Sendtiment is retiring its Windows app

Sendtiment — a popular Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile app that lets you send personalized greeting cards, notes and invitations — has announced that it will be retiring its app on the platform. After January 31, users will not be able to download the app from the Windows Store, nor receive support.

From Sendtiment:

We are extremely proud of all that we've accomplished and learned on this incredible journey. Our vision was to help all the Windows Phone users be more thoughtful with each other by giving them an app at a time when it seemed no one really cared about the Windows Phone community. We believe we accomplished that as we were recognized multiple times by Microsoft including being named as one of the Top 5 apps using the digital assistant Cortana in the most innovative way this past summer.We've learned a lot from all our users and one of the lessons was that we still had a lot more work to do to make the app truly great. Unfortunately this work requires resources that are not available to us.Thanks to our users, all the blogs and websites that believed in us, Microsoft, and all of the #WinPhan champions that have allowed us to pursue and achieve our vision to help you be there for the moments that matter.

It's a shame to see the app leave Windows, but it is understable given the financial burden involved in building and supporting an app.

Source: Sendtiment

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • most unfortunate..
  • Senditwhat .. Never heard of it... And personally I don't mind..
  • And here we have the "hard-core" windows phone user; don't know don't care.
  • So if he's never heard of it and doesn't mind, he should lie and say how terrible this is and how he uses it all the time? Would that make you happy?
  • If this app is none of his business, he can just keep silence. His words just make indie developers that still has hope for WP even sadder. What will you feel if you are still a developer for WP? "WP fans don't need indie developers like me to continue support this platform since "I don't mind, I don't know, I don't care".
  • If a dev's app isn't making money and isn't sustainable, it isn't going to matter what some random person thinks or says.
  • Look at their twitter, eclass Benz purchase they are not hurting. Screw em
  • Least you can do is get the car model right and then you can say screw you for having jobs that pay for our life lol
  • True enough, I didn't look at the model long enough only saw the e-class tweet. Also it wasn't a screw em for stopping the app, it was cause he be looking at Mercedes-Benz. Posted on his twitter since it was screen shot. As it will show I pick another team....
  • If the decision is taken with only monetary considerations you're right. Regardless, there are several that are not done (completely) that way and I have witness that at very large companies.
  • @Mullen " if this app is none of his business, he can just keep silence" ... Seriously??.. What did I say... I never heard of this app and PERSONALLY I don't mind ... Should I ask your permission before I share my personal view.. Or should I say " If my comment is none of your business, you can just keep silence" like you said? ... I hate these guys... Gowwddd.. ;)
  • So what u expect from us?
  • Nothing .. And dont expect anything from me as well... Just leave me alone.. :-p
  • Also never heard of it but it looks nice. I wish the smaller app studios were promoted more. I'm incredibly broke at the moment but will give a download and come up with some uses in the next couple of weeks. If the app is good and premium card pack is just $1.99 I'll grab that after payday this weekend.
  • Never heard bout this app..I thought it was a games.
  • I did get the app, I never used it, but you have the wrong mentality no doubt.  You're not the only user. And we want more users right? So don;t think everything revolves around you. You want a community not a harsh environment where people reject other's opinions.
  • A discussion is going on reddit in this very topic. That we start a Kickstarter kind of thing for apps. That way both dev and user at happy. Many would ask why we have to pay up but that's the reality of third place ecosystem.
  • Re: buddy007
    Great idea. This is the first time I've heard of it. Where on Reddit can I learn more?
  • r/windowsphone great place :)
  • Well the other question is, if we were to hypothetically kick start enough funds for the app, it would still really never be enough.. you have to pay for app maintenance and everything with a full time employee.. the company needs not just a salary but benefits and such too.  For a small indie company it's different and you're just paying a salary essentially but what is the guarantee they will continue support?
  • Will the app still work if we download it now and keep it after they drop support?
  • I think it is because of the cost of servers that they are pulling the plug. So by that logic, I think it will not work.
