Lumia 920

People really like the Lumia 920 but switching is always hard

In a new poll conducted by, 2,371 US smartphone owners between 18 and 35 were surveyed on the new Lumia 920 introduced by Nokia last week.

The survey found that most respondents were impressed by the new device with 61% of those interested intrigued by the PureMotion HD+ screen and 52% said the PureView camera system appealed to them.

PureView HD+

PureView HD+: It has a name & it's demonstrable

Clearly a commercial showing someone operating the Lumia 920 with winter gloves on would be a no-brainer for Nokia in their advertising campaign as that feature is easy to sell and evidently resonates with consumers. Likewise, a promotion featuring the PureView camera and image stabilization should also be extremely marketable.

The bad news is not really all that interesting as it’s quite intuitive: a lot of current smartphone users are hesitant about switching. The reason for that of course is amplified by no pricing, date of availability or announced carrier support—something that should change these results in the coming weeks as that info comes to light.

More specifically from the survey, 52 percent of respondents said no on switching to the Lumia 920 from their current iPhone or Android. “Another 35 percent said they would consider switching, while the remaining 13 percent said they might be interested, if the price was right.”

Apple Google

Apple and Google: Hard to shake their grasp. Carrier contracts don't help, either.

One could make the counter-argument that getting people to switch is not the main goal for Nokia or Windows Phone but rather the untapped market of first-time buyers. That’s a little trickier as iPhone and Android clearly have a leg-up in brand recognition. However, if the Lumia 920 catches on and is priced right, it could quickly prove to be a winner.

There is also the added synergy of launching Windows Phone 8 (and the 920) alongside Windows 8 desktop—something for which we have not yet seen the impact of nor can anyone really predict as it has never been done at this level.

So while this survey makes things sound dire, in fact the take away is that the Lumia 920 has piqued people’s interests. Switching your phone’s ecosystem and any paid apps for a new OS or breaking your carrier contract will always be a negative factor, especially when so there is so little information that is currently available for the 920.


Our survey found very high interest for the Lumia 920 amongst current Windows Phone users

In our survey of 7,500 respondents, 81% of our readers (we presume mostly Windows Phone users) were seriously considering the Nokia Lumia 920—a margin of agreement for which we have never seen in any of our polls before. That tells us that Nokia is on to something with this device and we’ll be curious to see how the tech media review it and if hype builds for it this fall.

Source: CouponCodes4u; via PCMag