Samsung has released quarterly earnings for the first time, and HTC gives us its numbers for the second quarter. Let's do some math ...

Starting with Samsung, the a South Korean chip-maker and cell phone manufacturer said it expects consolidated sales of between $24.4 billion and $25.9 billion. That's up from about $22.9 a year earlier. No consolidated net profit numbers, though, but last year it pulled in about $4.5 billion. Sammy did say it looks to be on par with last year for the quarter.

On to HTC: The Taiwanese manufacturer had a second-quarter profit of about $197.2 million, down 2 percent from the same period in 2008. Revenue was up about 10.3 percent to $1.16 billion.

So there you go. No more math today. We promise.

Via Mobileburn and Cellular-News