  • It's clear most of us have never heard of this app and that is not on us but on the developer. This is biggest problem that most developers have, how to get your app in front of the eyes of everyone, doesn't matter the OS.
  • They put in a lot of work. I just always found it hard to find a reason to use the app.
  • Windows community can never stay in calm and happiness
  • Are we going to war? Lol
  • We are with Google and Snapchat. Sort of.
  • Exactly
  • Another one bites the dust.
  • Android apps anyone no ok then those iPhone 6 iPhone 6 anyone going one going twice this ignorant community sucks before it Was open-minded shame now I know what they mean about Linux community
  • If you are going to get snarky, at least use punctuation so we can figure out what in the world you mean.
  • +1
  • Trust me; you don't want to know what (s)he means
  • Periods are your friends.
  • Huh? What?? :-o
  • I know what you mean but you can't gain majority without letting everyone in. That said, that sure was good time when discussions used to be all technical and people would give recommendations to devs and they would respond right here in comments. Some still do.
  • I find that the WP community is harsh with rating "app is great but crashes often". 1 star. Geee. Are you running on a pre-release OS and maybe it's not the dev's fault?
  • If you're in this forum, wouldn't that make you ignorant? This is a forum, who people can post their opinions, not just say "Oh really?" to everything they read
  • And another one gone
    And another one gone...
  • And yet you never leave...
  • If you're so illiterate that you didn't get the reference, you could at least present us with your silence, but no...
  • uuhh, not getting the reference has nothing to do with illiteracy. Just like apparently not knowing the definition of illiterate has nothing to do with illiteracy, it's ignorance.
  • Once again you present us with your immeasurable stupidity. Here, let me educate your tiny dumb mind: Illiteracy: ": the state of not having knowledge about a particular subject" - Source: Merriam-Webster's dictionary (   "1.1 Lack of knowledge in a particular subject; ignorance:"  Source: Oxford Dictionary (   Do us all a favour...just shut the f*ck up.
  • Troll! Get out of here!
  • Well that about does it for me. Even the veterans are leaving. Probably should investigate android mods for my Lumia 950
  • Over exaggerating much? Not exactly an important app, I'd never heard of it until this article and never heard anyone talking about it. There are PLENTY of new apps hitting the marketplace that are far more important. But good on them for trying anyway.
  • the point isn't that not many people have heard of this.
    this app was an indie app. the developer took the effort to make an app for the otherwise ignored Windows Phone platform.
    and these days, there are many indie apps that go viral.
    if Windows (Phone) is not a viable ecosystem for an indie developer to invest in, that means Windows (Phone) will always have an app gap and will always stay behind the curve.
    so i'm not saying you need to cry about this, or even appreciate the developer's efforts. i just ask that you at least don't go about dissing such indie apps, saying they are not important. these apps are really the soul of a smartphone experience.
    apps made by big studios eventually start focussing on milking revenue from users and tend to compromise features and performance.
    these developers must be appreciated and encouraged, is what i believe. even if you disagree, please don't say they are not important. having said that, it is totally okay for people to switch platforms if one cannot cater to their needs. people pay for it, and hence it's their right to choose what they like. loyalty is something that cannot be bought or sold. :)
  • Hmmm .. Shame. I do hope the developer continues his efforts in the platform though, once the ecosystem is :-\
  • You are absolutely correct. I always hate that after such bad news, see even worse comments that says "I don't care, I never use this app, it's not important. Just go away" The reality is that even only 1% of the users need such app, if that happens 100 times, 1-(1-99%)^100=63% users get affected, so everything like that is important. However, such bad comments falsely emphasises the signal that small apps are not important, which even pushs away more indie developers if they care about this community and the comments. So such "I don't care, go away" comment doesn't help WP at all, just potentially make it even worse.
  • What if 1% of user dont care such app ?
  • Apps come and go nothing odd bout that..
