Showdown: Shazam Encore vs Shazam Free [Video] [Update--both apps pulled!]

As some of you may have noticed, yesterday Shazam released two updates to their popular music ID program.

  1. Shazam (free) went to v2.0 with new features e.g. YouTube, discography, biography
  2. Shazam Encore, for $5.99, gives a "premium" experience e.g. unlimited tags, lyrics & recommendations

Some of you may have also noticed Shazam free has been pulled from the Marketplace--we're pretty sure that's a temporary problem due to the fact that the free version installed itself under Xbox Games and not applications. Obviously, that's a big problem (though quite common), so we bet it will be up in a day or two.

The next question though is this: Is Shazam Encore for $5.99 worth it?

Short answer: If you've been using the free version prior to May 11th, then you get unlimited tagging and no, Encore is not worth it. Watch the video for a more direct head to head.

Update: And like that now Shazam Encore has been pulled from the Marketplace. What's the reason? We really don't know though Windows Phone Daily speculates it's due to the negative response. Perhaps. Hopefully we'll learn more once it returns. Thanks, Derek!

Grab Encore here and the free version here, in the Marketplace.

Daniel Rubino

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  • So my question is, how do they know you've been using it before May 11? Because if they somehow mess that up I bet you will have no one to contact to resolve that. Looks like i'll be living with a MP update prompt for a long time...
  • They know it by the same way the Marketplace knows you bought an app before--a license. There's a Zune record of all you app purchases (even if they are free) that shows you "bought" the free app before May 11th.I'm aware of no case of anyone losing a license in the Marketplace.
  • So if I upgrade, I lose the unlimited tags? Or it is for those who download it after the upgrade?I'm hoping SoundHound comes to WP7 soon. That's my favorite one. Hopefully with LiveTiles, you can just select it and it'll listen for music.
  • If you used the free version prior to May 11th, you get unlimited tags now and in the future. If you upgrade, you're upgrading to get unlimited tags...which you might already have.You can't lose unlimited tags.
  • Cool! Thanks for that info. I was having a meltdown in the forums! LOL.
  • They did the same thing for the iPhone when it first came out. I lost my unlimited tags on the iPhone by uninstalling the app and reinstalling it later. Don’t know if the same thing would happen with WP but I’m not going to try it \f04a
  • I got the update and the message that I get unlimited tagging, but couldn't find the app for the life of me. Thanks for pointing out that it moved to the XBox games. It was driving me nuts. I ended up upgrading to Encore, grrr.
  • I really hope SoundHound brings their app to the WP7. Shazam is just second tier now.
  • I've always liked SoundHound far better than Shazam (when I had my iPhone). Last I checked they didn't have any plans to bring it to WP7 though.
  • is something wrong with shazam in the marketplace ?my wife cant update it even though it says there is an update for your app it fails, so I though I would delete it and redownload it but a search in the marketplace does not find shazam ? free or paid ?now I can click on your like to get to it but if I do a marketplace search for shazam Nothing ? very strange ?can anyone do a marketplace search for shazam ?
  • Apps were pulled.
  • Shazam mysteriously uninstalled itself from my phone. I found this thread while trying to solve the problem. I didnt know content could be deleted from your phone without consent. I rebooted my phone and bam! there was a blank space where shazam used to be and I couldnt find it in the marketplace.
  • Even though I updated the app, it now says I used my monthly limit of 5 tags. What the **** ! I hope they fix this.
  • After updating Shazam to version 2.0, I now have a limit of 5 tags per month. I've had Shazam installed since it was available - nearly when the phones were released.The article seems to be a bit inaccurate. To be clear: updating Shazam to version 2.0 will impose a monthly limit of 5 tags, regardless if you had the app installed prior to that. You WILL NOT continue to get unlimited tagging if you upgrade.In summary, if you currently have the previous Shazam app installed and don't want to suffer from the new monthly limit, DO NOT UPGRADE!
  • I had the trial/free version since November when I got my focus. The udpate wouldn't install (normal with trial/free versions), so I uninstalled it and went to the marketplace to re-install and of course, it's not there. Should have checked with first! D'oh!