Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will attend President Obama's final State of the Union address

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will be making a trip to Washington DC on Tuesday, January 12. He's been invited by First Lady Michelle Obama, to sit with her and a number of other special guests in the U.S. Capitol as President Barack Obama makes his final State of the Union address.

The White House stated:

"For the President's final State of the Union address, the individuals who will be seated in the guest box tell the story of the progress we have made since the President delivered his first address seven years ago – from a terrible economic recession and two costly wars, to a revitalized and thriving economy and renewed American leadership abroad."

In Nadella's specific case, The White House referenced Microsoft's recent announcement that the company will spend $75 million to help expand computer science education. It also mentioned the company's decision in October to offer new mothers 20 weeks of paid leave, along with 12 weeks of paid leave for non-birth parents.

Source: The White House

John Callaham