Samsung, HTC release financials

Samsung has released quarterly earnings for the first time, and HTC gives us its numbers for the second quarter. Let's do some math ...

Starting with Samsung, the a South Korean chip-maker and cell phone manufacturer said it expects consolidated sales of between $24.4 billion and $25.9 billion. That's up from about $22.9 a year earlier. No consolidated net profit numbers, though, but last year it pulled in about $4.5 billion. Sammy did say it looks to be on par with last year for the quarter.

On to HTC: The Taiwanese manufacturer had a second-quarter profit of about $197.2 million, down 2 percent from the same period in 2008. Revenue was up about 10.3 percent to $1.16 billion.

So there you go. No more math today. We promise.

Via Mobileburn and Cellular-News

Phil Nickinson

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