  • Thank you and yes it is hard being a developer. And I know at least one of my app is being downloaded on a regular basis and though it is a free app I still see small numbers in the app where small amount of money is still being made. So seeing apps coming and going is always going to be the case in all OSs but do take in mind it does require alot of work in most cases and even if we had the funds it would still take more time to develop what is not available. I have notice a trend in the comments that is more negative than positive. You want quality apps then show is developers with positive comments and encouragement. We like that and even if you download the app give it a try and you might find a hidden jewel and like it. All the negativity can get left at door and it is not needed.
  • Windows 10 apps will run on the mobile version, so Windows Phone apps will be retiring, however as the millions of Windows Devices increases, more and more apps will switch to Windows 10 apps (uwp).
  • Makes you wonder how many apps are actually killed by the cost of upgrading them for WM10. I just hope the steps back are worth the steps forward and that the steps back aren't more than the edge of some cliff.
  • You mean MS edge right
  • Not a major factor in our decision
  • Present day explanation of the perpetual Windows Mobile/Phone dilemma: Soon. Very soon. It's coming.
  • Yup this is what happens when they remove android apps :)
  • Yep sad but true. Its still cheaper to do that(aside with ripping out gp related services & replacing them with MS based ones its much easier for devs hence the cross-platform strategy for MS based services)
  • Hey, hang in there. Those developers need us to be active users.
  • Sure but if its a really narrow niche their expectations need to be lowered
  • Bro, apps are like small businesses, the majority of them fail. No reason to be a diva about it.
  • How about you mail me your 950 and I'll give you an old android G phone jk lol
  • Here come the comments... Posted via the Windows Central App for Nexus 5x
  • Wow, regular psychic over here. Realizing that there will be comments in the comment section!
  • And surely somebody will reply to comments too.
  • You are a genius
  • Here come the replies...
  • Here come the comments, do-do-do-do-do, here comes the comments, and I say ....its alright.
  • Use Microsoft student account.. & return via windows app studio ;) .. (kidding)
  • Does app studio support instagram feed? Maybe the official app could be made on it.
  • But they will support android and ios... Those two are fine...what a copout BS excuse.
  • Sendtiment is exclusive to Windows.
  • And now it will be exclusive to android and ios...
  • Lets not try to predict future
  • android and ios have tons of apps they would not go far with this app, that's why windows is attractive to small developers, a good app could find a niche in a relatively new growing market like windows store. If only MS made the Store app worth it...
  • It's exclusive to me.
  • Do you really want this app ? Since i see you`re sad that they will support Android and iOS ... Like i`ve said before, only a handfull of apps matter .. the rest are just a bunch of crapware to fill the store. An app about gretting cards ? Seriously ? You can take time to send an electronic card like this that will end up in trash can of the recipient`s mail, instead of actually calling the person.
  • Obviously "its the thought that counts" is lost on you. The thought that a phone call creates, or a real card makes, or an ecard but for only a moment lifts the spirit. Calls are great, and everyone does that. But there is a strong case to be made for the in-between times that you just want to remind someone that they matter to you. You can send flowers, or chocolates, or a real card. And then there are times when this is the perfect option.
  • Then why not send a real card ? They have more value than some random picture posing as a card on the internet ?
  • Agreed!
  • The answer to that question is obvious. To send a real card requires that you go to a store and buy one, and don't forget you have to add postage. And then you either have to walk out to your box or take it somewhere to mail it. For lots and lots of people thats no big deal, me included. But more and more we all live in a digital world where instant gratification and convenience trumps everything else. Teens especially don't care about or respect the old mans way of doing things. They don't have the money, time, or inclination to do what you question. For them, the world is driven by their phone and possibly a tablet or laptop and a few bucks every week if they happen to hold down a part time job. Taking the time to look at the whole picture, from everyones perspective, with an open mind and you begin to see that there is more than one way to handle every task that can be appropriate.
