devices, including phones and tablets, according to a new developer article from Microsoft.

The game is one of the titles released by German-based Flare Games, along with the original Royal Revolt and the recently launched sci-fi RTS game Dawn of Steel. Microsoft helped in the development of Royal Revolt 2, according to FlareGames co-founder Georg Broxtermann. and it was first launched for Windows Phone and Windows 8 in 2014:

About a third of the game's total revenue across all platforms, including iOS and Android, comes from Windows devices, such as Windows tablets and Windows phones, Georg said. "Royal Revolt II" enjoyed tremendous growth in revenue on Windows phone in particular. "We doubled the revenues for the game in 2015 [compared to 2014] on Windows mobile devices," said Georg. He added that the streamlined structure of the new Windows Store that debuted with Windows 10 has been one of the key reasons for this increase.

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Royal Revolt 2

John Callaham