ShiftWear is putting app-controlled screens on shoes, and they look amazing

ShiftWear is a new company that is looking to put app-controlled screens on shoes, and no matter how crazy it may sound they are totally awesome. Shoes are something that some people take very seriously, with various pairs to match each outfit they own, and some that can only be worn at certain times. The folks at ShiftWear want to make changing up your style a little easier, and to do that they are putting screens that can be controlled by a smartphone app in the shoe.

That's right, you'll be able to control the design of your shoes from your phone, changing it on the go if you so desire. From simple black and white patterns to complex drawings or paintings, you can design the sneaker of your liking from your phone. The company is raising money right now through Indiegogo, and you can help them make this a reality for a pledge of as little as $1. If you are interested in a pair of these for yourself, you'll need to fork over $150 to get them on your feet.

Check out the ShiftWear campaign on Indiegogo

Jared DiPane

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  • Brb just got to charge my shoes
  • They charge by the motion of every step you take
  • i would watch porn on my shoes (foot fetish lover here)
  • Genius. Simulated upskirts too?
  • Exactly the comment my wife just made to me.. lol
  •  Walk that extra mile when you have that big date with your shoes.  lol  
  • You could have a really soleful picture on your shoes!
  • The problem is that these renders are probably not going to be what it looks like in real life...  I'm sure they are using some kind of e-ink/e-paper display tech.  The refresh rate on those things are not a good as what is depicted in the video.  Are they planning on having a glossy or matte finish?  I would also question the durability of those things unless they plan on putting a heavy duty transpartent vynl/rubber coating over the screens.  Over time it's probably going to look awful with scuff marks and dirt.
  • I guess you missed my play on words lol. But yeah I agree with you.
  • Nah I got it ;-)
  • Only if the screen is on the bottom.
  • @Rhody#WP. It was a joke, eash lol.
  • :shit: thats expensive investment if you live in cold climate
  • What does the cost have to do with the weather?
  • If you live in a cold climate, sub 0C, the screens likely won't work for long outdoors and you should be investing in boots designed for such temperatures, not cheap sneakers with video screens.
  • Get electric socks silly!
  •   This is also risky investment.  They dont have prototype.  It's basically vapor right now with this CG clip.  
  • ha like light up shoes in the 90s
  • Only tackier
  • Are we placing bets on whether they made a windows app or not? Can someone give me odds?
  • 0%
  • -26719%
  • 50% they used Windows to make the apps.
  • Bigger and smaller companies know the advantage of supporting the windows platform and this startup is at a stage where questions like this can help them before it's too late.
  • i came here to comment on that.  ill donate when they are making windows 10 app.
  • My mind wont stop thinking about the possibilities.
  • Meme shoes. Finally.
  • If there's an app for Windows 10 mobile. I will grab a pair. And if not , ya can trash em right along with this article.
  • My reaction precisely. I refuse to support companies that ignore Windows as a platform :P
  • So you only support Microsoft? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • With t shirts I can see this could be interesting...Shoes I don't care much for.
  • Seems a bit too good to be true like many kickstarter/indiegogo campaigns.
  • They would be intriguing on a store shelf, but I know better than to crowdfund hardware.
  • Wow that's awesome
  • That is kind of incredible. I think I'd actually wear these. It isn't backlit is it...?
  • That is freaking awesome, but unless I now for sure that they will release a windows 10 mobile app, there is no point in supporting them
  • They do
  • Clever way for infringing trademarks. Sell shoes that can be easily customized to any brand.
  • Kine Aires, with a backwards Newport smokes symbol.
  • don't get caught in the rain! - they look awesome though.
  • They're supposed to be not only waterproof, but even machine washable.
  • All fine and dandy until someone gets murdered on the subway for their shoes.
  • Ok, cool, I will almost put money down there is -0- Support for Windows Phone.... Yea, neat and for $150, I hope they are at least confortable and dont break easy...
  • They look as comfortable as WalMart Chuck knock offs, neither of which I've ever worn because I just know they're uncomfortable. They won't be allowed in US schools, just like kids can't wear many things on a t-shirt. They'll be hacked with naughty pics.
  • The future will be so awesome. As long as ISIS doesn't wipe us out I'll be happy to use these in a diff style
  • The indigogo page says there will be a Windows apps
  • WIN!!!
  • Nice, but I can see this being used another space where they can fling adverts at you. We are thrown adverts pretty much every where. Don't want them on my feet lol... Too close for comfort.
  • Will there be a Windows app for it?
  • Yes! Confirmed on the campaign page.
  • Windows app?
  • Wow these look pretty cool, where were these when they were making back to the future????? But I agree with some of the comments, does this put looking cool over practicality!!!! Either way I hope they get made, world love to see these in actions, they've made clothes with screens in them, glasses, hololens, smart watches, I guess Sneakers were next!!!! I'd love to show some Halo on this!!!! :p