  • 1st thought came to mind
  • This is exactly what the problem is. If you don`t have time to send a real postcard then don`t do it. To be honest i hate the hollyday season when everybody tags evertbody on a "cheap" cheasy sparckling GIF on FB. That means absolutely nothing for me or anybody else. It`s sent to no one in particular either. Oh my, you ented a letter of my name and added tag to it ... My perspective is, if you don`t find 10 minutes from your life to buy a post card, write few words on it and post it, then don`t even bother. There is no such thing as, i don`t have time! This excuse is way to overused!
  • Those two have over 98% of the market.
  • Over 98?.. Nope... May be 97 ;) /s
  • Oh, yeah. I forgot to account the "others" category. Poor BlackBerry XD
  • BS would be hiring you to comment on behalf of my company.
  • I think we should all get behind the app and download it, and donate to it. If we have 200mill users now, surely we can get 1% to download and donate $1.... For those bad with nos that's $2m dollars.... Surely enough to keep the app running?
  • Good thinking Michael. We users who care about small developers should start something to rescue good apps such ad this one. Maybe a recommendation blog to promote Windows apps from the "real users" and not novice "one timers" who give bad reviews because they don't know the way around when comes to downloading. Some sort of "tech support from the users" perspective would be nice to promote good potential apps. Action is needed.
  • I'd never heard of this app either before this article. I just downloaded it for my Lumia 950 XL but it appears they have removed the in-app purchase of premium cards. I would've bought the premium cards just to help the developers. It looks like a good app so it's a shame they're packing up their tools and calling it a day.
  • Only if you like the app. I don't get supporting something you don't use.
  • I didn't even know this app was around... Are there other alternative in the Store?
  • I've used this app several times for my significant other, and I'll never forget it. Absolutely love it because like they said, they made the app when no one else wanted to do it for Windows Phone. Much appreciated! However, appreciation alone doesn't bring in money. Thanks guys! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ditto, used the app for my significant other as a 'just thinking of you' type thing, like in the middle of a work day, and it'll be missed.  Of course, it wasn't a substitute for real cards, flowers, and gifts for occasions, but other commenters don't seem to understand that. Also disappointed in the TrueAchiever app leaving WP/W10M at the end of the month, with the app no longer working after that time.  From their FB page ( Hello Gamers, as you began to see yesterday we will be turning off the TrueAchiever service at the end of January. It's been a great run working with TA and our users, and we hope our paths will cross again in the future. In the mean time we've been hard at work on another project, that we hope, will bring you as much joy as TrueAchiever.​ It was the only decent True Achievements app for WP/W10M, with the one other one in the store being barebones.  Tipped WC on it, but it fell into the bit bucket.
  • Thank you
  • Thank you
  • The thing is, I've never heard of this app... But still, this is only one app, with service like FUNimation launches its app(these are the second in line of what a normal user needs), we can surely see the taking off of it. And hopefully we will see an alternative or returning of this app.
  • I haven't upgraded to W10M yet. Will I be able to download this from my purchase history?
  • Pretty sure this is a Win8.1 app.
  • But it uses Cortana?
  • Came here to say this. Judging from the screenshots in the store there is no way this is a Windows 10 App. But maybe one day they'll come back with one.  
  • Another victim of Microsoft total lack of a serious dev support...
  • .
  • 200+ features in store, 2 articles on the Microsoft blog, thousands of dollars of free software through BizSpark, incredible support through the dvlup, ch9, MVP programs, invitations to numerous free developer events... Yup Microsoft does not care about developers.
  • Return my mobile windows phone 8.1 software
  • Have you tried using the Windows Device Recovery Tool? Check here:
  • Please help me Lumia 8.1 this good bat me updated windows 10 is not good return option hew windows 8.1 please help me
  • Somebody please help " English ".. He is going to kill it... :D
  • I have it on my win10 phone. I used it maybe twice. I mean unless u send a lot of digital greeting cards I can't see how this really impacts u lol.
