Serious developers will get Mango devices says Brandon Watson

We recently covered Microsoft's Joe Belfiore putting forward that developers will be receiving Mango and there was some information on AppHub about plans to roll out Mango loaded devices, however we had no detail as to who would be eligible and how long you'd be able to keep said devices. Now Brandon Watson has expanded slightly on what his colleague said back at MIX'11 (as well as what AppHub is reporting).

From the image above we can see Brandon mentioning local mobile champs, specifically these folk (opens in new tab). Serious developers who network with Microsoft and their WP7 team of elite as well as provide much freshness to the app ecosystem will be more likely to receive a handset. While the developer tools and emulator is readily available for developers, what happens should you be an anti-social geek who can't network, but is a terrific developer?

We'll let you all know when we find any concrete information detailing what the process will be.

Source: Twitter (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • anyone know what the definition of a serious developer is?
  • How do you find out who your local mobile champ is?
  • They say to get to you know your local champ but then give no information on who that would be. I live in Raleigh NC and as far as I can tell the closest mobile champ is over 4 hours away. MS could really use with a bit of organization. Something that shows all events and locations of reps.
  • I give a big +1 to that. That twitter link is spatially, locationally, contextually worthless. Why not a Bing map with some contact info? I live 500 miles away (as the crow flies) from Redmond so you'd think there would be some evangelist in the NW US that I could find. But I haven't had the time to really go searching for that info. It's not all that necessary but it would be nice to be able to develop some sort of relationship and have a way to talk to the company.