Seriously, all you iPhone users out there ...

No longer is any iPhone user allowed to make fun of any Windows Mobile user -- or anyone else, for that matter -- who choses to use a stylus. (Thanks to everyone who sent this in. Really.)

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  • those are some ugly styli to boot. looks like a marker with a "rubber" on it
  • Its a Sausage by the way.
  • This should tell you WM guys something. That people would rather look ridiculous and use a freakin' sausage to maneuver through their iPhones, than to use a WM device. Bahahaha, thanks for posting this Phil!
  • Hahaha iPhone users don't have to use a sausage to look ridiculous! But your message did tell us WM guys something... that an iPhone user has WM-envy and reads WM sites. Bahahaha, thanks for posting!
  • I read WM forums to keep you guys in check. You find it rather easy to spread misinformation and inaccuracies. Somebody's gotta babysit.
  • Wouldn't it be easier to just take off the gloves while in the subway? Don't these trains have heaters, or some heating equivalent of A/C?
  • I have been using my 'sausage' as a stylus for my iphone since the night after i got my original iPhone. ;-)
  • Make your winter glove work on iPhone -
  • I have no words... oh my god. Take of your gloves! Or buy a phone that is really made for stylus usage.. Crazy people out there!
  • I think this whole "my phone is better than your phone" attitude, as evidenced in these comments, is more ridiculous than anything in that photo. Get a life.
  • This pic is an obvious fake/set-up.
    I'm supposed to believe that it's too cold to take gloves off but no one bothered to wear a hat?