  • Please help me
  • I think the main issue here is app visibility across the store, joe bloggs probably isn't going to go much further than looking at the 'top lists', unless there is a service they use frequently then they'll search for it and see if there is an app available on the platform for it, but people don't just go app searching generally and that's why many people here haven't heard of it, the store needs refining with this for sure!
  • App developers are also responsible for promoting their own apps. We did that and we never lacked exposure e.g. this is probably our 4th or 5th time on WPCentral...
  • Was this ever a windows 8 app?
  • Rip. Lol
  • That's a terrible way to acknowledge a death. "I'm so sorry for your HAHAHAHAHAHA"
  • Agreed. Someone put a lot of effort into this, and was hoping for a much better outcome which in fact should have happened but for a store that has pretty much failed people like this.
  • Probably because this is the kind of app that is not needed? Maybe for kids...
    Adults send real flowers and real cards, that's the real deal.
  • Yeah you really have some open minded view, MS would probably hire you.
  • Nah... MS doesn't sell flowers.
  • Um... This is the digital age. Paper cards are on their way out. This app allowed the user to create a digital card and share it via Facebook, email, etc. It's what people do in 2016. Not "just for kids..."
  • Real men send real flowers and chocolates.
  • Hum... that's why Facebook is full of "sentimental" crap. Cards full of empty words.
    I design my own cards with my own words.
  • @mdlive Yeah, no. Digital cards are nice but have nowhere near the same impact as a physical card. If you think a woman will accept a digital card over a physical one (and maybe flowers) for something like an anniversary or an apology, you know nothing about us. Digital requires little effort and is therefore not going to be seen as sincere as you going to the store, writing your own words, and signing your own name. It's what people in real relationships do.
  • I just text "Thinking of you..." That's all she needs. But I'm a stud, so regular guys might need to do more.
  • So you say... ;-)
  • Haha, no the women tell me that! I actually don't get it. I'm overweight and balding in the back, but I swear I can get almost any woman I want. I don't know what it is, but I'm glad I got it! Anyway...
  • LOL, I'll chalk it up to charisma. Believe it or not, once a woman hits a certain age, looks take a back seat to charm and personality. It's a maturity thing that I wish more men and woman had.
  • Well... That's spontaneous, sincere... And you don't need an app for that.
  • They also predicted the end of books too...
  • I've had this app since Windows Central first covered it when it came out. I've used it multiple times. Very sad to see it go...
  • It's ok to leave, it's is not ok to find such excuses, it was not a behemoth app to mantain, they didn't care anymore. It's like a girlfriend leaving you saying "I love you too much" :P
  • Says the expert that maintains his own global app. Seriously with windows fans who refuse to pay anything for apps and complain if everything isn't free how do you figure this developer isn't losing money keeping this app alive?
  • Lol your sarcasm will backfire since I'm an experienced developer with some knowledge of app development and 4 little apps on the store.
  • Couldn't agree more. Never heard of it till the toys were thrown out the pram.
  • So you do not agree with me. Each and every quality app is important to an ecosystem, this looked like a nice little app.
  • Am sorry you feel that way about a decision we made without you.
  • Seems like a nice little app. Just downloaded it. Too bad they have to retire it.
  • Oh no! That's pathetic.... We would like sendtiment to return.... Though I never heard of it but an windows exclusive app kissing the dust is really a shame for us.... & for Microsoft....
  • Never heard of it, only 1 review in store. Dev too lazy to advertise.
  • Look again in the store. This app has a 4.4 star rating. Don't write what you don't know about!!!
  • He did say 1 review. He did not claim the app would only have a 1 star rating. This can very well be, when there is no interest in this kind of app ain his region. Please read again.
  • You should understand that unfortunately the store has reviews based on Country. So even if you release the same version to the whole world you cannot decide to share the same feedback for all countries. It should be the dev to decide since he knows if the rating applies to all market or the app experience may vary by country.
