Score a Microsoft Surface Duo 128GB at a record-low price

Surface Duo 2020
Surface Duo 2020 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Don't already have a Microsoft Surface Duo? Well, if you've ever been tempted to pick one up, now's the time: BuyDig is offering the Surface Duo 128GB unlocked GSM Glacier variant for a record-low $699.

The tiny little Surface Duo is perfect for mobile productivity. It's small enough to fit just about anywhere you need, while also offering enough screen space for you to see important content without having to squint. It's the best of both worlds, as far as tiny two-screened devices are concerned.

You're probably thinking "$699? That almost sounds like $69. Nice. What an incredible value." And you'd be right to think that. This is the lowest price we've seen yet for the Surface Duo, so grab it while you can. The deal ends on May 16, 2021.

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  • Good price, too bad I already have it. I know my daughter would love one. She will probably get mine after I get the Duo 2, assuming one comes out, then as usual, I'll probably pay near full price.
  • $699 is still too much. MSFT really screwed up with this device.
  • lol k 😂 I'm not sure they're appealing to the budget crowd, who are always the last to receive innovation, but sure ...
  • Lol Daniel, I know you're an MSFT homer but the Duo's design misses the whole point of having a dual screen device, which is to expand an app's screen size to both screens. How many people are really going to multitask using two apps one on each screen at the same time? If they're going to need to multitask, they're going to use an actual pc and external monitor. The use-case for the Duo is comical. And trying to use a single on both screens with the huge hinge in the middle is not exactly a pleasant experience.
  • Actually using this (I am using it now) in a multitasking scenario has been a dream. OneNote/Calculator or Edge/a variety of apps... I use multitasking mainly for work functions but I believe that the feature justifies itself after using it. I. E. I didn't envision how I would use the dual screen app pairings prior to purchase but the opportunities arise time after time.
  • Well, the software experience is pretty stagnant (at least from a consumer facing standpoint), and the build quality, fit and finish is questionable, but it's a good try for a first generation device, and a good foundation to repeat on... I don't think those first generation iPhones, Galaxies, and various other Android devices were perfect the first time around. Even with version 1's faults the concept alone has proven to be a win. I think a device that is interesting turned off at the very least has just as much a chance at success than any other. 🤷🏽‍♂️ 🤷🏽‍♂️ 🤷🏽‍♂️ It's just going to take a few years. Nevertheless, when Apple invents the same device I expect it to be much more polished. It's kinda like Tesla. They are relatively new to the industry, and have had pretty much the same road as Microsoft with Duo, but they have improved their fit, finish, and overall reliability over the years. Yet, when you see the more established manufacturers come out with their EV's they will be very polished from the start. It's the same dynamic IMO. That doesn't mean Tesla is doomed in any way. That just means Tesla has to find thier way in a super competitive and long time saturated auto industry. Just like Tesla, Microsoft's R&D is most likely ahead of the game in DSDs, and that counts for something.
  • I think it is rather a fundamentally broken device who's main features are, most of the time, drawbacks rather than advantages. The thinness of each half makes the build quality poor, the camera poor, and the battery life poor. It lacks basic features even $99 devices have (like NFC and a headphone jack). And since it is not low end, it must compete at the high end with foldables, which outperform it in every way. I think this is a dead-end product.
  • "and the battery life poor."
    lol what? Also, you don't know the specs of v2, which, as I and Zac have said for 6 months now, addresses the concerns of "not being a good smartphone."
  • I have great battery life with my Duo and I definitely wouldn't call the build quality poor at all. Since when does a thin device mean poor build quality? While NFC would be nice, a headphone jack has been removed from several flagship phones for years now including the top Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and iPhones.
  • With the choices made for the Duo's hardware, I definitely agree. Hopefully MS won't make the same mistakes or we'll have to settle with the Fold 3 if its leaks turn out to be true.
  • Surface Duo v2 addresses all the current HW concerns.
  • So the charge port flashing doesn't crack, the camera is more than acceptable, and the gap doesn't hide pixels in spanned apps. That about it?
  • 😁 Nooiiiiiiiccccee!! Thanks, that's awesome to hear.
  • Can't see if it ships to Australia 🤔🤔
  • Really want this...
    but it seems they don't deliver to Japan:(
    Any one know of any workaround?
  • There are a few forwarding services that I know people use when they buy off ebay and other sites. Not sure how much they cost but may be worth looking into.
  • I might have to pull the trigger here. Never heard of this online store any good?
  • They've been around a very long time, but I don't have personal experience.
  • As long as you get the device. Are you concerned that they aren't legitimate?
  • I've bought TVs and surround sound equipment from BuyDig and they're very reliable.
  • I am setting on my hands and repeating to myself - DUO 2!, DUO 2!, DUO 2!, DUO 2!
  • Might also chant $1500, $1500, $1500...
  • Im tempted. Despite waiting to see what new offerings Samsung offers in terms of the Note 22 Ultra and the possible Duo 2, I'm almost willing to do it...almost. As much as I like the idea of a dual screen mobile device, I have to consider how a device like this will work into my daily routine realistically.
  • Well I just bought one. Probably won't use it as primary phone or for very long but for the price I am excited to try the dual screen concept. Wanted to purchase at launch but the specs were so dated that I passed on it as a primary device and it was too expensive to be a secondary 'play' device then. My daily is a s21 ultra and I would loose allot using this as primary phone unfortunately.
  • They deliver to the UK! £521.82, this might be the time to give it a go...
  • That is the right price. If Microsoft launched anywhere near this price, they could have created quite a bit of buzz around this product.
  • Given how far into the device's life cycle we are, the price drop is too late, IMO. New form factor or not, it's riddled with bugs and hardware compromises. $700 around the start of the year, I'd have bitten on. With a camera bordering on unusable and the screen as basically the only modern thing on the Duo, it's too easy to come up with reasons someone shouldn't buy it. I'd rather wait the extra 3-5 months and buy a second-gen offering with competitive features than a stripped-down version with a 2-year-old SoC and all of the brokenness the Duo's wading through at this time. That the April update seemingly made device stability worse than it was before the update, it seems silly to pay up for this thing. You can probably go to eBay pick one up for $400-500 in decent shape as this price tag becomes more common at retailers trying to clear stock. I've got a strong desire to pick up the second-gen Duo, if they can correct the corner-cutting ways of the first-gen. $1,400 was too much of an ask for a phone with a lesser feature set than a flagship from 2018. I'll pay the price for the Duo if it can at least be CLOSE to what a modern flagship can do as a daily phone. $1,400 to be a niche device that often frustrates is too much. Give people the 5G, NFC, and Qi they're used to, and that should be enough (especially if they use a SD 888 or 865). Ideally, we'd get microSD support back, but I see that as unlikely and can sacrifice expandable storage if the rest of the stuff comes back.
  • At this price I'd be happy to buy, if it weren't for the camera. That's a deal breaker for me. Shame really because I'm bored with the same old form factor. However, as I must have a decent camera, it's no deal. Maybe when Duo 2 comes down to this price.......