Samsung Omnia Coming to AT&T as the Mirage?

Finally some good news on the Omnia front for AT&T Users: Engadget is reporting that we might see it on the network next month with full US 3G support and an all-new name: the Mirage. The rumored date is October 7th.

We can't resist a Mirage joke, either: Samsung and AT&T are going to want to get it released as quickly as possible, because any possible buzz about the device is going to vanish as soon as the HTC Touch HD starts appearing in bloggers' hands.

You can check out our hands-on video with the Omnia here. We're hoping / guessing that when we see the Mirage, some of those User Interface hassles will be fixed up so tightly it will seem as if there were never even there to begin with.

Are you still holding out for the Omnia/Mirage, or has your desire for one disappeared (somebody stop us) in favor of another (one more) oasis?

WC Staff