  • Given the platform growth, they were probably a bit premature :'(
  • To All This App Users:
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Spread the word about this app. Let's Start a Chain-App Sharing . If we share this app with at least five people, maybe the developers would reconsider their desicion. We won't loose anything but gain much in return. Share this app via whatever social media you use. Thanks for trying!!!
  • MS really need to consider spending money and 'buy' developers to dev windows app instead of relying on the widespread use of the platform. So what win 10 user base is growing. Developers can just shun the idea because there's no immediate benefits visible and the store will still be dead. Then plus most users simply ignore the existence of the store and this negative cycle goes on.
    That was how Google made Android Market take off too.
  • It's a shame that many people, like myself, only here about these apps when they are leaving.
  • Agreed never heard of it till now.
  • I use this app a lot..
  • Bye.. All we need is an OS.. lol no apps are needed
  • :-(
  • I think the more honest reason would be along the lines of no one was spending money so they ditching the app for windows.
  • Re: Peter H1,
    I believe if Windows phone users would have used the app and spent more money, the App would make profits and they would continue their development for the platform. It would make economic sense (cents).
  • Another day another app goes away.... Yaaaaay
  • Never heard of that app.
  • This is to be expected with the seemingly impossible demands of the community. Baby steps, guys.
  • Good app & sad it's leaving the platform. Great idea to share this app with others. Spread the word
  • +1
  • With the millions of apps on Play Store, ITunes, Windows Store how many apps do you think have never been heard of and never will be heard of. Its a saturated market that sees very few apps that actually get noticed out of the ton that are out there. Just the way it is.
  • That app had a lot of potential when it just came out. All they needed was to allow more customization of the cards but that would have created a humongous app to download.
  • Anyone who said they never heard of that app join the platform less than two years ago. Sendtiments was one app to have back then. honestly it's not a bad app, Its full potential is untapped. That's the reason users always want more out of the app, it must be overwhelming for the developer. That app and photostatic collage are the ones that upset me the most for their lack of improvements. The latter shake it off quite well, unfortunately sendtiments is giving up.
  • Wrong. I've been on Windows phones since 2003 and never heard of this and/or don't need it.
  • MS has to: 1) don't reboot anymore OS or API!
    2) boost developers creating again something like the old nokia dvlup also giving incentives to keep developers on his platforms, eg. free services like o365, onedrive etc. or even giving them their hw for free (eg. Band 2, a lumia etc.) This is an investment for MS since it will bring and keep more users on their platforms and services But MS has terrible managers and they don't understand this point!
  • 1) Every single app platform has APIs that change with each update of the OS. How do you think developers take advantage of the new things introduced with each version of Windows Mobile, iOS, or Android?
    2) Microsoft does have programs to help developers but a developer has to reach out for them as well.
  • Can we continue to use the app though?
  • Yes. The app is offline. Download it and NEVER UNINSTALL!!!!
  • That moment when wp got worse(app gap)
    I am a hardcore fan as well and used it recently for my mom's birthday. This app is way too good to be left unnoticed!!!
  • Then I don't understand how these people make money I Android and iOS that the neglect Windows phone!!!????
  • Never heard of it.
  • Nothing in their quote stating of retiring or leaving Windows Store, all what they've said they can not execute and develop what they believe will make them app more great because of the resources required, in other word they have a plan but due to unavailability of budget heck they can't implement it.
  • Glad someone actually read our message
  • To All Users if this App:
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Share this app via whatever social media you use. This app is still available here in the US. It has an average of 4.4 stars. Not bad for having less than 1k total reviews. I DO care about small app developers, therefore, I do what I can. Thanks for trying!!!
