Samsung has crafted the company's own typeface called SamsungOne. The company will deploy this new font across its product and service catalogue to provide a consistent and universal experience for consumers. The move shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who is familiar with similar endeavours undertaken by other big brands like Google (Roboto), Apple (San Francisco) and Microsoft (Segoe).

SamsungOne UI

Consumers who purchase Samsung products can expect to see the typeface on anything from smartphones to TVs and household appliances to advertising campaigns. The font itself will support 400 different languages through the deployment of more than 25,000 characters. Samsung approached its new typeface using five core typography principles and characteristics:

  • Humanist
  • Distinctive
  • Universal
  • Expert
  • Legible/Scalable

It's not currently known when we'll start seeing Samsung's new typeface in products, but we imagine the company will want to start using SamsungOne sooner rather than later to help differentiate itself.

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