  • Microsoft has a lot on its hànd to do,first is globalizing carrier billings in many countries as possible as they can,in Nigeria and mostly African countries we don't have such digital privileges like our other counterparts, its very difficult using our debit/atm cards in the store,, its possible buh always difficult for most people, ànd is also true for the play store,and this is the real issues over here,if they want to beat out Google over here,,that's the first càll cause I now begin to see alot of windows phone here more than before,Android and blackberry was so popular that nothing else would breakthrough,, but BB is àlmost dead now,,and Icreeps has no muscles here,the second point this problem creates is the inability to buy apps or in app purchases,Microsoft shd also create a way for two Windows phones and tablet and pc to share apps easily among ourselves just like Xender/Flashshare app in Android,, give us a native app an way for all files and apps to be transferred easily, that way if I reset my phone I cld just meet my wp using friends and get most of my apps before heading to download the rest myself,, the last buh not the least is,,WiFi vs çarrier war restrictions, with my lollipop version of Android I can download virtually a 1.5 gig of game on my mobile carrier,its a new permit that Google introduced with the lollipop and am sure its also on marshmallow,, we don't have WiFi in most part of Africa let alone good WiFi,,all we have is our phones and carriers,,if only they can read this Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Never heard of it on Windows Phone or anywhere else.
  • To this I would ask what is the problem of just using the iOS bridge to keep the app updated? Little code to rewrite and you keep your app available to another couple millions of people? I'm not a dev and therefore have no clue how really helpful these bridges are, however, with all the information that has been posted here on WC it would see that maintenance of a second version of the app would be minimal.
  • Actually, compared to iOS and Android, developing for Windows Phone is quite simple. I have very little experience programming and even I've managed to pull together a couple of basic Windows Phone apps, and that was a few years ago, when the tools were still being developed. Things are even easier now. From what I've seen, "no budget" in the app world means we're too lazy to try and/or our product/service has so little value that we need hundreds of millions of potential users for our "business" to be potentially viable by accident.
  • Yes, because we were really lazy for 2 years giving the community a free app that was constantly updated to the point we won awards and recognition from Microsoft.
  • A free app and awards for a service few have ever heard of or use.
  • Kinda hard to do that seeing as it was only on Windows.
  • Am little worried.. Wen people are stop supporting windows app for mobile....Y universal app is not working out....Or Microsoft has to bring some other innovation in mobiles....seriously i dono why developers are not willing to build apps...Most of my friends are fine with Windows phone if windows stores contains app like play store or apple store.....Not sure wat happ to the new code bridge that has been built to convert ios apps to windows apps....To make windows mobile flourished in store should have more apps..and they need to concentrate more on it is acting one of the vital pillar for windows phone marketing ...i wish 2016 should bring lot of good things to Windows Mobile
  • I never used the app although I remember to have seen it around. The farewall letter is truly a good one; the company is true to their mission and wish them well which isn't something that I do when someone/something leaves WP.
  • Oh great! Just great! How am I supposed to congratulate my friends and family on their birthdays now. Well, better keep it on my phone, and perhaps extract the XAP file immediately.
  • The Problem with these kind of first line apps it's that they need a backbone to run. With the windows ecosystem in it's infancy and no where near the popularity of the competitors there is currently almost no way these services can be kept up.
  • I met the author of this app a few years ago in a coffee shop in Toronto. I noticed his windows phone while in the line app and started a conversation. He showed me the app before it was released. It was the first and only time I hadve ever met a developer and taked about his app. He was a clever and ambitious guy...  
  • I remember that day as well. You were really pleasant to talk to and am just wowed you still remember that!!!
  • Oh no! The loss of this app marks the end of Windows 10 and W10 mobile! /s The nature of software has always been that a certain percentage of applications come and go. I have software on 5 & 1/4 " discs (I'm an electronic hoarder) that is long gone. Did that mark the end of Windows? Hardly. Yes, I understand the concern about the store and the long term viability of W10 mobile, but it's ridiculous to panic every time some relatively obscure app disappears. It's the nature of the business that some will succeed and others won't, and quality is rarely the determinig factor.
  • I was actually thinking of an app like this to use. Oh, well...
  • They have to pay for that new 4matic Mercedes-Benz some how.